Mistakes to avoid in your social media marketing plan
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Mistakes to avoid in your social media marketing plan

Here are 3 useless things you can cut right
now from your social marketing plan. #1 Paying someone–anyone–to update your
Facebook page UNLESS you have a SPECIFIC PLAN to make your updates provoke a REACTION that
is connected to a process–a way to CAPTURE SALES LEADS and bring them toward a transaction. #2 Blogging to tell stories. Point blank: Engaging stories about your business
culture or personality RARELY cause sales. If you want your blog posts, videos or Facebook
interactions to SELL they need to create high levels of confidence in buyers. Ok. Here’s how to decide. Are your stories giving blog readers these
2 things? 1, a way to fulfill a specific need or desire
and 2, something to ACT on. If they aren’t your stories suck. Because ultimately you won’t be able to connect
to your product or service to the story in a way that earns a sale. Your story won’t be a discussion. It’ll be a monologue. #3 YouTube videos that, likewise, do not tell
a story that 1) fulfills a specific need and 2) includes a call to action. Here’s the skinny: your customers probably
don’t need to know how your product or service actually works or look behind the scenes.. AS MUCH as they need a problem solved or a
way to better understand the BEST FIT for their needs. So pull the plug on Facebook, blogs and videos
that don’t give customers answers to burning questions or a sample of the experience they’re
craving–and a way to act on them that creates a LEAD for you. If you do you’ll be one step closer to making
social media sell for you. I’m Jeff Molander.

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2 thoughts on “Mistakes to avoid in your social media marketing plan

  1. Good 3-Tip SMM video Jeff • so good in fact I subbed to your YT Channel • you would do well to optimize this vignette (include CC transcript) and drop in your digits on the 1st line with the necessary geo-code in the advanced options – Neil

  2. Thanks, Neil. I just watched your very popular content curation video. Good stuff and I enjoyed your style. Very to-the-point, good tips (highly useful). I see you became part of my list. Let's find ways to collaborate eh? Talk soon and many thanks for the tips you just gave me. Uploading the transcript now!

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