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Mobile Marketing Strategies | Subway Timed Mobile Coupons

Hi, Derek Johnson, with We’ve received a lot of questions as to why
Subway sends out the text message offers the way that they do. So, in text message marketing, when you’re
sending out an offer to customers, there is a few different ways you can use promotion
codes or coupon codes in the message. So, the first way is an example is Bloomingdale’s. Bloomingdale’s, it says, “Look for code today.” And that’s the code today. And as you can see that code is sent to all
of their SMS subscribers. It’s mostly likely found on their website
as well. The SMS subscribers can share with their friends
on social media. There is no limit to how many times someone
could use the coupon code today. Now, let’s look at a different example here. Let’s look at Sage, another retailer. So, what they’re doing as you can see, they’re
sending out a coupon code that is unique to each mobile subscriber. So, I would receive this coupon code. My friend would receive a different coupon
code. My mother would receive a different coupon
code. Every single SMS subscriber receives their
own unique code. And then that unique code is when I’ve presented
to the cashier or online would be typed in and then would be redeemed and then would
be removed from the point-of-sale system so that it can’t be used in the future. So, this prevents me from sharing this coupon
code to all my friends on social media and them getting access to this coupon. So, the third type of option which comes back
to the Subway is if you want to have a unique coupon code and to restrict the amount of
people that can obviously redeem the coupon, but your point-of-sale doesn’t have the ability
to accept unique coupon codes or can’t give the SMS provider unique coupon codes. There’s kind of a third option which…this
is what Subway is doing, that allows them to restrict the amount of coupon codes that
are redeemed. And I’ll show you how they’re doing it. So, as you can see here, this is a message
from Subway and it says, “Get any two 6-inch Fresh Value Meals for $10. Expiration date and then they have a link.” So, to redeem the coupon, I click on the link. And again Subway Two 6-inch Fresh Value Meals
for $10. And then there’s a lot of kinda terms and
conditions here. And then it says very, very small down here. It says, “Only press redeem, which is that
button, during the purchase process in the presence of the cashier.” Okay, interesting. So, let’s click redeem. And then it says, some terms and conditions,
but especially important it says, “To redeem this coupon, cashier must be present. Coupon will expire within five minutes after
confirm is selected.” Okay, so what they’re essentially saying is
that you have to be in a Subway. You have to be ready to purchase. And then you wanna click confirm. And you’ll see once I click confirm, why. Okay, so again, this is the mobile offer and
they have now a countdown to the mobile offer. So, once that countdown has expired, this
mobile coupon on my mobile phone will no longer work. So, this restricts the amount of people that
can actually redeem this because I can’t redeem this every day. Because, when I go back to this link, it’s
going to say, “Sorry this coupon has already been redeemed.” So, this way, and again you can see, you know,
it’s going down. And I could show this to the cashier at Subways. And as long as this is still clicking down
and it’s not expired, the cashier will redeem it. But, once it’s expired, then I can no longer
use it. And if I click on that link again, it will
go to a page that says, “Sorry, you know, this coupon has already been used.” So, it’s a way that brands without needing
a point-of-sale system that accepts unique coupon codes, they can restrict the amount
of customers that can redeem the coupon that they’re sending. So, that’s why Subway does it this way. And again, there’s three different methods
and it really depends on the capabilities and the functionality of your specific point-of-sale

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  1. Very difficult for the customer. I've been pitching them for many years. Was told recently that the millions invested in the new app would be their savior. We both know that's not going to work much better. They have the worst subscription retention numbers of all the majors. Good luck!👊💥

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