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My Best Marketing Resources – Episode 181

– Woo, what’s going on everyone, this is Steve Larsen, this
is Sales Funnel Radio, today I’m gonna share with you some of my top marketing resources. (upbeat rock music) I’ve just spent the
last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today. And now, I’ve left my nine to five to take the plunge and build
my million dollar business. The real question is, how will I do it without VC funding or debt,
completely from scratch? This podcast is here
to give you the answer. Join me and follow along as
I learn, apply, and share marketing strategies to
grow my online business, using only today’s best
Internet sales funnels. My name is Steve Larsen, and
welcome to Sales Funnel Radio. (upbeat rock music) What’s up guys? A little army story here. So right, I went in and
went through basic training, and I freakin’ loved that. Oh my gosh, I would go
back to that, right now. It was challenging, it was very hard in certain parts of it. Other parts were not hard. (laughs) But, there was certain parts of it that, I liked the crap. I liked it when crap gonna
hit the fan a little bit. What I didn’t like,
and what my personality has a hard time with, and where I actually have experienced actual depression for the
first time in my entire life, was, what happened next. They took us over to
this place called AIT, where it’s Advanced Individual Training, and you sit down and you learn your job for what you’re about to
do in the army, right? Or in the military,
whatever it is you’re doing. And I went in because of the bonus, okay? I’ll be honest. I went in to go learn ammo. And so I was an ammo specialist. I was an 89 bravo and I went in and what I learned how to do was my role, was to learn
pretty much every round except for nuclear that the military has. And so there were tons and
tons of weeks and weeks and weeks of memorizing ammo and stats and nomenclature and a whole bunch of
different stuff in there to, so that when somebody said, hey we need this many rounds of 556 and this of 762 and this is, you know, like
you knew what to go grab, you know, go get us some
freakin’ grenade launcher ammo and get this here, so it was really cool because I got to go learn
a whole bunch of different ammo for a long time. What was challenging about it though, is everything’s dumbed
down to a third grade-level because a lot of people come
straight out of high school, and they don’t know if they actually learn how to do things like count, so they tell us how to
freakin’ count for two days, and I started getting depressed for real. And it was actually really hard on me. There was some interesting
characters, though. Just like anything in life, but there was this guy, who is in my, I think he’s in my platoon, he was an interesting guy. I remember this one day, we
were sitting in the chow hall, and I think it was lunch time, and we didn’t have
anything going on that day, which is pretty standard, (laughs) and I was talking with everyone, we’re all grabbing our food or whatever, and we got a few minutes to eat, I think I had, like 3% body
fat, it was ridiculous, but I, anyway, we’re all
chattin’, we’re all talkin’, and (laughs) this guy, across from
me, starts telling me that he has a PhD, and
I was like, “No way. “Wait, you have a PhD, why are you here?” I was like, “How did you get right here “on the enlisted side?” And it was always my plan to go officer, and I actually really
enjoyed enlisted a ton side of it a lot. I had kind of a weird
combo of seeing both sides. Anyway, so I got in and
was talking to this guy, and he said, “I got a PhD.” And anyway so I was like,
“That’s crazy, no way. “What do you have a PhD in?” He’s like, “Well, it’s really
just so I wrote this report.” I was like, “Okay.” He was like, “I wrote this report “and I handed it off to this guy “who’s a PhD teacher, of course. “And he said he really likes the report, “so I have a PhD.” I said, “Wait a second, wait
a second, wait a second.” (laughs) The rest of the soldiers
around us were like, “Wait a second dude, you
clarify what you just said.” (laughs) He said, he goes, “Yeah
man, I wrote this report, “it was super cool.” He was the kind of guy who liked to use big words for the sake of it. You know what I mean? And he said, “I wrote this report, “and I handed it up to this guy “who teaches some classes at PhD levels, “and he really liked it, so it’s awesome. “I got a PhD.” And we’re like, “You don’t,
do you see the fallacy “in your logic?” “Like you don’t have a
PhD just because a guy “who teaches classes said he
