My Internship Times: Sophie, Fashion Intern, London
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My Internship Times: Sophie, Fashion Intern, London

So when I first came here I was more focusing
on the social media. I was concentrating on the blog, and Instagram, and Facebook. I did
some blog posts. I loved it. I love the people here. The people, and they’re
so kind to me. First day they were; “Hi! How are you?” And they showed me everything
clearly so I didn’t have problems with anything. What I really enjoyed is going to—I went
with Elif, with my boss, to a meeting with Asos, to the Asos company and met some lovely people there. I really loved presenting the new collection. Yeah, I think my English—is definitely
improved. Definitely. I would say it’s very, unique, crazy,
and vintage—three words! I’m living at a host family at Kilburn.
It’s like 45 minutes from here. And I’m enjoying it. I think it was the best decision
ever to go to a host family. And yeah, I’m enjoying it very much. Yes, definitely. I think doing an internship
is one of the best things you can do after you graduated because you get so much—not
only the practical experience, you will meet so many people. I met a lovely lady like, Kirsten, in my agency in
Germany and it was so easy. I just explained to her, like, two sentences, what I
want to do. And she said, “Okay, that’s fine. We’re taking care of everything.”
And yeah, almost five weeks later I had the internship and I was really happy with that.
It was very easy and I’m really happy to get an agency when I need help here. Yeah,
that’s totally—I love that.

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