My UW-Stout CO-OP Experience
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My UW-Stout CO-OP Experience

[Music] welcome to the University of Wisconsin stout now I understand you’re looking at being a dmt major or are you just starting in the dmt program but honestly I don’t know why you wouldn’t you get to work with cutting-edge technology you get to be with industry professionals and on top of that you get to market to over 50% of people that sit on the toilet while looking at your content so I think it’s just a no-brainer but what’s more exciting about that and all this snow is your co-op co-op experience is so important and so vital I’m going inside the Flex bring us into dark you’re gonna like the lighting inside outside most of it okay so I did mine here on campus and university my king I originally came into the internship thinking that I was gonna be able to do paid search social media analytics all this stuff that was listed on the job description I I was very naive to think that because I mean even though the first day I was given like a whole paper of things I wanted it if you wanted me to do I didn’t really I didn’t really get to do that and that’s the thing living in an agile workplace that you’ll learn in like your four or five classes and 355 classes is very important to be adaptive University is transitioning over to a Salesforce platform that you’re also learning 355 at 4:05 but what’s really important is that you’re able to adapt you understand the technologies and you got to understand that they know that you’re still learning that’s the important part is that you’ve got to ask questions whether you’re still learning as a student or in the real professional world they understand and the people around you are stored this stuff is not like it’s out of a textbook and it’s been written down for several years research is constantly happening things are constantly changing global changes they’re all glutamate Hunstanton but you also gotta account for everything else basically is their own Berlin cousin and so it is Instagram which is the part of Facebook but besides the point Mike off experience was amazing I get to do work with Google search so I got that Google Ads certified angle analytic certified which is so important for professionals you’re gonna see in your job descriptions all over that that’s what you’re gonna want to do youyou need that certification on top of that hard ah is part of Salesforce and I get to set up a ton of email communications from scratch we have to write the emails we have the custom and now we’re sending them out to all prospective students so you might have received some of the emails that I sent and I designed so I hope they’re okay those pictures a lot of these pictures on top of my screen anyway besides of what you get to work with the photographer videographer our graphic designers it’s the whole team effort they everyone takes responsibility for their part and what it’s important so just networking with everyone that you work with stay in contact with them and get as much out of there if you’re not experiencing something that you want to experience they’re more than willing to look at it they pull up after co-op if you want to expand your reach because you’re bored or something’s too simple you can still handle your job do do they’ll add something else under your plate I’ll give you more experience it’ll give you more respect in the company and it’s totally worth it so just network with your professionals definitely do your coop even if you had internships before you actually do your official call-up it’s so worth it it’s you learn more in an internship than you will your full time on campus I guarantee that anyway thank you and see you around campus I’m leaving I’m graduating anyway here’s another drone shot for campus [Music]

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