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Med Spa Marketing | Medi Spa Digital Marketing Growth Expert | 3 Tips to Reach Celebrity Status

Med Spa | Medi Spa | CoolSculpting Marketing & Advertising Strategies & Growth Expert | Luis Trevino | Everable all right testing one two okay I think I
think we’re good to go what’s going on everyone a wasted I mean
you hear CEO variable and elite mess fog growth expert
we’re alive today with one other one of our episodes I want to give it a few
seconds here maybe to get some some more people on board how’s everybody doing
go ahead and comment on the box I say if you want to say hi I won’t say hello
give any questions about anything go ahead post on there but again my name is
squeeze 13 you’re right I’m the CEO arable an elite Medspa
growth expert and I love working with medical aesthetic and cosmetic practices
and helping them build a profitable seven-figure business right and I’ve
been in the industry for for quite some time now I work with a ton of practices
across the United States and and something that I’ve been seeing lately
is that a lot of marketers and a lot of agencies are coming into the marketplace
and they’re talking a lot about generating leads for clients helping
them get more patients and and you know really this focus on leads and then I
have a lot of people come to me time to be least like you know I work with all
these people generating leads but nothing like I like they were just
really low-quality or nothing ever happened and I want to address that
because you know our goal and boy first was something that I constantly hear it
is something that really were just I’m just fed up with right because the way
that that we created everyone are focused with ever bull is that we want
to work with practices and help them build a strong foundation with having
the right systems in place the right standard operating procedures and really
helping them get all those foundations in place where they know their numbers
so that whenever they start implementing advertising and marketing was something
that we help with they start generating leads that they have the right
foundations in place where they can really take advantage of their marketing
span right so they can get the highest return on investment and ultimately you
are building not just a you know you’re like well you’re not just advertising
you just don’t have a seven-figure business but you have a prop
we’ll set a bigger business where you know you are getting the highest return
on investment possible right and it really goes back down to not focusing on
leads but focusing in on having the right foundations so then converting
those so that you’re able to convert those leads into actual patients right
and so today I wanted to talk about you know how to how to really work on
positioning yourself and overall dominating your marketplace by setting
yourself as an expert and reaching celebrity status right and there’s three
things that I wanted to cover today and throughout this process I mean where as
I’m going through this if you have any questions about anything go ahead and
comment on the chat box and we’ll get those answer to you right away or as
soon as we can for those that you don’t know I just started a podcast called the
Medspa accelerator podcast with a little more consultants and a client of mine
called Cassie Craig you can find her by going to cast met spa com she owns a
seven figure triple diamond level practice on postcode big bellyful and
Botox and we’ve got partnered up to bring you this podcast for medical spa
owners or you know if you just own a medical practice your plastic surgeon
dermatologist you know whatever gynecologist
and you want to learn more about the latest hacks and best practices for
growing a marketable I’m sorry for growing a profitable medical esthetics
practices go ahead and go to Facebook type in Matt’s false elevator and find
us enjoy a free community you can also go to our website mess ball accelerator
dot pro and you can subscribe so that you can get our latest podcast in your
inbox every single week and so we actually just recorded our second
episode today we had a an owner a mess ball owner from Ohio and one of the
things that we started talking about was a building authenticity right building
trust and building credibility with her practice and that being one of the
things that has really helped her succeed in building her practice and so
today I was saying I want to talk to you about the three things
help you dominate your marketplace and help you reach that expert status and
that celebrity status as well now here’s the thing you as an owner you probably
already are an expert right you might be a doctor he might be an owner but you’re
really great at what you do right you know you are an expert and the people
that you do have us patients you know really see you as that expert the
problem is that there’s a lot of competition in the marketplace right now
and not only do your patients need to see you as an expert but your
marketplace needs to see you as an expert as well right and so a lot of the
times you know a lot of my clients struggle with getting their message out
getting themselves positioned correctly in the marketplace and not just having
their patients see you as experts as the expert that you are but having the
marketplace people that don’t know you at all start to see us experts right and
so the first thing that you can do to really start positioning yourself as an
expert is start reaching celebrity status at your marketplace is by giving
value first right the the fastest and the easiest way for you to you know for
people to start to see you as an expert is by really just by educating them
