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Moore’s Value Proposition Template | Understand the User | App Marketing | Udacity

Okay, so for our value proposition, we’re simply going to
fill in Moore’s Template. Our first line is For. We’re thinking about our
target customers here. So who is your market segment or
persona? Then we have Who. So our target customer is blank. Now what is their main problem
that our company is solving for? So this is where you write in
their problem or their need. Our product or service is, blank. Now this is where you describe
the product or the solution. You want to categorize this generally. Remember, this is not
the differentiation line. Then we have that provides. What is your primary
benefit to your customer? What is your solution to their problem? Cite your breakthrough capability here. And the main benefit that
the customer receives. Next we have unlike. This is where you want to
reference your competition. Now you’re not trying to compare
a Michelin star restaurant to a Subway here. This is a real alternative
to your business. And finally, our product or
solution, blank. This is where you state your primary
differentiation with your competitor. This is your key point of
competitive differentiation. Not every way that you’re different, and
some consider this last line optional. So taken together, the template is for
your target customers, who, what is their main problem, and
you state your product or services, describe the solution or your product,
but don’t differentiate. And what is it that you provide for
your customer? Unlike, who’s your main competition? And what is it that differentiates
you from that competition. This is simple framework, but really
helps you clearly define your product and where you fit
against the competitor. Now, I want you to take the time
to fill this out yourself. I want you to fill in the blanks to
complete your value proposition. You can use your own app idea, or you can try to fill it in
using the aBarkment idea.

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