Mouthwatering BUSAN FOOD TOUR – KOREAN STREET FOOD at Jagalchi market + MORE
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Mouthwatering BUSAN FOOD TOUR – KOREAN STREET FOOD at Jagalchi market + MORE

Busan is South Korea’s second-largest
city and there is a tonne of local food to eat here you have got to see all
the amazing local food we will be eating in this video Busan is a food paradise we’re gonna
be eating on the street and in restaurants to show you the best food
Busan has to offer make sure you watch to the end cause there is some incredible
food in this video, I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope
you’re hungry, let’s eat Busan is a port city so as such it is very well known
for its seafood there is incredible looking seafood all over the city and
one of the forms of seafood that Busan is really famous for is its eomuk or
fishcakes they are everywhere and because of the
high quality and freshness of the seafood they are very well known here so
I have one that you see quite a lot when you’re in Busan and it is a sausage but
that’s a, I’d say a pork sausage with a fishcake wrapped around it and if I turn
the fishcake around you can see it’s filled with different things so it looks
like some some spring onions, maybe some chives, some carrot in there and then
that very thin fishcake just wrapped around a little sausage let’s give it a
go hmm oh wow oh it’s really hot hmm woah hahahah woah it’s so hot okay,
okay I got there, the sausage is like a hotdog sausage and that actually has some
some carrots inside too but this is all about the fishcake and
the flavour of the fishcake actually goes really well that sausage you can
still taste the the fishcake and it’s very soft and spongy it’s not chewy at
all it’s not an overriding fish flavour it’s just a very clean fish flavour and I
love how this one has been grilled so you can see the goldeness so it’s got
a slight crispness to it as you eat it which adds another texture that is a
really really neat little combo and I can’t wait to spend more time in Busan
trying the huge variety of fishcakes that you see on every corner there is so
many to try a winter favourite in Busan is this dish
yubu jumeoni which are these tofu bags which are stuffed with a glass
noodles and they’re languishing in this broth so the broth, let me just taste it
and see what it’s like ohhh it’s really… “masshisayo” I’ve got the vendor
behind me just watching me as I tasted the broth and I said that it was
delicious it’s got some dried chillies in there,
there’s some spring onion and some cabbage but the underlying flavour is a
seafood flavour, it’s really delicious and then you’ve got these tofu bags so
inside the tofu are some vegetables there’s some greens, some carrots and then those glass noodles let’s give this a taste that is super delicious the tofu which
is fried, has soaked up all of that broth and then the glass noodles are just
really slippery, there’s a bit of crunch from the vegetables, I can see why this is a favourite, it’s so cold here in Busan today and this is warming me right up another item you have to eat when you’re
in Busan is milmeyon which is a type of noodle made from wheat and potato starch
we’re gonna have them in a dish in this restaurant here let’s go check it out we have a dish here with those noodles in it so this dish is called, mul milmeyon and look how pretty it is for starters it is a stunning looking dish
but let’s talk through what it’s all made up of, so you can see the noodles
that I’ve already talked about down below so they’re the potato starch and
wheat flour noodles, we’ve got this huge lump of chilli sauce here, there is some
pickled radish, there is some beautiful julienned slices of pear, there’s also
some julienned slices of cucumber, quite a lot of cucumber actually, there’s a little
delicate thin piece of pork on top, a very thinly cut piece of boiled egg and
it’s all sitting in a cold broth and you can actually see the ice in that broth
so this dish is normally a summer dish because it’s filled with ice, it’s
definitely not summer here today it’s actually under freezing so it’s very
cold so this is not the perfect time of year to be eating this but it’s
definitely a specialty of Busan so we just had to have it, I’m gonna give
everything a huge mix-up and just get everything together I really want to get
that chlili sauce all through this broth actually no I want to try this broth
first before I mix everything through wow it’s really tangy, it tastes like
French mustard so seeded mustard very tangy ,very thin like a watery thin broth
and then with those tiny bits of ice floating around inside, right let’s mix
it all up, I don’t really want to ruin it, it’s just so pretty but these things have to
be done, oh so that sauce underneath there is a lot of that chilli sauce there, wow
and a huge, huge pile of those noodles that’s amazing, all right, you can see the
broth changing colour dramatically now that that chilli sauce has been mixed
through, kind of when I’ve mixed it there you can get a good idea of how simple this
is ingredients wise, there’s not too much going on at all let’s try some of the
broth now that it’s got the chilli in it oh okay so before it was kind of tangy
tasted just like eating a spoonful of mustard it was nice but it wasn’t overly
amazing it sort of tasted like a chicken-y mustardy flavour now it’s really
rounded, it’s got that chilli sauce and it tastes great but this is all about
the noodles these are the specialty so let’s try these so a wheat and
potato starch noodle mmm really bouncy oh they’ve got great
flavour, noodles I find sometimes can just be a bit of nothing but these have a
taste it’s…they’re coated in that broth obviously and the chilli now so
they have that flavour but they have a, a sort of a potato taste
