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44 thoughts on “Morrissey – World Peace Is None of Your Business [Full Album]

  1. still pains my soul that half the world refuses to pick a book and read. If it wasn't for this lovely man I would have never majored in victorian British lit. So depressing how unintelligent this rather cruel world has become. I honestly face palm myself daily because the youth of today does not know who Neal Cassidy or Allen Ginsberg. Oh what sad times we live in that no one reads On The Road anymore.

  2. lots of young people who have recently got into morrissey with this album seem to say it's his best but i don't think so- i mean it's decent! but stuff like viva hate – vauxhall and i – you are the quarry and even the more recent years of refusal are all stronger imo- some good songs though- the bonus tracks here are actually better than half the main album ones imo!

  3. well i am from not istanbul but izmir and izmir will always rule but i liked the istanbul song. it is one of the a lot songs written about istanbul from a non turkish and it is fitting perfect like he spend all his life there!! well that is the biggest dilemma about morrisey.. he sometime annoys you and he is such a big weirdo but he's kinda never wrong about his intentions.

    anyways, salutings from izmir

  4. Art Hounds is just KILLER!! As a Brazilian, living in a country where the ruling political and financial elite don't give a shit about art and education, I do relate a lot to these lyrics. They are the real Art Hounds, spiting on and censoring real art, while posting quotes from people they have no idea of as tags of boobs and ass photos on Instagram. They don't read a fucking book, yet crowding expositions and art galleries, making it "too cool" (and expensive) for the poor – the real people waiting to have their lives touched by real art, but can only afford to stuff their minds with TV crap. That's what I think this song is about.

  5. World peace is none of your business you must not temper with arrangements work hard and sweatly pay your taxes never ask him what for or or or you poor little thing or or or you poor little foul

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