My Girlfriend Tried Dropshipping For 24 Hours
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My Girlfriend Tried Dropshipping For 24 Hours

Alright so I’m gonna challenge my girlfriend
to dropship for 24 hours Let’s see what she has to say Hi babe So I want to challenge you to dropship for
24 hours What do you think? And what do I get for it? Oh and I forgot to tell you guys My girlfriend doesn’t speak English So make sure you turn on the subtitles down
below Well here are the rules If you make at least 1 sale You get to make any wish you want But If you make 0 sales I get to make a wish What do you think? Sounds good! Alright let’s do it When does the time start? The time starts… Now! Now? I need to change! Oh hi there! And now I’m ready to start What’s up you guys It’s George here And here is my beautiful girlfriend Please introduce yourself to the people of
the internet Hi guys! My name is Svetlana And I know absolutely nothing about drop shipping Okay, so tell us Do you have a game plan for this challenge? Because you have less than 24 hours left Yes From watching some of your videos on Youtube I understood that there are 4 main parts to
drop shipping 1. You need to choose a product 2. Build a website I think this is the hardest part 3. You need to advertise your product somehow 4. You need to collect the cash Okay Not a bad plan Alright So tell us Have you decided which product you want to
sell? Yes I have decided what I want to sell And it is… Face jewels Okay, not bad Quick question Do you guys think she chose a good product
or not? Let me know down in the comments section So tell us Why have you decided to sell face jewels? I had 2 main criteria when choosing a product The first one was It shouldn’t be that easy to find this product
in stores And the second one It had to be visually appealing And had to look good when I would be making
the ad Okay Not a bad plan. Good. What are you doing babe? I’m making the website Okay I don’t have much time left Where are you building the website? I’m building it on Shopify Ah interesting let me see Now meanwhile Svetlana is building her website I’m gonna take care of some cooking Alright so it looks like the website is done Now tell me What is the next step? The next step is to make the ad But first We need to take some pictures Alright so it has been almost 24 hours since
we started this challenge And I’m very curious to find out Did you make at least 1 sale or not? But before we find out if Svetlana made a
sale or not make sure you smash that like button and also if you haven’t already make
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on any future uploads Sorry babe I had to do it Here is what I’ve done: I built a beautiful website I contacted a page on Instagram that has more than 250,000 followers Analysed the engagement rate using ninja analytics I thought it was a very good page. I messaged them and negotiated for a $26 story post with a swipe up Result: I had 14 visitors and… 100 SALES! Jokes. No sales. I think the reason I didn’t make a sale Because it turned out to be a dead page with fake engagement The 2nd reason I think might be the overall global situation as I think less people are buying and consuming I hope this somehow affected the results of my challenge I’m still very very proud of you. You did such a great job. You built a beautiful website You negotiated with the page You did the ad You know everything went perfect Except for 1 little thing which is the marketing aspect Which is the actual page on Instagram I hope next time when you are going to be trying this out or go into dropshipping You will spend a little bit more time on the researching of the page But… With that being said… This is still challenge… You accepted it… And as you remember there was a wish… So… I get to make a wish… Okay, what is your wish? Sorry guys… I can’t record this on camera To conclude this video I do want to say that dropshipping is hard but it is possible The most important thing is to make mistakes fast Learn from them and persevere when things get hard! On this note I want to thank you so much for watching this video If you enjoyed it make sure to hit that like button Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel And as usual thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one!

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