but then the textures nothing like potato it’s just a bouncy, springy
texture hmm they’re really good noodles, really
good, I want to get a big perfect bite so let’s get in here, we’ll get some of these
noodles, we’ve got this egg, this big piece of pork, put some radish on there
we’ll get some cucumber actually and also there’s some condiments here on the
table so there’s this little very runny mustard and there’s also some white
vinegar so I’m gonna do a little sprinkle of each of those just in the
dish you can see how runny that mustard was,
put a little bit of vinegar after my first mouth, first mouthful I wouldn’t
have put the vinegar because it was so tangy but now that it’s mixed with the
chilli it’s actually I think it will add quite a lot, let’s give that a little mix,
let’s get this mouthful with all these goodies mmmm whoa big big mouthful that mustard really added to it
that was a beautiful thing to bring out the flavours, it’s definitely not the
right time of year to be eating this, the fact that it is cold and not just cold
it is freezing cold because of that ice in there, it doesn’t feel quite right to be
as cold as I am already and then eating this but it is a really beautiful dish,
the flavours are very well-rounded nothing jumped out too much, it’s very
tasty, that is totally, totally worth having something I forgot to talk about was the
length of these noodles so they make them really long because it signifies
long life, longevity so they always put a pair of scissors on the table, now
actually in all truth these ones aren’t that long so they’re really easy to
manage but the scissors are on your table so you can just chuck them in the
bowl and cut up the noodles so you can get them to a much more bite-sized size,
like I said these ones didn’t really need it you can easily just pile them in,
but that is why there’s scissors on your table and these are a huge thing in, in Korea actually scissors as part of cooking if you go to say Korean barbecue
you’ll always have scissors to cut up the meat, so it’s a cool little fun
element of eating in Korea our next stop is for one of Busan’s
most beloved dishes dwaeji gukbap a pork rice soup and you can see behind me
these huge stock pots filled to the brim with pork bones and that broth just
bubbling away let’s head inside and grab a bowl of the
stuff so our bowls of dwaeji gukbap have arrived and they’re served in these stone bowls and oh my
gosh this soup looks pretty spectacular so the broth itself is quite
milky in colour, it’s a really thin broth there’s some spring onions, there’s heaps
of slices of thinly cut pork and then you can see the rice in there as well so
it’s all mixed together and then a dollop of I think what might be ssamjang has been put on top so ssamjang is a mix of gochujang which is a red chilli
pepper paste and soy bean paste so that’s all been mixed together and it’s
become this dollop of sauce on top and now with your soup you also get all these
accompaniments so we’ve got some kimchi here so that’s fermented cabbage with
chilli, there’s some garlic chives with what looks to be some red pepper flakes
on top, there’s some onions, raw garlic and raw green chilli peppers, there’s some tiny
salted shrimp, there’s some more soybean or fermented soybean paste and then
there’s some yellow noodles so basically all of this in front of me
is fair game to be dumped into this soup but what I’m gonna do is
is try some of the broth by itself first, I’m not even going to mix in that chilli paste
let’s just give that broth a go mmmm, mmm mmmmm mmmmm whoa intense in pork flavour but it’s actually
quite a clean tasting broth and this is a really time-consuming dish to make
because as you can see out the front they’ve got those stock pots filled with
the pork bones and they boil them for hours and hours before they then remove
the bones and then add pork meat and then some other seasonings so miso and
rice wine and sesame oil and soy sauce and then it becomes this dish, what I’m gonna
do now is just mix it all up and get those flavours going, alright, there’s so much
pork in here it is crazy this is gonna be so filling, all right let’s give that a go mmm so it still hasn’t added like that chilli paste hasn’t added too much flavour so what I’m gonna do is just
add some of this salted shrimp so these tiny shrimp are gonna be really, really
salty and I think they’re gonna add a bit of
that savoury kick to the soup so let’s just dump those in there
and then I might add some of these garlic chives, I love this stuff,
dump all of that in there and then give it a mix and hopefully that adds a bit
of a savoury kick, okay let’s just try some of that pork, it’s so thinly sliced and you
can see that the meat is laced with a bit of that pork fat whoa this is gonna be
good hmmm the pork is really tender, let’s
just give some of these garlic chives a go and then a bit of that rice, some of
that pork this looks like a really good mouthful there’s this really huge piece of
fat there, look at that, that’s just gonna hopefully melt in my mouth, all right, let’s go Wow that fat just melts in your mouth,
the meat is so tender, those salted shrimp added a real savoury kick, oh this is just to die for this dish is unreal, what I love about it
is how all these different accompaniments and it’s created these
different layers of flavour, so I added this soybean paste and it just gave the
dish such a savouriness it was incredible and then I added some of
these green chilies and that added some fieriness so there’s a little bit more heat
in the soup this is just ohhh it is just insanely delicious, the broth is now just so savoury, it’s so intense in flavour, the pork flavour is really strong, the rice has
still got texture and then you’ve got the crispness of those vegetables so the garlic chives, the fresh onion, the fresh
