Minecraft Discovery Update: a short guide to Marketplace
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Minecraft Discovery Update: a short guide to Marketplace

We’ve always said that the best
thing about Minecraft is what you, the players,
have made with it. So with the Discovery Update for
Pocket and Windows 10 Editions, we’ve created a super-safe and
simple way for players to browse, buy, and play amazing community creations
from within the game itself. Starting today, you can flip
through an ever updating catalog of community crafted goodies
that lets you support your favorite creators to make new
skins, texture packs, games and adventure maps, and much more. To make all this happen we
are introducing Minecraft coins. Just grab a handful of coins
through an in-app purchase, and explore a constantly changing
Marketplace of fun stuff curated and supplied by us. Whether you’re just looking for
a new outfit, a change of scenery,
or an epic adventure. To find out more info
about Marketplace and how to create stuff for it visit
minecraft.net/marketplace. [MUSIC]

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100 thoughts on “Minecraft Discovery Update: a short guide to Marketplace

  1. This uptade made minecraft the worst,you know why,coz minecraft is about building you imaginatiom,now you pay.

  2. The content was fun but I’m upset that you ruined minecraft.

    I’m being told I shouldn’t play minecraft

  3. 0:11 Don’t prove me wrong, that’s a reference to Signs (2002) (if you’ve never heard of it, it’s an alien movie).

  4. Creador de minecraft ahy una cosa rara que hay en una semilla que la cosa es que ahy cruces con piedra pulgosa y una parada y por ahy ay yna crus ariba y abajo una pequeña abitacion abierta y no entre porque me dio miedo

  5. Honestly just get the freaking pc version already also guys you do know that no one is oppressing you to get their texture packs, skins and maps right?

  6. Please don't force this onto Java, Minecoins are a scam to prevent you from knowing the amount of money you are spending!

  7. Every single one of those things should be free. As someone who has played MC for almost 5 years, I am simply appalled.

  8. I think they did good adding more transactions because MCPE didn't earn much money since unlike java editions the pocket edition is extremely easy to get for free I mean so easy that some app stores literally have the option to get the full mcpe

  9. If we didn't complain all the time to Notch, he wouldn't have left Mojang and we wouldn't need to deal with Microsoft owning Minecraft. This is our fault, not Notch's.

  10. By the way it update really gotta have problem u can't purchase it's because of saying internet connection has a problem. What's this update such a major problem with

  11. The best thing about Minecraft is what you make with it.
    So now you can buy other people’s worlds so you don’t have to make your own

  12. Very late on this but did you know there are things called third party apps and downloading maps from the computer to mcpe?

  13. Tje only reason for micro transactions in minectaft besides in servers should be to donate to creators
    Not pay to get a map you already spemt $8 on the game

  14. According to me the Marketplace is cool, because the Map/skins are very good quality, the creators car be recompensed and don't especially force players to be advantaged, it just pay some content (Map, skins…) for the FUN 😜😉

  15. "To do this-"
    "We are introducing"
    Me:NAO NQO
    Minecraft then died again for a couple of years

  16. Толпой мой яя хита жизнь майййййнкрафт !!!!!!!!! (:::::: :::::::::::(

  17. I Wonder If The Money Is Used To Make The Game Better? Or Is It Used For Nothing.

    Too Bad I Use Bedrock

  18. What the hell? Are you kidding me Microsoft? You’re gonna make kids pay for their creativity now?

  19. uses mind control device on governments to make Microsoft allow cross platform for Java and revert this update

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