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59 thoughts on “Microsoft’s New Bold Strategy, it’s innovative now?

  1. Microsoft occupies every part of "our" lives? Are you kidding me? I own ZERO, yeah ZERO microsoft products. Apple macbook, Apple Phone, Google Chome, Gmail, even playstation console. None of my products will ever be microsoft ones because they create GARBAGE in the consumer space! Only poor people use microsoft products! Yeah, you heard it here first!

  2. Microsoft took down apps I used to use to access my word documents and gave me 2 choices. 1. Buy the program 2. Use the cloud drive to open documents. So basically they forced people to use them by eliminating the competition. Not very ethical.

  3. Hey Lei, I really love your videos. But I have one small problem. Every time one sees you the audios quality is going really low. Could you maybe go back to videos just with graphics.?

  4. Hey Lei! Thanks for another insightful video. Don't you think it would be cool if Musk or another electric car manufacturer sponsored a yearly car race, either an endurance one like the Le Mans 24 Hours race (usually featuring supercar prototypes), or just drag race-style speed displays? All the manufacturers would feel compelled to participate!

  5. Microsoft occupies every part of "our" lives?

    Speak for yourself, i haven't used any Microsoft products in almost 20 years when i ditched
    Win95 for Debian. As far as i can tell they don't exist in my world outside of the TTF fonts and directx9 dll's which i run for games on linux wine.

  6. Very interesting Microsoft Apple Amazon Google and Facebook. They all compete in different ways.

  7. okay, this has nothing to do with microsoft, but space.
    my friend and I was talking about spacex plans to colonize mars, and he asks me; will mars have its own countries, or is it all going to be called mars

  8. Microsoft will only be happy when all developers use azure. That's why they're helping startups, they only want a monopoly. Azure will be so different that devs won't have skills for other platforms and they will only be able to use azure, whose price will grow greatly.

  9. Borland did that 15 years ago, they abandoned products that made them famous and focused on stuff that gave them more money. Is someone heard about them since then? Investors like profit and absorption, in short terms Microsoft can make more money by abandoning Windows and investors would be happy. In long terms: "Who are Microsoft? Those guys competing with hundreds of other cloud providers by using outdated OS".

  10. Lei, what do you think (or what do you do yourself) for your whole technology ecosystem? eg everything Apple (iOS, MacOS, Pages, Safari blah blah), Google (Google Drive, Pixel, Pixelbook, Chrome, etc.) or the full Microsoft. Ecosystems are great, but MS Office is dying, Google hardware is lacking, Apple has its host of hooks and whatever else so like… maybe Linux? Would love to see a video on your opinion and what is going to be added to this ecosystem ie emerging technologies, return of AR (Google lens) or anything in the future?

  11. you should mention how AWS dominates the market by a large margin. Google is also growing quickly in their cloud platform.

  12. Your explanation of why MS bought GitHub is exactly the reason why as a developer I immediately began migrating to GitLab. I don’t want to be forced, coerced, tricked, etc to use MS cloud or other services. It’s not innovative, it’s restrictive and shady at best IMO

  13. Hustle-free? I think you meant hassle-free. Microsoft is all about hustling people. Come to think of it, I don't think Microsoft does anything hassle-free, either.

  14. I'm pretty into cloud services and Azure isn't really that great. Amazon web was the best for awhile, but now google is surpassing it. Azure just lags behind except in AR/VR and in AI. Microsoft leads in those categories.

  15. Please don’t buy github, I want my free downloads of stuff 🙂 (I don’t want to pay for downloading stuff)

  16. I am one of those young talented developers. And about two years ago Microsoft got me. It's all about Azure now.

  17. Never trusted MS policy, or their CEO's. They do NOTHING for the world, and a lot for themselves and shareholders. Their support sucks, and they take control of everything, including our data. Since they bought SKYPE, some nerd in MS experimented a lot, but instead of making it better, almost killed it. At the moment I am on the old GUI, and it works OK.
    MS is all about CONTROL, and that is it… BUT, so is GOOGLE! All of these companies are in bed with the FBI, CIA, and the like, and are actively used to steal data from us and especially foreign companies…

  18. I feel Microsoft changed about the time .net was introduced. It went from the horrible old programming style to a nicely laid out library.

  19. Dedicated t helping others ? Or planning for an EEE strategy move against its biggest enemy which is open source and the libre free products? I don't think Microsoft calls it eee without the last e. Really.

  20. Microsoft has enough money to buy into any productive industry. I've heard that Bill Gates is investing in China's growing nuclear power industry even though it has little to do with computers because it promises high returns for investors.

  21. I hope Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens doesn't meet the same fate as Windows Phone Microsoft is always ahead of their competitors but fails in the end because lack of proper implementation

  22. Excellent video! The moves Microsoft has made in the past four years also allows Microsoft new revenue streams to grow their newly found hardware platform and build an ecosystem similar to Apple’s iCloud. This will slowly give them the push they need to secure hardware and software as a service goals and initiatives elevating them beyond Samsung and other hardware only solutions based companies.

  23. My guess is: Summer 2019 Microsoft byes Canonical to acquire Ubuntu. Why? Creating a and maintaining a legacy operating system is expensive. GNU/Linux works on almost all platforms ARM, RISC, Free Scale, MIPS and many others.

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