right give them something in return and when you do that you’re going to
implement what’s called the log reciprocity that right where like if you
give something to someone they’re gonna feel they want to give you something in
return and a lot of the times it really goes back down to that teacher setting
right where you’re in a classroom there’s a teacher up front and whatever
they’re teaching you you almost almost like so consciously already believe and
they and you know and just because of that just because they’re teaching you
something that you didn’t already know you know you start to build trust and
credibility right and for a lot of my clients whenever they actually you know
consult people and they’re you know treating them they do a great job of
this right you know and here’s the thing so you can do that as well the issue is
getting it out to the marketplace right and so how do you do that well the best
way which is my point number two is do video do video like I’m doing video now
or I do Facebook lies or just you know grab your iPhone and shoot a quick video
and you want to you know talk about things that your patients
have questions about you know you want to provide value and so you want to
educate them right and you want to do that that using video talk about you
know one of the things of your time on the podcast was that our you know this
this owner was really able to listen in to what her patients or telling her and
because of that she was able to supply to provide a solution to the challenge
that some of her patients were facing right and so what are some of the
frequently asked questions that whenever you’re treating someone you know that
they tend to ask right what are some of the things that they’re asking you for
if you’re doin jecht opposed if you do CoolSculpting Bella fill or laser hair
moving thing what are some of the common questions you have and then they have
make a compiled a list of all those things and then do a quick video
literally where you just holding out your iPhone and doing it like this right
and start to go ahead and answer what some of those questions are it could be
a one three five minute video but just put those out upload them on your
Facebook page post them on YouTube and really you know that way you people can
start seeing those and they can start seeing you as an expert right then and
there now I’ve had my clients tell me at least but why would I want to make those
videos where like anybody can go to youtube and just search those things
guys it’s all about context right you know people sometimes I might go to the
internet and find a video of somebody but at the end of the day it’s somebody
that is far away for me it is not somebody that is near nearby in my local
area right so if I can find somebody who is providing that education in my local
area where I could actually have that one-on-one one-on-one experience with
them and that is going to make all the difference on top of that video is so
great and it’s so amazing because of the fact that two things right one it’s if
when people get to see you they get to see your authentic self and that is
actually our point number three like you want to be your authentic self on video
because you want people to know you like you and trust you and here’s the thing
guys nobody does business with other businesses they do business with other
people right and so at the end of the day you want to do
like you want to put yourself out there so that people can start seeing you you
know who you really are your authentic self and as a result of that they start
to like you as a person and if they like as a person then they’re most likely
going to do business with you right and so you want to be your authentic self
using video and you and you want to actually give value first right educate
them so start doing those things start putting yourself out there and so back
to those back to the video right where it’s like if you put video out there
people are going to start to like you and so that is going to appeal to the
your best clients right the people that you actually want to work with will
start to like you and they’ll start to come in now on the flip side it’s also
gonna repel people that you probably don’t want as clients right because if
they see you they see your authentic self and they don’t relate to you they
don’t connect with you then at that point then they’re probably not going to
come in and those are probably the people that you don’t want as clients or
patients anyway so video is an amazing tool so they one you can help position
yourself as an expert and you and you want to do this on a weekly basis guys I
would sell my clients do one video a week just do one video a week and then
once you start feeling comfortable you know do two videos and it can be really
short videos of you answering the questions that to you might be really
simple questions but to your market they’re questions that they really
really struggle with so that’s all if you guys have any questions or if you
want to learn more a little bit about this process go ahead and reach out to
us we’re gonna put together some more documents if you guys can download where
I you know you can follow like a formula that we use to really get our clients to
talk about like topics that are really enticing and at the same time use video
to really relate and connect with their audience so if you’re interested in that
then reach out to us too who actually hand that over to you as a free resource
and yeah alright guys well thanks for tuning in and have an amazing rest of
your a week I know it’s Wednesday a lot of people say hey can’t wait till Friday
right but I hope you have the rest of a good rest of your week and we’ll talk

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