liked a report that you wrote.” And he’s like, “No, no, I
totally do, I am really smart.” And he started saying it. And anytime someone says that to you, you gotta start getting
a little bit you know, wondering if they really
are, you know what I mean? And he started trying to
convince me and the rest of us, and it was mostly me, I was
fighting him on it hard. I was like, “Are you kidding me? “I’m not gonna put up with this garbage.” I was like, “You don’t
have a freaking PhD, dude. “Do you have a certificate?” And he’s like, “No, but
this guy like, basically “I have the equivalent of a PhD brain.” And I was like, “Dude,
you are so conceited. “Are you kidding me? “You don’t have a PhD.” And he goes, “No, I have a PhD. “I am extremely smart.” And he just kept saying that. “I am extremely smart, I can
tell you all kinds of things.” I said, “Oh, yeah, like what?” And I was like, “I
don’t know how to put up “with this kind of garbage. “Are you joking with me? “Fine, let me call you
on your own junk here. “What, tell me stuff dude, tell me!” And I was like, “That’s ridiculous.” And the only reason I bring up this story is because that happens in
freaking marketing all the time! Okay, that happens all the time. I believe, I’ve told some of
you guys this story before, I was coming out of an event room, and Russell’s right there and he goes, “What’s up dude?” I said, “What’s up?” And he goes, “I was just
thinking people should live the way you do a little bit more.” I was like, “That’s incredibly
nice of you to say that, “but it makes me feel
a little bit awkward. “Could you please explain?” I was like, “All right, cool
dude, but what do you mean?” And he goes, “You follow
this principle called, “basically whoever has the biggest cheese, “that’s who you follow. And I know I’ve talked about that multiple times here on this podcast, but I’ll bring it up one more time here because of a really cool
thing I wanna announce. And I said, “What do you
mean biggest cheese?” He said, “Well.” He said, “the other day
you got on YouTube.” “You found the absolute buffest,
most ripped guy you could, “and you paid him money
without him pitching you, “and you said, ‘Please teach
me an awesome meal plan.'” And I said, “Yeah, that was really cool.” He’s like, “Think about
that, like you’re here, “right now, and you are
learning funnels from me.” And Russell’s like, “I got the
biggest cheese in funnels.” I was like, “Yes, clearly you
do, sir, Mr. Grandmaster.” (laughs)
Right. “Mr. Miyagi, sensei, yes, right.” And he goes, “And you learned
it from me, and it’s awesome.” And he’s like in this other
area, in this other area. I was like, “That really
makes a lot of sense.” He’s like, “If people
would just listen to those “who have the biggest cheese in the topic “that they’re trying to learn, “that would solve a lot of
problems immediately, right? “There would be a lot less
garbage that would be out there.” Steven, what the heck
are you talking about? Why am I talking about this? I want you to know we just launched this really cool resource. It’s called if you go to,, it is my hub for all of the resources
that I personally use to pull off the business
that I run, right? Now, the reason why I’m
telling you this is because there’s a lot, there’s a lot,
guys, it’s a huge strategy. Forever one of the biggest strategies on the Internet was just
to go write an ebook suggesting some of the top resources to get whatever thing you wanted done, but really it was just a
big list of affiliate links? That’s a crappy person to go listen to. Don’t listen to them, they
don’t have the biggest cheese. They are not sausage number one. (laughs)
Right? And so what I want you to know is, in offer creation is kinda my jam, and if you’re trying to
learn how to create offers, if you wanna learn how to make
funnels, if you wanna learn, that’s the things that
I’m really know for, that’s the things that I do. If you wanna learn how to publish, if you wanna see how I manage my team, if you wanna see my content
strategy, if you wanna see, I listed out, if you go to, it took for freaking ever for me to create this thing, you guys. I was like, “What resources do I use?” I was like, “Well, ClickFunnels,
Stripe, like this.” And I started listing it out. What I did, though, was I went and I grabbed my bank statements, my business bank statements,
and I started listing down, and I was like, “Oh, yeah, that one, “oh, right, that’s
right, I do use that one. “Oh, wait, that one, holy crap.” And that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and I ended up listing
