Mobile Marketing Examples | Mobile Moxie’s Tool Shows Great Examples On How To Do Mobile Marketing
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Mobile Marketing Examples | Mobile Moxie’s Tool Shows Great Examples On How To Do Mobile Marketing

My name is Cindy Krum and I’m the CEO of
Mobile Moxie. One of the mobile marketing tools we offer is a searchable database of mobile
marking examples. It’s user generated content and you can use it however
you like, but we expect people to use this to search to find examples of good mobile
marketing campaigns, to help generate ideas and discussion; or to compare and see
what their competitors are doing. Let’s look at an example. Perhaps you are a clothing
manufacture and you are interested to see how other companies are using text
message calls to action in their stores to generate sales. So in the drop down for the product or service
that’s being promoted, you would choose clothing then for marketing channel you choose point of
purchase. And for mobile call you would choose text messaging, which we have labeled as text, SMS, or MMS. Then you would hit search and take a look at the results. You
can see in the results that we have a lot of different
companies already archived doing this kind of text message marking at the point of
purchase. Just scroll through the results until you
find something interesting. Then you can click on it and see the entire campaign.
Within the campaign you can click to zoom into specific pictures and learn more
about the campaign. Let’s say now that you want to learn more about
specific competitor. In this case let’s do Victoria’s Secret. We go back to
search functionality and this time we’re going to add a keyword, and the keyword is just the brand name, ‘Victoria’s Secret’. We can leave everything else the same and then hit search. Or by the deleting the other conditions on the search and just using the keyword, we can
see all the Victoria’s Secrets mobile marketing campaigns. You can see with
Victoria’s Secret that we’ve got things broken out by sub-brand,
which can get a handy when there’s a lot mobile marketing going on with in
one company. Agnecy’s can submit there own listings so if
you’re looking for an agency this is a good way to see what they’ve done, or if
you’re an agency, this is a good way to get your work noticed. To try this and other awesome mobile marketing tools
for free, click the link below or go to Mobile Moxie dot com and register with the promo code YouTube.

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