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My First Internship

[Yuu is literally reading the
disclaimer here.] Umm… Shouldn’t the video be starting
right now?
[Electical sparks] Bailey, did you gnaw on the electicity
cables again? [Electical sparks] [Tap] Dah! What the… Wh- Who are you? I’m Yuu! You’re… me? No, no. I’m Yuu, as in,
thenewYuu. (Well, you can’t be because
I don’t have soul-draining
eyes…) What was that? You look very anime. Well, that’s because
*I’m* the newer, improved
Yuu! Yuunarii kinda wanted to change up some
things, so… (sigh) Let me guess… She didn’t
want me to be white anymore… Well, technically, you still are. (these cables are gooood) Still, this doesn’t make
any sense. Why are there
two mes? (Did you seriously not pay attention just
now?) Don’t you mean two Yuus? (sigh) FORGET IT! FINE!Yuucan do this video I meanyouI meanYuu.I mean new me I MEAN-
[heavy breathing] ok. i quit. I QUIT! What was the topic of
the video again? Sometimes you get paid, and
sometimes not. On paper, this sounds all nice and
dandy and to be fair, there are companies
that DO operate this way However, with the increasing amount
of college students being required
to intern, it’s no surprise a fair share of
companies will exploit such an an internship for
their own benefits. I mean, it’s not like youhave
to pay interns They’re gonna be trapped there for
a couple months anyway Might as well put them to good use
for the company while they’re here. (boy, do I regret picking my
internship company…) Now, to give you a little
bit of context, as part of my college curriculum,
we’re obligated to take a semester-long internship During this internship, the student
is required to spend rougly 50% of their time on a
pre-determined internship assignment, and 50%
working alongside company
employees. I decided to intern at this
video production company, …that also happened to do some
web development related stuff The company consisted of about
5 employees, and a couple of freelancers who
drop by every now and then. For the internship assignment, I had to
update the company’s portfolio page
on their website …to make it f a n c i e r looking (…so they could show it off to other
comapnies…) All necessary content for this new page
would also be produced by me and all decisions made for this new design
also had to be backed up by research. My first impression of the company
was actually quite positive. I mean, yeah, the boss had
unfortunately forgotten about my intake
appointment the first time I got there… Buuut, stuff like that
can happen… The intake conversation I had
with Mr. Jack went quite well and he seemed like a
pretty chill person. Although he did look a little bit
unprofessional in my opinion……him, being the boss, and everythingNo offence, but when I first saw him, I
thought he was like the janitor or
something because of the way he was dressed. So, umm…Do not ask him about the money,
do not ask him about the money,
Will I be paid during
this internship?GODDAMNIT YUU.Well, that really depends on whether
you excel our expectations or not.*snickers* Money? You? An intern?
Oh ho, You greedy piece of shit.
If you end up not helping out the
company as much as I expect you to,
then why should you be of value
to me?
I decided to start my internship
a week early so I’d have more time to get to that
90-day mark, and I’d have shorter days. Because of that, things were very
laid back during my first week. I didn’t get my company supervisor
appointed to me quite yet, though, as there were 3 more interns
that would start a week later. So they still had to figure out which
employee suited best for each intern. The other interns turned out to be
very nice and we got along very well. During this week, Mr. Jack insisted
we’d study the company manual …to the point where we’d instinctually
know all workflow procedures. Well, that kinda was the boss’s
intention, which I get, but… a little unreasonable
to get pissed …as soon as an intern doesn’t
follow the manual to a t. So, to start things off, because this company lacked a
dishwasher, the employees and the interns had
to take turns doing dishes. This would be tracked with a
point system on a piece of paper that was stuck to the wall. Turns out, the dishes would
usually pile up to the point where Mount McDishtower would spawn
onto the kitchen counter. So one day, our boss dropped a
message in the company group chat
stating the following: [Yuu recites
Mr. Jack’s
->Welp, better start washing!…knowing how I’m paying for
THEIR expenses!
Yuu, calm down. It’s probably
just a joke. Besides, even if you HAVE to
pay, it’s only a couple bucks. WHO CARES? That is exactly what he
WANTS you to think.
A COUPLE BUCKS. Do you realize he is trying
to make UNPAID INTERNS to pay for something that
SHOULD BE AN EVENT dedicated to showing
gratitude towards
WANTS US TO PAY! can you please
stop shouting? 🙁 During the first few weeks, I
mainly focused on getting clear what exactly the company
expected of me regarding the assignment, doing some general research
about the company, and setting up a planning for
my internship assignment. Naturally, I wanted to discuss
my findings with my supervisor and boss during an appointment. Well, big surprise… …they cancelled last minute
because of a client. And again… …And again… …And again. After many attempts, I *finally*
got to have a talk with Mr. Jack. Sir, I made a planning for
the assignment and I’m afraid I won’t be
able to fully complete- …Say what? I mean- I probably won’t
have enough time to create
all necessary- Are you sure? There’s plenty of past interns
that had WAAY bigger projects
than yours. And they managed just fine. It’s all about organizing your
time as efficient as possible. Uh… I-It’s not like I won’t try
to get it finished in time; ’cause I really do want to get this
project finished. I’m just trying to set some expectations
so you won’t be dis- And then what happens? What happens when you’re
done with your internship? Who is going to finish
that project? Isn’t that your
responsibility? Point and case, he REALLY wanted me
to get this project finished. Why? Well, looking back I can tell you it’s probably because he’d rather not spend
additional money to complete my project. Instead he’d rather have the full,
free package. I mean, as long as you threaten your
interns with bad performance grades, they’ll do anything you say! Now this may sound a little silly, but
that conversation stressed me out A LOT because I was certain I was not gonna
be able to live up to his expectations which kinda made me feel like
I was a bad intern. But, eventually, I convinced myself
I should worry too much whether I did or did not finish
the entire project during my
internship Because all that mattered to
college is the progress I’ve
made and that I could substantiate
my choices. During my internship, I also
frequently had to help out With some projects within
the company itself. In order to make sure I still had
enough time to work on my assignment each week, I’d spend the mornings on my
assignment and keep the afternoon free
in case the company wanted me to help out with something. This was all neatly listed in my
Google Calendar, which the application the entire
company SUPPOSEDLY used to plan stuff and view others’
schedules (I mean it clearly said so
in the manual) More often than not, the
employees would kinda
ignore my Google Calendar and would ask me to help with a
project whenever they saw fit. Sure a *little* annoying, but I didn’t
really mind as I could easily swap bits of my day around However, they sometimes led me
to being EXTREMELY bored, just working on my assignment the
entire day, and working on YouTube videos
whenever they weren’t paying
attention… or me being drowned by
company projects. Then why didn’t you tell them
you were BUSY? I can’t, because I’m a polite, good
little intern that doesn’t want to
complain too much… …aside from behind their backs One of the first tasks I was given
was actually quite simple. All I had to do was compile all
footage of a previous project
into one long video. “Not to hard,” you think. oops And, that’s where I’m gonna
stop the story for this video. Trust me, this is only the start
of things, so I apologize if this story wasn’t all that spicy so far. If you guys want to hear the
continuation to this tale, Just be patient, as there will be
two more videos following this one
regarding this story. Kinda tough to cram 5 months of
internship into a single video, ya know? Anyway, hope you guys like
this first part and see you in the next video!
Bye! I want to give a special shoutout to
MysteriousFuture and YanYan
for supporting me on Patreon Thank you guys very much
for your support!

