Most Powerful Traffic Generation Techniques | Advanced Marketing Strategy
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Most Powerful Traffic Generation Techniques | Advanced Marketing Strategy

out today on this hang out this hangout wanted to do is i won down to to the needy greedy right and
just talk about traffic generation precisely I wanted to cover
some advanced traffic media strategies right how to how to buy traffic how do
you how to leverage your self as a marker and and and really just go out
there and and and create the lifestyle that you want right and we talked about
there is a lot of importance that needs to be in place for online marketers to
be successful right of course we’ll talk about the
mindset will talk about the structure of the business and all that stuff is
important right now what I wanted to focus on this is a warning to focus
specifically precisely on this area of traffic generation been been getting
tons and tons of emails and and and actually just surveyed people as well
just to kind of see what you guys wanted to learn more about it seems that
traffic generation is this one thing that everybody wants to learn more about
so I figured you know I said well you know that’s kind of my expertise in I’ve
been a student of traffic generation for about seven about seven years now more
I’m talking about like full-time hardcore anal really just dedicated
myself to to to learning as much as I could about you know generating traffic
different ways different strategies different message and not a lot of tests
in trial and error lot of you know self flat on my face a lot of times you know
when when I was just getting started with this thing but I believe that when
you know when you master when you when you focus on learning this traffic
getting game right when you understand how to get traffic everything else will
be easier for you I and so what I wanted to do is just basically talked about and
and and give you guys some really really really really good stuff I’m not sure
I’ll try to keep this hang out to about an hour maybe ninety minutes but in this
next you know ninety minutes I wanna give you guys so much in value that this
particular training could be worth at least $2,000 for you many in fact I know
I think I’ll make it even better ok so pay attention to get yourself some
to write with take a lot of those because this stuff I hope that you take
this implementation and run with it and just you know and and you know get a
bunch of traffic and Michael bunch of money with you know there’s going to be
nothing for sale online you decide you guys anything whatsoever so you know
keep your wallets in a different room this is purely value-based lissy for those of us who don’t know me
I got started on line about eight years ago eight and a half years ago maybe not
until 2005 when a good start on the internet and no struggle trying to
figure out how does this marketing thing works in was fortunate enough to get myself a
mental fundamental who taught me some things and and I just over the years you
know just kind of progress and develop my own strategies and my own
perspectives on things and how how this works in a lots and lots and lots of
testing and a lot of people start on the internet they don’t know they just
expect everything to be you know home a home run from the from the get-go you
know they just expect everything to go smoothly right away and a lot of times that’s not
the case right now if you are running into some bumps right now in the road
don’t get discouraged now the easiest thing to do is just get discouraged just
say well this thing doesn’t work you know it’s a scam whatever just move on
and just jump ship s-on undue in a different opportunities thinking that
the opportunities gonna make a successful but reality is not use basic
fundamentals in one of the fundamentals and we’re gonna cover today’s traffic
generation I want you guys gonna do you actually means something better and do a
screen share with you guys should be able to see my Google PowerPoint
presentation actually took the time to to put this together for you believe it
or not you know so what’s going to dive right into this
and I hope you guys take notes now this is part 1 of 3 ok so when I decided to
do is I decided to take a step further and just give you guys so much in value
that is going to absolutely blow your mind you know what my my my intention is
this my intentions I want you by the time if you gonna stick it wouldn’t have
mattered to me there’s going to be three sections to this training today we’re
going to start we’re going to cover a lot of ground we’re gonna cover today tonight we’re gonna have part two and
I’m gonna have parts three and by the time my goal let me let me do this agenda here is the
agenda I want to teach you how to get tons and tons of very very good highly
targeted traffic in that some of the stuff I never taught yet ok because I
was personally experimenting with this and I never teach from theory I never
teach from something that I just heard or saw somebody else I always teach from
experience I was testing a lot of a lot of things your way over the last several
months a lot of different networks and and and
media buys and things like that so I’m gonna be some you stop here tonight in
game 3 part advanced training serious and you know you guys may want to stick
around for all three serious because we can easily we can easily do this as I
create this and and then packaged it up as a course and then you know sell it to
other people who did not attend these hangouts and this thing can easily sell
but of course you guys get it for free now I want to get this is this is what I
want to accomplish with you I want to give you a huge edge over other
marketers that’s out there okay so people who are not here you know they
they they they will not know because he was a reality most people have no idea
how to get traffic most people have no idea what it takes to really become
successful online so when you guys learn to stop you’ll have a huge huge huge
advantage over everybody else out there bottom line is I just want your success
story if you can take this information right you can apply this in your
marketing you can take this out there put it to work let me know how those
Facebook whatever disguised that’s really what I want ok here’s the truth I
was gonna cover some fundamentals to make sure that everybody’s on the same
page and I’m gonna hit you guys with some really really serious stuff here’s the thing traffic in traffic for
your business alright is not everything folks but it’s
probably as important as oxygen for humans or the fuel for vehicles I mean
just like you know people say well what’s what’s the most important most
important hardcore head right for humans and everything is important right and
acted as important it is just like people say well money’s not important
you know come on don’t be foolish enough money is it is just as important as as
oxygen now you know if if you know if you take away oxygen you know from
humans obviously we’re not going to survive for very long if you take away
traffic from your business kind was it happen your business will
not survive you can have the most proved the Proteas the awesomest website you
can be promoting the biggest did the awesomest opportunity whatever you can
be getting thousand percent compensation plan right you don’t you don’t get
anybody visiting your offer you don’t make any money right so traffic
obviously is important but he was the truth most people most markers a simple
over complicate a very simple hey guys I want you to understand one thing traffic
getting is one of the simplest and easiest things that you will learn how
to do as an internet marketer period when I prove that to you tonight there
is virtually unlimited the lineup it’s virtually unlimited there is unlimited
amounts of traffic out there getting to prove to you tonight that you can tap
into regardless of your budget you know to get 50 bucks if you got 20 bucks if
you got $5,000 you want to spend on this thing and when you do it right there is
truly the sky’s the limit you know no such thing as free traffic I
just want to put put it out there to make sure that you guys understand a lot
of people talk about free traffic in this a paid marketing doesn’t work and
this and that listen i there is no such thing as the
paper with your time or your money but there is no such thing as free traffic
bottom line is when you master traffic generation you can write your own
paycheck anywhere any business opportunity any company anything that
you do or types on the internet you will Dominic now gonna give you guys a couple
couple tips that I think will be bored million dollars to you

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