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MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics – Etain Kidney

The MSC Digital Marketing & Analytics is a program that’s been designed in partnership with the Marketing Institute of Ireland and DIT for the experienced marketing professional who wants to build their digital marketing competencies It’s delivered across 16 months by academics and industry professionals with leading-edge content to ensure that you complete this course with everything that you need to lead in the field of marketing one of the unique aspects of this program is the program delivery team it ranges from academics who are based here full-time in the college of DIT who are usually PhD in digital marketing in addition to that we have our industry lecturing team and would say the balance is about 50/50 in our industry versus our academic deliveries. We ensure that you have that robust master’s level quality in the classroom but we also have industry practitioners who are leading in their field standing in front of you making sure that the academic side is fully supported by the realities of what’s happening in practice and we do that through workshops we do it through guest lectures we also do by working in collaboration with organizations through such things as the digital marketing project which forms the capstone project for graduates of the program

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