Nazareth Internships: Sean Saville Learns the Music Publishing Industry in NYC
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Nazareth Internships: Sean Saville Learns the Music Publishing Industry in NYC

The only way to work in the music business
is to be in the music business. Getting an internship, working along side
people that are actually putting music in the world, I think is essential for anyone
who wants to work in the music business. Carl Fischer is the country’s oldest educational
music publisher. They’ve been around since 1872. Carl Fischer Music is located on Wall Street,
in the Financial District in New York City, right down the street from the Stock Exchange. It’s really fast paced during the work week,
lots of energy, lots of people moving around. I bounce around a lot of the departments here. I work in development, make stuff for the
website, work in licensing, writing and proofreading sheet music. The way we do our internships is that the
interns do the work that we do. Everything Sean has done, I’ve done, so that
the idea is to give them the actual work that we do to see if something they want to pursue
for their lives. At Naz, it’s not just about going to class,
a lot of my professors I have actual connections with. They go to my gigs, or they’ll help me get
gigs so that I can play on the weekends. I think that’s helped me a lot here, because
it’s taught me to network and it’s taught me about real connections with people, whether
it’s with my work, or with new people I meet from different colleges in New York. This internship is important because I see
this as a start of my career after I graduate. I’d recommend a challenging internship because
if you aren’t faced with challenges, you don’t grow, and you can’t stay inside your comfort

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