Miami Regionals Career & Internship Fair
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Miami Regionals Career & Internship Fair

The Career and Internship Fair at the
Miami Regionals, it’s a free opportunity for all students and alumni, all about
making connections with students to employers and vice versa. And it’s giving them an opportunity to
be able to present themselves as students to the employers to really help provide
opportunities for them to be able to advance in the interview process. So we
have some manufacturing. We have nonprofits. We have government. We also
have some retail, as well. So there will be a really good mixture. They’re looking
for either internship candidates or full-time candidates with degrees that
would qualify for professional opportunities. Typically the first thing
that they’re going to engage in is what we call the elevator speech. So that’s a
thirty to sixty second introduction of who the student is, and what their
background is, what their skill sets are, their education, and what maybe they’re
pursuing, and their future career, and goals. Of course, the student is handing a
resume out to the employer. The employer is reviewing through that. If the
employer likes what they see in the candidate then they will hopefully be
inviting them for a campus interview or a location interview later on. So the
Career and Internship Fair is an opportunity for students to connect with
employers to explore opportunities and internships as well as full-time career
fields. And so we encourage all students and alumni to consider coming to the
fair and learning about the opportunities that are currently
available in the market place and hopefully advance through the interview
process and ultimately get offers for these opportunities in the future.

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