MICAN Manisha Shares her Honest 2 cents on MICAT exams (Direct Dil se )
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MICAN Manisha Shares her Honest 2 cents on MICAT exams (Direct Dil se )

hi this is monisha from the MICAN
batch of 2017-19 I’m here to tell you a little about my
MICA and MICAN exam primarily so the MICA exam is really different they test
you on the on your on three levels one is the psychometric test one is your
writing ability and the rest is your remaining aptitude level what in in the
psychometric test what they trying to understand is how well do you know
yourself and in the writing ability or they’re trying to see how the creative
side of you and basically your thought flow and your and how you put everything
together to make you know you put all the pictures together to make a sense
and some sort of a story out of it and your aptitude test is pretty regular so
there is that and so I think I think this is the easy part
somewhere what is really difficult is for me was clearing the gdpI rounds i
clear MICA in my first attempt which was last year and i got a call for
my gdp i I think where I went wrong was I couldn’t put like I couldn’t put
across why I should be there why it should for me why is it MICA I and on
the college and what do I bring to the table and that’s where like this year
when I joined catking it really helped me I could put all my strengths up over
there without overdoing it which which again is really important and I could
really I could already tell I could really convince the panelists be it in
my group exercises and be it in my personal interview that what does
MICA mean to me when when we had the coach in class when when we had the
coaching for group exercises and personal interview there were not just
in class sessions there were lot of Skype sessions which were very very
fruitful we had people joining in from across the country right from Delhi
Bombay Bangalore you just need the city and it was it was really intriguing or
we learnt a lot there was a lot of pure learning works which happened along with
that oh I think I learnt a little from everyone or through the discussions and
through the group exercises that we had so I think it was really important that
you also get to know the sort of people who are coming to Michael so there is
that and I I feel that maybe had I joined um CATKING last year for my GDP I
prep for MICA especially I wouldn’t need a second attempt and I this is to
everyone who’s watching it and everyone who wants to get in who wants to make it
to MICA I think have your heart in the right
place and I’ll definitely see you on the other side

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  1. Sir can you please upload a video on how to start preparing if a student starts from today like in month of august

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