Meet Product Operations Managers at Google
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Meet Product Operations Managers at Google

My name is Frank Savino and I’m on the
product operations ladder. My name is Leon Wu and I’m a Product
Operations Manager. Product operations supports the product and engineering
teams at Google in strategy, operations, analytics. A lot of us come from business
consulting backgrounds and we bring a lot of that business acumen to product
teams that can help support our products being great. I’m in consumer hardware so
we do everything from Pixel to Google Home, Chromecast and other products like that. My average day consists of meeting with cross-functional partners, gathering
data and requirements, and meeting with stakeholders and then strategizing on
how to best elevate that data to the executive level and provide them with
business insights that allow them to sort of drive our our business forward.
If we’re gonna be providing business insights to the executive level, they
need to be strategic and impactful. I wanted to work at Google because it’s a
place where you can have really really big impact. The scale of Google is like
it’s about anywhere else on the planet. Internal mobility is a big factor of
working here. You being here, you’re able to branch out and you don’t have to stay
in the same role forever. Whatever looks interesting within the company
where you can make an impact you can pursue that. You feel free to think
crazier than you would probably anywhere else in my career. You’re allowed and
even encouraged to think and say something and push for something that
others might say that’s not possible or let’s be reasonable. When I see that the
work that I’ve performed over the course of the year drives innovation and
product quality and product excellence for our consumers, that’s the reward and
that’s what keeps me going.

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