MS Reflections: Benet Career Management Center
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MS Reflections: Benet Career Management Center

I love the Benet Career Management Center. I went there almost every week to meet with
my advisor and I think the Career Management Center is something that you get what you
put into it. Day 1 was an online prep that we started like
two months before coming here. The thing I liked the most was they helped
build your résumé—the Simon résumé—before you even came here. Day 1 kind of helped you get to the interview,
and then Fast Track from there helped you get through the interview. You were able to do your professional interviews
from pretty much the first day of school. I remember when I was going on job interviews,
I was getting complimented on my LinkedIn and résumé, and that was solely because Simon helped me format it the way it is. Before I came to Simon, my career goal is
to go to accounting firms to do public accounting. But after I came to Simon, I think Simon prepared
me really well for a lot of skills that give me a lot of other options. A lot of the people here get to know you very
well very fast. And they might give you opportunities and
show you opportunities that you never would have thought of until you research it and
realize that fits you better than the other jobs you were originally thinking of. The Benet Career Management Center have confirmed
my career paths not only to go for public accounting, but also I can do something technical
or something from the sell side or buy side. So I think it’s great. The SCAs are career advisors, and these are
mostly MBAs—mostly second-year MBAs—who already secured their job and who are very
helpful. For me personally, I’ve scheduled appointments
with a few SCAs and they’ve definitely helped me a lot along the way in terms of getting
myself ready for interviews and be sort of mentally prepared for the recruiting season,
so I definitely recommend that. I have a quite clear goal that I want to pursue
a career in the retail industry, and the Benet Career Center helped me [define] my target company list and helped me identify which alumni are in which companies. So that was really helpful. I’m going to intern with Chico’s FAS this
summer as a data visualization intern. It’s a retail company, which quite fit what
I wanted to pursue before I came to Simon. I minored in psychology in my undergraduate,
and I’ve always been interested in sort of combining human behavior with a subject like
mathematics, or analytics in this case. So I discovered my interest in people analytics
and I think the CMC definitely encourages me on that and supports me. The Career Management Center definitely helps
to guide us with our specific interests and kind of what we can do, or tailor our résumé
to positions that we’re applying. So I’m moving halfway across the country to
be an accountant for ExxonMobil, which I’m super excited about. I mean really, I got hired in October, which
also shows how fast and helpful the school was. I mean I’m here to get an education, but to
also get a job. And being able to get that job two months
into the program—I mean that was the biggest reason that I saw that’s like “I made the
right choice to come here.”

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