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META RUNNER – Season 1 Episode 1: Wrong Warp | Glitch Productions

Video games are everything! Jobs, entertainment, lifestyle, it’s the engine that powers society itself, and to make it in this society, you need to win a lot. Be it in FPS games, Platformers, Battle Royales, you name it. There are gamers who train every waking moment of their life in hopes of becoming the best. And at the top of the food chain, you have Meta Runners. People who are willing to replace their limbs just for a boost in accuracy, dexterity and performance. With legions of fans who adore them, Meta Runners are the best of the best. That is until the world sees what I have planned. Until the world sees you Tari. Tari: *GASP!!* *sighing* Tari: Huh? Huh? What? Voice: You did it! She’ll beat the game in record time! Doctor: I’m so proud of you Tari! Tari: Hello? Is anyone there? Voice: We’re going to ramp up the difficulty a bit? Doctor: All I want, you to try your best. Voice: Oh god no! NO NO NO NO NO! SEND HELP! SEND HELP! Female 1: DOCTOR! WHAT’S HAPPENING?! Doctor: JUST HANG IN THERE! *screaming voices* Coconut Boy: Woo! Woo-Hoo! Gamer 1: Oh, hey, did you want a turn? Tari: No, sorry, just looking. Gamer 2: Damn it! C’mon, C’mon! *laughing* Yes. Ay boss! Damn it! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Female 2: DANGIT Tari: Um… is something wrong? Female 2: RRGH! My day’s ruined! *gasp!!* Thank you so much! Tari: Oh, it was nothing! Robot: Bintendo consoles! Get your Bintendo consoles here! Tari: Huh? Oh! Heheh. Bot-Boy: Um excuse me ma’am, I think you’ve heard of gaming chairs that go 180 degrees But can yours do this?! Tari: Oh my gosh! Are you okay? Bot-Boy: I can’t feel my legs! I don’t even have legs! Coconut Boy: Huh-Hoo! Hah! Fan 1: Wait a second… is that? Hey, uh, that cybernetic arm… You’re a Meta Runner, right? Fan 2: Excuse me?? Can I have your autograph?? Tari: Umm… oh! *cheering* Fangirl: I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M MEETING A REAL LIFE META RUNNER! AAAAAAAAAAA! Tari: What?? Oh, no… no, no, I’m not- Fan 1: Which gaming company are you with?? COG? CloudSeven! Alphamax? Tari: I’m with… TasCorp? uh… That’s right and uh… speaking of which I… I think they’re calling me there now! So… gotta go, you know. *akward laugh* Hmm… Oh! Uh… Um… TasCorp Robot: I SEE YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE SPEED RING! Tari: Ah!
TasCorp Robot: I SEE YOU’RE INTERESTED IN THE SPEED RING! What about more popular gaming enhancing wearables?! It will make your finger button-mash at an insane rate! Tari: Er, no thank you! That… looks painful. Ah not your style, eh? Well, what about… an AlphaX Stabilising wrist band? Infinite accuracy glove! Glitchy Bugs console! Comes with free game! TasCorp coveted headset… CloudSeven toothbrush? Limited edition gaming duck? Tari: OOH! Wait, wait, no. I was wondering if you could tell me where I am. My memory’s a bit hazy. TasCorp Robot: Aah, I see! Party too hard last night, huh?! No problem! Everybody’s here to help. Tari: Huh?
Party too hard last night, huh?! No problem! Everybody’s here to help. Party too hard last night, huh?! No problem! Everybody’s here to help. You’re in Silica City, the video game capital! Tari: Silica City? That sounds familiar. TasCorp Robot: And there’s no better place to be in Silica City than the TasCorp Superstore! With top-of-the-line peripherals, tools and gaming enhancements, as well as the world’s greatest ESports team… TasCorp is the most trusted name in gaming!!! TasCorp… the new Meta. Tari: Um… TasCorp Robot: Now let’s find the perfect gaming enhancement for you! Maybe a geosynchronised orthopaedic mouse? Announcer: And after that amazing split, TasCorp’s Meta Runner, Belle Fontiere is on a world record pace! Would this be another speedrun world record under her belt? Look at her blaze through that final level! That jump-dive precision is phenomenal! Another amazing split! Now all she has to do is get to the goal in under 60 seconds to officially hold the world record time! Tari: Excuse me… Hey, sorry… Can you tell me what’s going on… Announcer: LOOK AT THAT DETERMINATION! Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t your average Meta Runner here! OH MY GOSH THAT FRAME-PERFECT PRECISION! All she has to do now is execute the Coconut Burst Jump and the world record is hers! For those new here, the Coconut Burst Jump is a newly discovered glitch that cuts this level in HALF! And we’re about to witness it in all its glory! Remember now the Coconut Burst Jump comes in two parts. Here we go! The beginning of the glitch, it’s all or nothing now. There’s the setup and now she’s positioning herself AND THERE IT IS! A perfect wall clip! Tari: what is she… Announcer: She’s now glitched herself inside the wall, allowing for the final and the hardest part of the glitch. Here it is! The Coconut Burst Jump! Will it be enough to break her out of the wall and fling her to the goal though? HOLY SMOKES IT WORKED! IT ACTUALLY WORKED! THIS IS IT! She just has to land and we have a new speedrunning champion!! *GASP* Oh no! She missed! She just missed! The run, it’s dead folks! Belle: No!!! It was right there! Just one stupid jump! ARGH! Tari: No idea what was going on, but that looked awesome. Coconut Boy: YEAH! ULTRA JUMP MANIA! Tari: Wow! Coconut Boy: Take that! Tari: Oh… damn it! Belle: Hm? uh… What do you think you’re doing? This is the speedrunners arena. I don’t know if you understand but you need this thing called skill to be – Tari: Oh! I made it over the spikes! Yes! Oh! Hi. Er… Don’t suppose you could show me how to make Coconut Boy go as fast as you did? Belle: You want me to teach you advanced speedrunning tricks when it looks like you’ve never touched a game in your life? Tari: Fine. I’ll just figure it out myself. Belle: This world revolves around games, kid. If you ain’t any good, don’t bother. Go be a janitor or something. You know button mashing ain’t gonna get you anywhere. So you have played this before! Tari: Am I winning? An island? is this a dream? What!? What is all this? Coconut Boy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HURGH! Tari: OW! Who the… Coconut Boy: Take that, foul beast!! Tari: Wait, Coconut Boy? OW!!! Belle: Yo, girl, you alright? uh… Lux, you might want to see this… Lux: I’ll call you back. It’s one of my Meta Runners. What is it, Belle? I am extremely busy explaining to the press about your disappointing failure of a performance tonight. Belle: HEY! SCREW YOU, MAN! You go and do better! Oh wait, you can’t play video games for crap! Lux: There’s no need for language like that, dear Belle. Need I remind you who owns you and who can decommission you in an instant. Belle: Really? Intimidation? Come on Lux. That might work on your other Meta Runners but we both know you wouldn’t let anything happen to numero uno here. Lux: Maybe I will after today’s performance. Hmm? What triggered this? Belle: I don’t know. She just sort of freaked out and froze. I thought I broke her, you know, emotionally. Tari: Wait… Coconut Boy? Belle: Lux, is she in the… Lux: Bring in the TasCorp scientists, I want all of them here! NOW!! (Subtitlers credits on below of description)

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  2. Why does that one fan sound like theodd1sout

    Edit:I just realized that it was james because it said in the end credits

    TARI ( 2019 ) SMG4

  4. I wonder if DooM is in this or if it was what would happen. And if there was… hoo boy would I be killing billions of demons

  5. If Fishy Boopkins saw this, he would make 3,000 accounts to subscribe to this channel. This is awesome! Time to binge watch! 😎
    Edit: Mmmm that cliff hanger

  6. Tari strongly resembles the "CrossCode" protagonist Lea, to me.
    I'd be surprised if anybody gets the obscure reference. The Action RPG is a hidden PC gem.

  7. Feel bad for the guys, this probably cost so much money and took tonnes of work but their video about mario getting his schlong stuck in a door got more views

  8. Smg4: slapz dah keyboard

    Me: oooh new smg4 show!

    Smg4: * makes vid*

    Me: :00000000 is this anime this is hot 🔥

  9. Damn, Smg4 and Glitch productions, this is top notch animation, if i didn't know any better i would say it was a ultra high quality VR game! speaking of which, this would make for a dope VR expereince/game

  10. Todos estos años y siempre pensé que era un videojuego para Xbox o nintendo Switch y resulta ser una serie de internet jaja xD

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