the first time 51, 51 services or products or resources that I use to pull my business off. 51, I was like, “Holy crap, “I didn’t realize it was that many.” (laughs)
Right? I was like, “Well, first of
all, do I need all these?” And I started going
through, and I was like, “Okay, yeah, I do, okay sweet.” Anyway, I just had another thought. I’m just gonna stay true
to this one, though. (laughs) As I started listing out
and becoming cognizant of those other things I was like, “Oh, yeah, but I really also like this. “I really like that. “I wanna start using this, I
wanna start, you know, that.” And I kept adding to the list, and there’s it’s gotta be near 60 or 70. And it’s all the things I use. Some of them are the core things that I have to have in order
to make the dollar turn. Some of it, though, just
helps me buy back my time, because of the automation
that it provides. Does that make sense? Some of it increases revenue
per current customer, because of what it does as well. There’s a bunch of strategies behind it. So see what else could I do? What else could I do to
make this extra awesome? So what I did, and this
is what took forever, this is one of the biggest hangups, this is one of the reasons that Affiliate Outrage to so long to launch, is you guys are out there, and I’m teaching you different
affiliate strategies, but some of you guys are like, “What’s the resources for this? “Steven, what’s your
favorite tool for that?” I get asked that question all the time, so instead I decided to make a hub where I just put all of
them, there they are, and I don’t recommend
anything unless I’m using it, and or just completely endorse
it and know it’s incredible, so everything on there
just know that I love it. I use it, it’s there for a reason. I stand solely behind it. You’ll see the two charities that I like to stand behind as well when you scroll down to the bottom. Anyway, so what I did though is, “What can I do to make it extra awesome?” I was like, “What if I filmed a video “for each individual
one of those resources, “teaching you the strategy
on how to use it?” So teaching literally the exact strategy of how I use that resource
inside of my company. What if you saw that, and now
you know why I use the tool? Well, now you see the outcome. Now you see exactly what
caused so much love for me, for these different resources,
so that’s what I did. So, guys, I filmed just an
absolute butt ton of videos. Just, oh my gosh, it was so much editing. It was so many videos. It was huge, huge
project, massive project. I’m super excited about it, though, and the reason I brought
up that story ahead of time is because I wanted you guys to know it matters greatly who you listen to. Guard your brain. There’s never been a time
where there’s so much noise, where there’s so much stuff out there. You gotta get good at separating from that and being disciplined on what you will consume and what you will not, who’s advice you will
take and who’s will not. There was somebody I was talking, I can’t remember, anyway, I can’t remember who said what, when and where a lot of times. I just know that it happened. That’s why sometimes I can’t quote stuff, I’m like, “Look, I just
know that some guy, “somewhere there’s a cool lesson. “It’s in my head, this
is what the way is.” Anyway, there’s been many
people who’ve started to give me advice on how to
sell things on the Internet, and I’m like, “Hmm, you
don’t know what I do, right?” Not out of a pride thing, but I’m like, “I’m not going to listen to you right now, “but I will be polite, you know.” And I’m not going to say that to them, but in my head I’m like, “Yeah.” That happens a lot at Mastermind. That happens a lot at different
events and things like that. I’ll be talking to somebody. They’ll be like, “You know what, “that’d be really cool, Steven. “I don’t really know what you do, “but what if you were to take this piece “and put this in as part
of your offer from here?” And in my mind I’m like,
“Because I already tried that, “and I know that that side doesn’t sell.” Because of this, because of that, or because there’s not a good story for me to set that thing up, or
do you know what I mean? And it’s funny, because
people try to give you advice when they have zero, they have zero experience. They have zero, they should
not be giving you advice. And they’re trying to help,
and it’s nice of them, so that’s some things that I do there. I’ll just sit down, alright, and I listen, and I’m cordial, and I’m nice
about it, and I’m polite, but in my head, you have to understand. My wife and I were just talking
