My Best Sales Strategy For Getting To The Decision Maker
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My Best Sales Strategy For Getting To The Decision Maker

– Okay, so Jack just
asked a question. “How do you get
past the gatekeepers to the decision makers?” Alright, so this is
something to understand. So here is any office
on planet Earth, right? Here’s the front
door of that office and somehow, and then
out front there’s like, usually there’s,
this is like chess, like think about playing chess. Right, outside there’s
like the first guard, and there’s usually
a table or something. They’re like, “Hello, how
can I help you?” right? And then somehow you pass
that guard, then there’s like, all the other
people here, right, you have to get through,
then back here is like, the person you’re
trying to get to. Here’s the decision maker. Like, “I must get to this
person, and if I get to them, all my wildest dreams
come true,” right? And usually next to
the decision person there’s another guard
that’s blocking him, right? ‘Kay. So here’s what you
have to understand. This is like, how it all works. So, if you try coming
in the front door, you’re gonna get stopped right
here at the first person, and they’re gonna come
back, and be like, “There’s some crazy
person at the front door.” Now I’m only saying that ’cause
this happens all the time, in front of my office here. Just so you guys are
fully aware, ‘kay? And I’m like, and they come
back, there’s some crazy person, I’m like “Ah, get ’em away,” ’cause I don’t
know who they are, and they show up with
a gun, who knows? You never know, right? And so you don’t wanna
be that crazy person. So, this is the strategy you
have to think through, ‘kay? This person is
the decision maker that you are trying to get to. The problem is that they’re
making so many decisions, they don’t make the
initial set of decisions. This person next to ’em?
This is the gatekeeper. This is the person
you care about, ‘kay? Now this person can
be the assistant, it could be a spouse, it
could be a lot of things. One of the number one mistakes I see people having
all the time, when my wife and I are flying, almost every time we fly now,
we get approached by somebody, and they’ll come up and be like, “Ah Russell,” and they’re
so excited to meet me, they’re like, “Ah Russell,”
and my wife’s sitting there, and I’m like, “Hey
it’s my wife Collette,” and then they’re like, “Oh hi.” They look back at me, and they totally blow
my wife off, right? Guess what happens. Instantly my wife’s like,
“I don’t like that person,” and then I see my wife, I
always see her all the time, she’ll be like, she’ll ask
a specific question, like, someone will say something,
and she’ll like, oh, and she’ll say something
to that person, and then that person will like,
blow her off or ignore her, or whatever, and then,
and I’m very aware of it, she’s very aware of it, and the
person is usually so excited they don’t even notice it, but they offended the
decision maker, ‘kay? Now I don’t care how cool
you are in the future, you’re never gonna get
past all the gatekeepers, because my wife will be like, “Oh that’s the person that
blew me off in the airport,” or, “That’s the person who
didn’t give me the time of day. “That’s the …” You know what I mean? Same thing with my
assistant, Melanie. Same thing with my
assistant Melanie, like, all my decisions will go
through her initially, right, and if she’s been
treated good, like, there’s people that treat her
really good, that know her, and then they get
through the gatekeeper. So like, I look at it like, how do I do Dream 100
to the decision maker? How do I appeal to this person, because this is the person
that actually matters, because if it doesn’t
get past that person, it’ll never get
to you as a whole. And so for me, it’s all
about figuring it out, like who are the people? There’s a big person I was
trying to get ahold of, and I actually got some
of that person’s time, and so what I did is I sent the spouse of
that person a gift, and the person called me
the next day, like in tears, and was like, “No one in my
20 years of doing business has ever thanked my
wife for my time, and the fact that you did that, now we’ll be friends
and partners for life.” We’ve got tons of deals
together because of that, right? ‘Cause I was very
aware of the person supporting the decision maker. Other times when I’m like, “I need to get the
decision maker,” I’m like, “Okay, who’s the person
supporting the decision maker? “How can I make
their life better? “What can I send them?
“Can I send them gifts? “Can I contact them? “How do I build a
relationship with them when I’m at an event?” And don’t try to
bombard this person who’s already got a million
people talking to ’em, and going crazy, and like, I just know from my
personal standpoint, every time I go to an event, I get 50 thousand people
asking me questions, and I’m so overwhelmed I don’t
even know what’s happening, the smart ones walk
over to my assistant, or walk over to my partners,
and they talk to them, and that person then
comes back to me later, like, “Oh did you meet so and
so? This person’s awesome,” and that’s how you get around, is by befriending
the gatekeeper. So it’s not, “How do I
get past the gatekeeper?” How do you build a relationship
with the gatekeeper? ‘Cause they are the gatekeeper. So there’s the big secret
for those who were wondering. Thank you so much for watching. Every single week we publish
new secrets just like this, so make sure you subscribe so
you don’t miss any of them, and I will see you
on the next video.

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18 thoughts on “My Best Sales Strategy For Getting To The Decision Maker

  1. Great video… Your videos really inspired me to build my own YouTube channel to help everyone in real estate like you did with CF… let me know what you think! Keep up the great work Russell!

  2. How do we find out who's the assistant, or, could it be the person we see most around the Decision Maker on varies platforms?

  3. This strategy will even work with people serving you food at Chipotle. Show interest where everyone is ignoring them, and the severs will PILE on more food. ๐Ÿฅ˜

  4. Awesome video buddy…we're soon opening our YouTube channel abt internet marketing and funnel stuff…Is it possible to interview you when we reach at good number of audience.๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Thank you Russell.
    Appreciate all that you and your team do. Iโ€™m looking forward to thanking you guys in person some day.

  6. Well, let me put Russel Brunsons' theory to the test: Dear Russell Brunson,
    I am writing to you in my pursuit in requesting a meeting with you in the near future. What say you, Russell Brunson ?

    An interested person in your services and other offerings to upcoming internet marketers.


  7. Bottom line treat people like people… Always up your EQ. EQ very natural for extorverts but still something everyone needs to work on

  8. Thanks Russell. This reminds me of something my parents would have taught me & I should remind my kids of. I always tell my kids, always work your hardest, always be respectful and kind even in tough situations, there is always someone watching. Not because you are trying to snow someone to get ahead but because when you look in the mirror you will see a reflection of the inside of you not just the outside. Thank you for the reminder that you work hard, your wife & kids work hard, your team works hard & they should all be appreciated & respected. They all are the reason you are able to accomplish what you do.

  9. Q: "How to get to the decision maker?"
    A: "Get to his/her relatives"
    Ok, well now we need another video from you, "How to get to the decision maker relatives?" ๐Ÿ˜ƒ because while I have no idea how to do that, this video does not help much ๐Ÿ˜‰

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