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100 thoughts on “My First Internship

  1. My internship was a sham too. But it paid me $5k. Not worth the damaging blow to my self esteem tho, which still is haunting me.

  2. Hi Yuu,
    I am just wondering.
    Do you do internships in NL?
    I mean, I thought it is already much better than in the US

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  7. I interned for free in a game studio once. It was actually a good experience because I got paid with good experience on how a small start-up company works, plus I got a good portfolio out of it. Free internships can be taken advantage of, but it is tricky sometimes.
    Also, your style is amazing! Saw you from a fellow animator in twitter, and it's an instant +subscribe for me! Awesome! =)

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  12. My experience doing an internship was that I would have to bust butt constantly to earn it.
    But in reality when I realized to long as I literally just TRIED. and gave minimal effort I could burn a-lot of time.

    My internship manager didn't care much, she was just happy to get extra help when needed. To be fair I still did alot, but if I say… wanted to goof off for 2 hours when nothing else was happening, nobody would care. So Long as I eventually got my tasks done.

    It was a rare case of people knowing they get what they pay for.

  13. Internships are bullshit. I also had a bad internship experience. I was actually paid, but I was paid pretty damn low for the type of work I was doing. They also kept stringing me along with promises of a full time offer that never came. Meanwhile, they had me doing the same level of work as any other new employee and little guidance or training. Having to hear literally everyone else in the office talk about their Hawaii or European vacations while having to work as an Uber driver on the side to make ends meet, despite doing essentially the same type of work, was all kinds of wrong. Fuck that place.

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    I tend to be cautious over things like this, but when i see desperate attempts at squeezing performance out of people, I'd honestly just put more gas in the dumpsterfire that is labor based on bias.
    And since i'm going over a profile consisting of computing, I suppose i'll be put into an internship. And if that's gonna be the case, well I'll try and find companies which aren't prospering, but rather be in the "oncoming" category. It's a much more balanced way to play chess.
    Playing ball with the context's always been an Ace with me, since i managed to come out clean one time I started arguing with a chemistry teacher.
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    OH, and just for the record, BOOTLEGS MAY BE THE DEVIL, but with enough motivation and creativity(and some money for materials) they can become bespoke pieces of nendo art

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