MKTG 1427 – Digital Marketing Instructional Video (Partybaang)
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MKTG 1427 – Digital Marketing Instructional Video (Partybaang)

Today we will be talking about how Partybaang uses social media to create customer value. First of all, social media marketing refers to the use of social media
platforms to connect with the audience to build the brand, increase sales and
drive website traffic. Customer value refers to the difference between what a
customer gets from a product and what the customer has to give in order to get it. Here’s a little background on Partybaang. Partybaang is a Singapore based online party supply and rental shop. They sell products ranging from party decorative items such as balloons
and tassel banners to bundled packages. They also offer a diverse range
of themed rental packages to cater to different group of customers depending on their preferences. These rental packages often include items such as backdrop, table,
dessert plates, cake stand and many more. Partybaang started out in September 2019 and their current social media presence includes Instagram and Facebook.
They are also active on online marketplaces such as Carousell, Qoo10 and Shopee. Just
a point to note, they have no physical shop at the moment. Moving on, we’ll be talking about Partybaang’s existing customer values, mainly the functional
experiential and cost customer value. Partybaang’s sales of party products and
rental services offer the basic functional customer value as they
provide the customers with the party essentials they require for their
celebrations. Partybaang has also leveraged on their Instagram and
Facebook for social media marketing to create an experiential customer value as
it provides customers with an excellent sensory experience with the
aesthetically pleasing and well-curated catalogue. Partybaang existing customer
value also includes affordable pricing for quality and aesthetic products. However, there are also several issues with Partybaang’s social media marketing. Partybaang’s latest post on Instagram and Facebook was in October 2019. Since then, Partybaang has shifted their focus from these two social media sites to an online marketplace, Carousell, where the bulk of their sales comes from. We recommend that they should place more emphasis on social media marketing on Instagram and Facebook. Afterall, according to WeAreSocial Digital 2020, Facebook is the largest social media platform. As seen from Partbaang’s Facebook and Instagram pages, there are usually no comments and only a few
likes on their posts. This goes to show that there are little to no engagement
with their customers. Hence, Partybaang should post and update their Instagram and Facebook page on a more regular basis to keep their customers interested and
encourage engagement. In order to create an even better customer experiential value, Partybaang should increase their level of engagement by posting
interactive stories on Instagram and Facebook such as a poll or by asking a
question. As of now, Partybaang has an Instagram following of 576 with over 51 posts. On their Facebook page, there are 17 likes and following, while on their Carousell account, they have 167 followers. In order to target a larger group audience,
Partybaang can consider buying ads on Facebook and Instagram to have its brand exposed to more users of these social media platforms. By having ads targeted at the right audiences on Facebook and Instagram who are more likely to engage Partybaang, it
can create brand awareness. As customers are frequently exposed to ads from Partybaang, they would easily associate their needs for party essentials to Partybaang, thus
creating the top of mind awareness. Partybaang should also encourage their
customers to hashtag #partybaang when they upload pictures onto Instagram in order to be featured on their page or story. This will increase their brand awareness
and at the same time, creates a sense of belonging. Instead of just posting the items that are on rental, Partybaang can include
people having parties with its party items in the background in its Facebook and Instagram posts to tap on the audience emotions of happiness and joy. Emotional
benefits provide customers with a positive feeling when they use Partybaang service and products, adding richness and depth of the experience using the brand.
Apart from their current use of Instagram and Facebook, they can consider venturing onto YouTube to further market their brand. YouTube tutorials can be created to
guide the customers on the rental packages set up instructions.
They can even provide tips on decorating their event venues. In this way, customers
will gain greater experiential customer value as they get a rough idea of how
the actual setup would be like before they make the decision to purchase or
rent the items. Overall, we believe that Partybaang has done well in creating customer value but a lot more could be done to create better value for their
customers . We hope that our recommendations will help Partybaang to
improve on their social media marketing and eventually, help them to boost their sales and revenue.

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