Movable Ink & Macy’s – A Digital Marketing Success Story
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Movable Ink & Macy’s – A Digital Marketing Success Story

Macy’s is focused on
delivering unified content and a unified experience
online and offline. Omni is not a word for
us, it’s kind of an ethos, and a big part of that
is actually creating one unified experience,
no matter the touch point. So whether that’s email,
the website, the app. So, for example, Movable Ink being able to deliver an inbox experience
that then translates to a site experience, is just
getting us one step closer towards our goal of ultimately delivering one unified experience, and one
seamless experience for her. Our mantra in the organization is to put the customer first and at the
forefront of every decision. And with Movable Ink, what it does is, it
gives us that ability to design content and create content, and leverage data sources
that actually put the customer first and at the forefront. Movable Ink has given us the
platform that we can figure out and start tweaking and understanding where are the parts of personalization that make the most sense
for the customer experience, and then build out internal tools to best take advantage of that. Input in, is input out. It gives us the ability to create any experience we want, no matter the constraints. Whether that’s our own fonts, whether that’s creating experiences around certain types of events, like, for example, snowpocalypse, which is something that, every
year in our organization, is something that we’ve
talked about doing, and the constraint has
always been creative. So now, with a Movable Ink platform, we actually have the creative, so now, when it does hit this year, we will 100% be ready to go, and actually finally be
able to message this, and that’s solely a byproduct of Movable Ink, the platform, and the ease in which we
can just plug and play. And it’s fair to say
that without Movable Ink, there is a significant number of campaigns we wouldn’t be able to do, whether it’s a flash sale, dynamic image personalization, geo-targeting. There’s a number of campaigns across our entire trigger program, which are built exclusively
through Movable Ink. They have the best team, client team, that I certainly
have every worked with. And as an organization,
Macy’s has a ton of vendors, and for me personally, any vendor that I work with
is always held against the bar of how do they compare to Movable Ink, because Movable Ink is the gold standard of unbelievable service, great product, and a team
that I would do anything for.

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