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MMID Internships – Sales & Marketing – Ery’s experience

My expectations before I came
to MMID were set pretty high. I had heard a lot about the
company, and after I had looked at the website I saw that
they did really exciting and innovative projects here,
so I was really excited to come here, and you know, help them
research to move into new markets, try to understand
what they were looking for in these new markets and see
how I could help out. Well, the first part of the
internship, was focussed really on market research
and sales, so I worked a lot with the director
of sales and finance, Tom, and that was really
interesting, we really looked into the costs of
expanding to different countries we also looked into the
potential profits and alternate revenue streams, and then
put all of the information together in the end, with
the manager of the new branch to build a business case
for the new country. I think the entire process
both during the research and then participating in the
analysis and watching it all come together, was really
interesting and also really valuable for me,
as I know I that the work I did really contributed to
the future of the company. A cultural difference that
kind of struck me at MMID versus at offices in The States
is how involved the colleagues were in each others lives.
At first I was almost taken aback, because I definitely
wasn’t expecting – I guess – this level of comradery
between coworkers, but it’s something you get
used to pretty quickly, and throughout the last 10 weeks
I definitely spent a lot of time with my coworkers
outside the office. So, this is somewhere I lived
with 2 other interns this summer and it was actually a great
experience. Martin was a German intern and
he was the best cook ever so we kind of just like freeloaded
meals off of him. And also professionally it
worked out really well as well, It was a really nice experience
living with 2 other interns in this apartment.
Having flatmates wasn’t something I ever had before,
and it was just really nice life experience, you know,
living together, cleaning together, cooking together.
traveling around The Netherlands together.
So I’m really grateful that I had 2 other interns
living with me. Something that was kind of
funny happened on this internship. It was
such an authentic, Dutch, experience.
There’s this pond in Delft, called “Delftse Hout”, it’s this
this big, beautiful, man-made lake, where people go to swim,
so me and 2 of the colleagues from the office, decided to
bike there after work. We were biking and biking,
and there was a very sharp corner, and I had not yet
mastered the Dutch brakes, where you have to bike
backwards to brake, so straight into the canal I go!
Me, my bike and the bag of coals that we were carrying
for the BBQ we were going to have by the lake.
Thankfully, the colleagues were very kind, they fished me out,
and waited until I was out and semi-dried, to laugh. But I think this was really such
an authentic Dutch experience the only way it could have been
more Dutch if I was wearing clogs as I have biked
into the canal!

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