garlic, the fresh chilli, you have to eat this dish when you’re in Busan you cannot visit Busan and not eat the seafood this is a port city, it is surrounded by water
so in turn there is seafood everywhere to be sampled so we’re at Jagalchi fish
market where we are gonna have our next snack and this place is brilliant you
have to come here and explore all around that big building behind me is the
biggest fish market in Korea but we’re actually at the outside portion of the
market where there is seafood laid out on tables, people buying, people selling
it’s all action, there’s so many people and so much seafood here but there’s
also food to eat so let’s go and find our next snack we’ve just walked past a lineup of
restaurants that are frying fresh fish out the front and the smells are
irresistible, let’s head inside I said we were heading in for a snack, this is not a snack this is a full-blown meal, so out of the front they were
grilling fresh all these different types of fish and we’ve ended up with three
different sorts, this one here is hairtail fish and I’m really interested to
try this, you see it in the markets all over Korea, it’s a very long thin fish
with basically no tail and beautiful silver colour so I’m very interested in
that and then we have these two other fish so this guy and this guy I do not
know what type of fish they actually are but they’re both a white fish and look
how golden they are from being fried in the oil on that hot plate, unreal
let’s rip a bit of this hairtail off with this meal as well we have some soup
here, we have some banchan which are all the sides, looks like some chives here with
some garlic in, some radish with chilli on it, there’s a little bit of soy, we’ve got
some rice it goes on and on let’s rip some of this hairtail fish
off, oh it’s quite soft there’s lots, quite a lot of little bones
in there so it’s like, you can see this is the whole sort of side fillet of
the fish, just a portion of it it’s a very long fish you can see the little
bones and the backbone so it’s quite hard to rip a piece off, I’ve just got a
little piece with some beautiful gold crunchy bit on the outside, I’m just
gonna try it naked, by itself hmm quite a salty burst a great fish
flavour obviously but in the, in the way that so it has an ocean taste, a bit
more than I was expecting more more seafood-y tasting than I was expecting,
I’m gonna rip a bit more up because I just want to get another good sample of
that, it’s quite hard to break up, oh yes got that bit there, look at the dark where it’s gonna
be even more crunchy, I’ll grab two bits there now this one we’ve got a little bit
of soy so I’m just gonna dunk it ever so slightly, excuse me, ever so slightly in that soy oh that’s a beautiful flesh and the way it’s been grilled on that hot plate it’s got little crispy bits, it’s quite oily, it definitely has taken on a
portion of that oil but not in a bad way in just enough to like give it
another sort of level of flavour that is delicious
let’s try this other fish I don’t know what these two are like I said, but I want
to rip off some of this guy here and just try it, oh look at that flesh came
away, oh look at that, oh that’s amazing just peeled off the bone structure in there but that came
away very easily we’ll go naked again big golden crispy bit hmm that’s a much more simple flavour much less salty, just a very simple white fish flavour, that beautiful crunch
a much more squishy flesh on that one two, completely different texture I love
this and when we start combining all this because obviously the soup and all these
banchan it’s going to be such a well-rounded meal with the white rice
what a cool place to come and when they’re all grilling it right on the
footpath out there so you’re wandering through the market, looking at all the fish and
then you start smelling all that cooked fish coming from those grills or those
hot plates this is a winner of a meal Busan has a thriving street food culture
you’ll see food stalls everywhere so we have come to our next stop which is just
outside one of the traditional local markets Gukje market here in Busan and
we have spotted a ssiat hotteok stall this is one snack that you have got to eat
when you’re in Busan the seed filled Korean pancake this is a snack I guarantee you will
become addicted to in Busan so this is the ssiat hotteok and it is a sweet Korean
pancake and the hotteok itself is a really popular street food in Korea so
it is a ball of dough often made with either wheat flour or rice flour and then it is
dumped onto a hot plate which is filled with oil and sometimes butter and then
it’s been filled with a sugar and cinnamon mixture and it cooks away but then the
difference here in Busan is that they cut open the hotteok and then they fill
it with a mixture of seeds so you can see in there there’s a tonne of pumpkin
seeds, there’s sunflower seeds and there are also pine nuts this is gonna be one
delicious snack let’s give it a go that is to die for
the dough is really crispy, it’s really airy, it’s soft, quite sticky and
then on the inside that sugar and cinnamon mixture is so fragrant and then
you’ve got the earthiness of the seeds and the crunch from them, oh this is such a good snack that wraps up our tour of all the specialty foods in Busan, there is so much good food to
eat here and it’s also so beautiful I mean we’re on this stunning beach now- it’s gorgeous- to
finish this, it’s a stunning place there’s so much good food, remember to
head down below hit that subscribe button because we’ve got heaps more food
videos to come, hit that thumbs up button thank you so much for watching we really
hope you enjoyed this one we’ll see you next time annyeong annyeong

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