about this the other night. It’s really cool. She’s really getting into
this world a lot now, which is really fun, and she’s been going
around to different things, and anyway it’s been cool. She’s been reading stuff and
consuming some of these books, and she’s like, “I see
now why you do that. “I see now why you were so
intense in college over that.” It’s been really, really cool, right? And I’m lucky, I know
it’s not a normal thing. A lot of people don’t have support from a spouse or loved one in this game, which is the reason why I
create these little communities. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely game. Anyway, one of the things
that she was asking me, she said, she said, “Why have you “gotten where you are
when some others haven’t?” She’s like, “What would you say to that?” We were talking. Kids were asleep. We were just talking. We were cleaning stuff
up, and we were just kinda chatting and cleaning the kitchen, and it was fascinating,
it was a good question. It caused me to be a little
introspective with it. She goes, “Why, what was the difference “when so many other people haven’t?” I said, “Well, number
one, just pure obsession.” And discipline, I call it mat time. It’s kinda like wrestling, right? Time on the mat. Back to army stuff, we would
do a lot of combative stuff. I loved, loved combatives day. We’d just get our uniform on, and we’d go throw each
other around like crazy, and guys would get hurt. It was a bunch of fun
and blood everywhere. It was a bunch of fun.
(laughs) Anyway, that’s the first time
I’ve ever been knocked out. I got choked out,
actually, not choke, blood. Easy way to talk about it that way. Anyway, so mat time, right? Mat time matters. The amount of time I
just spend on the mat, just swinging that thing, right? If I’m gonna go get great at baseball, and I wanna get good at
hitting, it’s awesome. Too many people get obsessed over the type of bat and gloves, rather than just being there
and freakin’ swinging the bat when the ball comes at
them, you know what I mean? So I told her it’s mat time. I’ve just swung the bat a lot of times. I know that’s one of the reasons. I said, “But, honestly, now that you ask, “I think here’s one of
the other reasons why.” And this is what I told
her, one of the reasons why I’ve been so excited to
launch this resource to you. Understand this is why I’m
trying to help you understand why this list of resources
I’ve put out there, a lot of them have my
affiliate link on it, whatever, just know you gotta get over it. What I’m doing is filming
the strategy video for you on how to use it, and then it’s my affiliate
link a lot of the times. If you don’t wanna use it then don’t. I’m just telling you, I have
to disclose that anyway, but I’ll tell you that anyway. But I told her, I said, “I
think one of the major reasons “why I’ve gotten where I have “is because I don’t “take what people tell me at face value.” I don’t internalize it immediately. I used to, I used to a lot, especially when I didn’t have a lot of confidence, especially when I was voted
nicest kid in high school, and I really, truly did not
have a lot of confidence. Whatever somebody would say to me, it was almost like I
would take it as truth, just bam right out of the gate and sink it directly in my head, and my future actions would be based on what that person said. Right? It was like there was so many people in my life who had PhDs that didn’t, who have the experience who didn’t, who just had opinions and they taught it as if it was experience. That’s so freaking dangerous. Don’t do that. You gotta guard yourself from
the opinions of other people. I said, “I feel like one
of the things that I do, “I have learned how to
learn in two stages.” She’s like, “What do you mean?” I said, “I first hear “and then, second, decide
what I’m gonna do about it. “I used to skip that first phase. “And I would just, as
soon as I hear something, “I’d be deciding immediately if, “what I was gonna go do about it.” Does that make sense? So think about this. Let’s say I’m at an event. Six months ago I was at this event, a guy was on stage. I completely disagreed with
everything he was saying, cause I’m kinda like that, and I disagreed with what he was saying in certain parts of it, and I was texting members of my team that were also in the audience, and I was like, “Do you
agree with what he’s doing? “Let’s dissect what he’s doing.” And there was a lot of people in the room. There’s like 1000 people in the room, and I started texting and I was like, “Watch what he’s doing here.” And a lot of them were like, “No, I don’t “believe what he’s saying, no I don’t.” I didn’t lead the question. I really wanted to know
