My Internship Times: Hugo, Business Intern, Brighton
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My Internship Times: Hugo, Business Intern, Brighton

I have to make some market research on the Australian
market, and the American market. Then we started to identify some new targets and new markets
inside the UK. Secondly my main task was to organize to schedule the marketing
campaign. We used Mail Chimp to send to bridging companies. I had to build some emails
to send them every Thursday and every Friday. I made some disk research to help David to
build documents that he will use to convince investors to give him some money to develop
his business. The office is very new, very dynamic. I met
a lot of different entrepreneurs with different ideas where they always try to help each
other. Yeah, very dynamic, very friendly, so it was just great, great, great, super
great to be honest. I think I’ve improved my English writing
skills the most. I haven’t spoken a lot of English but I’ve read a lot, a lot of
articles. It’s a very good thing, I think, to put on my CV, on my resume. I’ve met
some very interesting people in the UK, maybe friends. So, I was going to the work with a smile in the morning, I was trying to do my best. I would have wanted to do more, that is something that I will
never forget and for sure it will be useful in my life. Absolutely, 100% yeah. Go Ahead! Don’t be afraid to do it. Run, run, run. Yes, of course. You were very professional
and it was very easy to reach you. You were always able to help me, to encourage me.

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