My content strategy for social media
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My content strategy for social media

when you order room service they ask if
you want a cup of coffee or the pot think you know what I ordered it’s beautiful as it may look it is
freezing outside mo mo ass most-most mo well good morning my friends it is uh
it’s great to be here it’s a it’s an evening keynote which is different than
normal so that means we have the whole morning and data to shoot some stuff
shoot some additional content which is great it’s always good when I’m hanging
with Tom and when I’m traveling being able to capture some other stuff that’s
not just you know the main keynotes in the main session so so we’re doing
walking around capturing some things making some things happen so I’m working right now in creating
some of my own unique content for different platforms so stuff that like
you know has captions and fonts and titles and all those kind of things and
a lot of people have asked me in the past like what should I post on LinkedIn
and Twitter and Facebook and Instagram like should I post the exact same thing
all the time the best answer and the most success that I’ve found from you
know producing content for myself and for clients that we have is simply to
just really understand like context to understand that a seven minute vlog on
YouTube about video production that vlog doesn’t necessarily make sense for
LinkedIn or maybe doesn’t even make sense for Twitter it doesn’t make sense
for Instagram depending on what I’m talking about it really obviously varies
but I don’t really think that there should ever be this idea that you create
one piece of content and then you use all the platforms its distribution
because everybody is so different in those platforms and so I’ve really been
making it a point over the last year as I’ve started to do more of this for
clients and for myself I’m really thinking like does this make sense for
that specific audience like I only want to post stuff on LinkedIn that make
sense for a LinkedIn audience does it have to do with business does it have to
do with entrepreneurship or marketing or something that really caters to a
LinkedIn audience hiring employees or the importance of leadership or
something like that that’s gonna resonate much better in a LinkedIn
audience and something that’s like a behind-the-scenes of video production or
some sort of thing that might be really good at my youtube channel so I’m really
thinking about in a vlog if I make like a 10 minute vlog for YouTube is there
something in that vlog that is valuable by itself as a standalone piece on
LinkedIn well I want to create an edit for LinkedIn and Linkedin only I don’t
just want to hope that people watch the whole ten minute thing on LinkedIn to
get to the two minutes that I think is actually good for LinkedIn audience I
want to take all of that and just cut to what I specifically want them to see and
put that as its own piece and Linkedin a lot of people want to just like take
their YouTube video and share like the youtube link on LinkedIn just because
they want to get more views on a YouTube but I think you shouldn’t really concern
yourself with just needing everyone to go to YouTube to watch one specific
video just so your views get up if you get 20 views in YouTube and 20 views in
LinkedIn and 20 views and Instagram and 20 views in different spots it’s still a
hundred views but people get too caught up and like I
want to get a hundred views on YouTube so they just want everything to just be
shared and have a youtube link that people have to go to but it’s really
important to think about like context and think about posting things natively
in those platforms so that you can really have success with the video and
it only can have success if it actually speaks that audience very natural and
most importantly what I’m trying to work really hard on it’s actually creating
content thinking about topics or thinking about certain things that are
just directly to that audience and nothing else not just always thinking
about like YouTube as the primary place that I go to create content but thinking
about what is the topic I see people talk about a lot what is something
that’s really resonated with me in like a LinkedIn environment and let’s create
a piece of content just specifically for that or let’s create a specific thing
just for Instagram or for Twitter whatever it is really thinking about
those things and then going just on that topic
making just that video be a minute and a half two minutes maybe thirty seconds if
I can get it all in that time and really just going hard after that because I
think that you get a lot better success when you actually can understand what
makes sense specifically to that audience but try not to be lazy but the
way that you think about your content because it is important to produce
content but producing content is not simply putting a video on YouTube and
hitting share alt all your platforms it doesn’t become contextual to the
platform so it’s not going to get as good reach and it’s just gonna kind of
make it seem like you don’t really understand how a platform works so I’m
trying to constantly process those things hopefully this helps you do the
same thing we’re getting ready now getting all set up this is a little mini
tripod I’ve been traveling with very tiny for any of the educators here that
you can give one piece of advice on what it takes to be an incredible principal
what would you say are the best assistant principals in
Princeton teachers you can and them teach and let him teach hire great
people train them well and get the heck out of their way there’s always like lots of excitement
for me one like anything new like one new quarters star and all that and not
that I really pay any attention to like what did we do q1 q2 I’m looking at
everything from a long-term game but I’m just fired up I’ve been working on
creating tons and tons of content around scaling creative I think I’m just seeing
more than ever just the importance of actually continuing to practice what I
preach in terms of creating content around my company so outside of
obviously just my YouTube it’s important that I put out a lot of stuff from
scaling creative so I’m just fired up new podcasts launched today really
really excited about that the video version of it is live people can watch
that I’m creating micro pieces of content around the podcast for LinkedIn
and for Instagram and all these different things
lots of stuff is happening I’m really excited about it big things are coming
baby let’s do it I always think it’s funny hi because I’m so accustomed to
having a camera with me all the time they you know how you like check your
pockets and your so you have like your wallet your phone and your keys and all
that for me it’s like wallet phone keys camera air pots it’s like weird I don’t
know what I would do if I didn’t have a camera like in my hand at all times okay
headed down now what he got today Tom did another session on creating future
ready schools this time principals throughout Missouri what was the hardest
thing about being a principal hardest thing about being a principal is
everybody’s issue throughout the building
principles just go and go non-stop they’re there to support teachers
they’re there to remove roadblocks it’s an amazingly rewarding position but at
the same time it’s incredibly difficult so it’s not like being the owner of a
company I would say there’s a lot of similarities it is because it is on you
you know those successes yeah you might take a little bit of the success but
you’re often giving it to other people rightfully so at the same time those
failures they’re on your shoulders welcome to Philadelphia the local time
is 6:14 p.m. please remain see with your seatbelts fastened until the seatbelt
sign is turned off that make sure to keep the a of all carry-on items take
them home to check your seat back pocket for the first sign it’s like tablets and
cell phones

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9 thoughts on “My content strategy for social media

  1. Perfect example of what you said on the podcast. Making micro pieces of content that revolve around the same theme. You explained on your podcast the why…the principle idea. Then here you actually demonstrate how you do it, and also showing you do it. Like spreading different seeds on to different types of soil. But they all produce vegetation, if you water, and let the sun take over and let it shine. For me, I have to watch each thing you do on each platform to get all the value. But then again, that's the point isn't it.

  2. there are courses going more in depth on yt than on linkedin ( according to your theory it should be the opposite, linkedin more for professional audiences should go more in depth, complicated content explained . im talking about courses on programming, mathematics, anatomy. the courses on linkedin are more polished on the outside, but often they remain on superficial issues, don't go deep.

  3. once again!!! awesome content!!! question…what are your laptop specs? im looking to buy one to edit my videos!!!

  4. That’s a great checklist to have! I’m happy that a camera has made its importance for me to be able to check it off before I leave the house love the videos Scott!

    Let me be your Drock hope you have a great Wednesday much love brother!


  5. Definitely right about what you have mentioned. Each platform has a different way of reaching an audience. So it's not ideal to think about creating ONE YouTube video and distribute it to all other platforms and expect the same results. I use to do that for FB and IG, but now I am thinking about creating a 1-3min video on FB and link the full video in the description, and for IG, create 30 sec – 1min video and provide a link for the full video.

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