Meet the Employers – The York Management School Business Placement and Opportunity Fair
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Meet the Employers – The York Management School Business Placement and Opportunity Fair

Through your placement you’re developing a lot more of your skills. It helps to build your people relationship skills. I’ve learned a lot so far and I feel like that’s definitely gonna help with my course At the York Management School… …we’re determined that students are fully
prepared to enter into the workplace. Employability is central to what we do
in the school… …and we do this through the curriculum… …through extra events that we
run for the students outside the curriculum. For events like this that we have today – where employers come into the School… …and the university to talk to our
students… …and in the help and advice we give students… …to get placements and internships in leading companies. My name is Benjamin. My placement year was with GlaxoSmithKline. It’s a pharmaceutical company I learned a lot during the placement year. It helps to improve your stakeholder management… …learning to work under pressure… …and deal with people that you wouldn’t usually deal with at your age and experience. And. it really builds your confidence… …when you start to apply for the different applications… …you really feel you have an advantage. My name is Amelia and I did a placement with McGrath. What you’re gaining from placement is being a lot more organised… …and a lot more focused. This really helped me through my modules… …and find it a lot more interesting. It was a great opportunity to find
what I really enjoy doing. Placement definitely helped me decide
what I want to do… …and how I can see myself in a career
with prospects. I’m very, very thankful for that. My name’s Aaron and I’m on a year
placement at Endless LLP in Leeds You get to learn a lot of experience of
working like learning how to work in… …a business environment and like just
business acumen I’d not had a lot of experience of
working in offices before … …and I think that’s something that’s quite key. I’ve learned a lot so far and I feel like… …that’s definitely going to help with my
course in the final year. I definitely would recommend it. My name is Carrie Batascombe.
I’m an investment director from endless LLP. We’re coming back to York specifically to find York students… …because we’ve obviously had a
great experience this year. Aaron’s been a great student – very proactive – a very valuable member of the team. Increasingly employers are seeing it as
an important requirement… …when they come to offer positions. What’s really interesting is that we can… …always tell the placement students
when they return to University. They are much more mature,
much more engaged… …and understand the reasons why we ask for certain things in academic life… …around assessments, deadlines… …the importance of networking etc. And, it helps to really bring out your different… …sorts of stories for the interviews… …helping you to get that extra advantage. Getting that experience will help you to
finish your degree and get brilliant results in the end.

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