Mere-Agreement Marketing Strategy Explained
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Mere-Agreement Marketing Strategy Explained

one day I was walking on the street and
a random person comes out of nowhere he says that he thinks no one should eat
flesh anymore and everyone should become vegetarian whether you like it or not.
He also says: “coffee is disgusting” And then he asked to donate money for an animal charity. I don’t really feel like donating money and walk further down the road. Suddenly a random person comes to me and says” I think we should try to stop
animal abuse, and by the way I love coffee”! Will you please donate for this charity? I said yes to his request and I gave some money to the charity. For every business owner,
salesman, marketeer or anyone else there is a simple effect that can immediately increase the chance of customers saying “yes” (mere-agreement) to your requests for example to buy your
newest product or to sign up for a newsletter. Most people tend to agree
with a request when they agree with several statements before. When selling a
product for example , a book. First give customers some simple things where they are going to agree with. Simple things can do like: “I get happy when the
weather is nice”, “I think doping in sport should be forbidden”. “I think women should receive equal pay to men” and so on and so on. Even when we are trying to sell an ebook here, these statements do have effect. Even when they are not about the topic or
niche we are trying to sell. So you can easily integrate such statements in your newsletter, blog or sales talk. This works not only because we as humans like to be consistent in
what we say, but also because agreeing with statements earlier, gives us a
feeling of similarity with person that gave us the statements. My friend and I
work together. When I give potential customers some statements on which they
agree the chances that they will agree with my request later will raise. But when
I give some positive statements and my business partner does a request, the
chances that they will agree with the request won’t go up. So this effect only
applies for the person who gives the statements because we create some sort
of connection with him. And yes this simple effect works with all forms of
communication when talking face to face with a customer, but also when requesting
something trough email, a video or even telephone. And now one last example. These are some of my personal opinions like: “I think gets can be very funny” do you
agree? “I get happy when I see food coming my way” and do you agree? “I think we can never learn enough things” do you agree? Now will you please subscribe to see more awesome videos?

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