MenuGem is E-Commerce for Business.
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MenuGem is E-Commerce for Business.

MenuGem is an e-commerce platform for restaurants and small businesses. You can use MenuGem to easily build a business profile and sell your products online. I’m Ryan Fernandez, MenuGem’s founder and CEO. With over 15 years of web programming experience, I’ve built websites for Fortune 500 companies, major universities, small businesses and non-profit organizations. I am a U.S.-born, Illinois-raised Filipino-American with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in Economics. With MenuGem, I’ve created a complete technical infrastructure and forged working relationships with businesses around the world. Our platform facilitates transactions safely and efficiently using MenuGem’s secure shopping cart and checkout system. The MenuGem platform works with all major currencies and across all world time zones. We process the payment on our certified secure server and pay businesses on a weekly basis. Please take a look at my resume and the MenuGem worldwide directory to see if working with MenuGem is right for you. If interested in custom work, submit a request for proposal on the Sites and Shops page. For interested investors, a MenuGem business plan and financial documents are available upon request. I’m Ryan Fernandez. MenuGem is E-Commerce for Business.

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