if they believed him. And they’re like, “No
I don’t, no I don’t.” I said, “Okay, now let’s
not judge the person. “Let’s judge his actions, though. “Why don’t we believe what he’s saying?” And we started diving in deeply
while he’s on stage still as to why this guy was not
winning over the crowd, and he sold at the end,
and it was probably one of the most awkward sales I’ve ever witnessed in my life, it was so bad. Anyway, and does that make sense? I still hear to understand, but then I decide what
to do with it afterwards. It’s two separate phases now. Beforehand it was just one phase, I learn and I immediately go
out and start applying it, but that’s the wrong way. I wanna be a sponge. I wanna go out, and I
wanna learn all the stuff. I wanna soak up the tons of
information that’s out there, but not all information is good, and not all information is meant for me, and not all information
I should be acting on, and not all information
is meant for the timeline that I’m in currently right now, but too many times people are like, “I’m gonna go work on
creating my own event.” But nobody knows who they are yet. You know what I mean? It’s like let’s look at
the timeline and where, does that make sense? So I’ve learned how to learn in these two separate phases now, and just being cognizant of it solved the issue alone. Oh my gosh, when I’m
learning from somebody, I need to seek to understand
and then be understood. That’s straight from Stephen R. Covey, directly from The 7 Habits
of Highly Effective People. Fantastic book if you’ve not read it. I seek to understand and
then to be understood. It’s two separate phases, two
separate learning activities. First, I’m just trying to
understand what they’re saying, which includes me needing to understand why they’re saying what they’re saying. Does that make sense? There’s not enough story
laced in this episode, and I can already feel that. What I’m trying to let you guys know, what I’m trying to tell you is that the reason why I am so excited about the site, the reason I put it up, the
reason I’m so stoked about it, is because if you’re trying to learn the things that I’m doing, you can take it from a guy who is actually
doing the things he’s teaching. Right? Does that make sense? I make money from the
funnels that I create. I make more money from
that than coaching fees. That’s super key. That’s one of the reasons I started listening to Russell
Brunson in the first place. I realized the dude makes more money from doing the thing rather
than teaching the thing, and I was like, “Oh, my
gosh that’s so huge.” I’m trying to help you understand, be careful of who you’re listening to. Be careful of the advice coming in. “I wouldn’t use that resource.” But you’re not freakin’ trying to do what I’m doing, so shut up. “I don’t know that I would
do it the way you are.” Well, you work at McDonald’s, alright? Sorry, I’m not gonna
listen to your advice. It’s like me going in and listening to somebody that doesn’t have
any cheese in certain areas. Why would I go listen to a
person who’s not in shape, learn how to get in shape? I’m not gonna take his advice. Nothing against them, but that… Straight from the Bible again, straight from scriptural, “By the fruits you will know them. “By the fruits you shall know them.” Alright? And if that person hasn’t
been doing the thing long enough for that tree
to have fruit coming off it, why on earth am I going to listen to him? I’m not going to listen to anybody who doesn’t have the result already that they’re trying to tell me I can go get with some
strategy they’re talking about. Does that make sense? So that’s the reason why this whole best marketing resources thing was such a passion thing for me is a lot of you guys ask, so I’m just gonna make
a hub for all of it. I’ll keep it updated. It’s kinda a living,
breathing one page site. It’s not really a funnel. It’s a one page site built
in ClickFunnels, of course, but it’s kinda a living, breathing place. You can take it on faith knowing that this is the stuff
I actually use and do. Each one of them has a strategy video on top of every one of
the resources there, so if you wanna check
out, man this really is, you wanna see how to use ManyChat? Boom, that’s how I use it. Here’s the video, cool, you like it? Sweet, if you want to
use the link down below. You can go get whatever goody. You wanna see how I
find all my freelancers? Boom, here’s the strategy video
on how I find all of them, how I do it, here’s the
link down below and get it. You know what I mean? I’m trying to demonstrate,
