MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics – Student testimonial: Martin Graham
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MSc in Digital Marketing & Analytics – Student testimonial: Martin Graham

I chose the course because I felt it had the
right blend for me between practical hands on experience in certain elements of the marketing
mix and the academic theory that would go behind it as well, so putting the hard analytics together with the planning of digital marketing campaigns was something that I really wanted
to be able to achieve. The mix of academic lecturers and guest lecturers coming in from
industry was also a big plus as well as being able to get together with a mature group of people who were in there to learn and willing to debate their own opinions and views and coming to a conclusion was a big element of it for me. I feel like I came to marketing
a little bit later in my career than some people and it was important for me to be able
to step back and make sure that the theory that I could learn here would mix up with what I’d seen happening in the real world. I’ve since been able to build on the qualification
and move on in my career and take on a new role and I feel like that’s been a really important part of me being able to land that job.

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