My Internship in China
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My Internship in China

Hello Everyone Ever since I can remember I’ve been in love with Chinese culture, music, language, and art. When I was only 11 years old I even began to teach myself to speak the language. Though I was horrible at first, my parents still supported me. At my high school graduation, my father surprised me with the best gift I could have asked for. My first trip to China! I fell in love with Beijing at first sight! I vowed to myself that I would continue my studies and become so proficient that I’d be able to land a job working there. And as only a sophomore in college I was given the opportunity to work for one of the most influential think-tanks in the world. I will be working for the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center in Beijing! As a global policy intern I will be conducting research on America and China’s economic, governmental, and military relationship. This internship offers countless opportunities for networking, language development, and experience in the field of international relations. Thus I am seeking even the smallest of donations so that I can afford to return to China and pursue my dreams. Thank you so much for listening and God Bless!

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