I’m trying to show why and how I use each one
of these things and remove the fear that I don’t know
what I’m talking about. You know what I mean? Because I’m trying to
teach you to be cautious. Don’t let in just any thought from any person coming on in, alright? Too much information distracts the brain from the creative pursuits. I love that from Tim Ferriss. So I’m trying to be careful
on what I let in in general. Cause I wanna make sure I stay creative, and this huge correlation with that. That’s ridiculous, I did not expect that. I had my own disbeliefs when I heard that for the first time. But at the same time I’ve
gotta make sure that, it’s kinda like, there’s some people, I’m not gonna name names, a
lot of you guys know them. There’s some people that
have been giving me advice in certain realms that
they have no mastery over. That’s an issue, and I listen out of politeness, but I will not do anything
with what they’ve told me. Even if there was a
little nugget in there. I’m just not gonna listen. I’m not gonna listen. Why would I go listen
to somebody how to run a marathon who’s never run a marathon? Why would I go listen to
some Internet marketer, learn how to have huge
success with X, Y, and Z when they’re never done it themselves? I’m not gonna listen. In fact I’m probably
gonna make fun of them. (laughs) I’ve got a little more bold
as I’ve done this game longer. So anyways, that’s what
I’ve been trying to do is if you wanna see how I do what I do, if you wanna see the resources I use, if you wanna see how I manage
my team, that’s all in there. It’s broken up by sections. If you wanna see the section
on how I do all my content, and all the tools and resources I use to do it, it’s all in there. If you wanna see my favorite products and the education systems
that I go back to continually to make sure I stay sharp,
I put it all in there. If you wanna see funnel
building resources, that’s a big section, okay, you’re gonna see a bunch
of really cool tricks, a lot of little tweaks and stuff. Don’t think that you
need to have all of them in order to make money coming
out of the Internet for you. Use them as you feel like you need to, but I just wanted to make a
place where people could know, “Wow, this is what is actually being used. “Wow, this is what is
actually making money. “Here’s Steven’s strategy,
this is when he uses it.” And sweet, right? And if I start standing up,
and I start talking to you guys about something that I
don’t have mastery in, don’t listen to me. I’m not gonna do that anyway, cause I’m super conscious about it. But I want you to understand why this has been such a cool thing to me. Listen to those who have
the PhD in certain things and only them and who have real ones. (laughs) Anyway, guys, hopefully
it’s helpful to you. If you like this episode and maybe kind of a different style or whatever, but go over to, and you can see what I’m doing. The education in just
the strategy videos alone is pretty huge, so regardless
if you use any of them or regardless if you
use any of those tools, just seeing how I do what I
do, and when I use what I use, that took a lot of time to put together. So, anyways, I’m excited
for you guys to have it, and I’m excited for you
guys to see how to use the tools and resources that I have. Alright, guys, thanks so much. Hopefully you enjoyed this episode. Bye. (melodic tech music) Woo, hey, there’s more marketing resources than there are seams
of the sea, am I right? Okay, maybe not, but there’s a lot. How do you know if you’re
paying for good ones? Recently I went to my
business bank statement, and I counted 51 Internet
tools and resources that I use to run my business every day and actually keep my team size small. If you wanna see the
list, I actually filmed an individual video teaching you why I use each tool and
the strategy behind it, and then I dropped the link straight to the source right below it. If you wanna see the list then see what you can use yourself, go to, that’s (melodic tech music)

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  2. great episode. I relate with everything you say there. I still struggle with what you already determined, but as you say, once you recognize what you're doing is wrong (taking others words as absolute truth), that's half the way to solve it. and regarding mentioning the affiliate links. this is just fine. you give people here a lot of value, it's only fair to get something back, especially if they need these resources. win win to all 🙂

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