NDA Marketing Strategy | Full Analysis PART 2
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NDA Marketing Strategy | Full Analysis PART 2

Hey guys! Welcome to the second video of Modiji’s analysis and NDA’s marketing strategy In the first part,we talked about a lot of things.Now,let us discuss about this more in depth. Now let us talk about the next state,which is Bihar. I am going according to the order of number of seats in each state. Again,they have formed an alliance in Bihar. I’d say there is a minor weakness here Because there they said,alliances must not be formed In Uttar Pradesh,they said alliances shall not be formed,alliances in govt. don’t last long And in Bihar,they themselves formed an alliance If the opposition wanted,they could have marketed on this,but they didn’t. And due to this,they got 39 out of 40 seats BJP and JDU took 17 seats each And gave 6 seats to LJP If we see previous year’s results,then At that time,they got 22 seats And now these 22 seats got transformed into these 39 seats,only because of this alliance. Now I will talk about another of his groundwork,which people never thought of In 2015,they made a special organisation for the OBCs. This organisation went door to door and talked with them And then they told them about what all Modiji did for their benefit So all the OBC voters got aware of how much work Modiji was doing for their wellness. Plus,they saw that Modiji specially made an organisation for them So,a lot of OBC voters turned up in favour of Modiji from here. No other party is doing such type of work at the ground level itself. And I think,Amit Shah was the one behind this smart mindwork To divide the areas into small regions and work on them A lot of credit for BJP’s victory goes to their well built organisational structure,with everyone well informed of their responsibilites. The common issues raised here(Hindutva,gas,electricity,water and Awaas Yojna) also benefitted them Now,let us talk about Tamil Nadu; About which,no-one is talking about Where they only won a single seat Why? If we look into the previous history We can easily see that they got their majority votes from those states itself where they had their own CM. And in the other states,they formed alliances. Personally I think that they lost due to their alliance with the CM issue. Earlier,Jayalalithaa was the Chief Minister And after their demise All her supporters supported only her and not her political party I would say this a small weakness in case of BJP as well. All of us are supporting Modiji solely and not BJP Let say,in future,Modiji doesn’t stand up for the PM elections In that case,his brand value doesn’t transfer to BJP This is what happened here in Tamil Nadu Above that,a lot of Anti Modi campaigns were running at the same time in Tamil Nadu. Due to this,everybody had a bad impression of BJP and no one wanted to vote BJP. There was anti incumbency and the opposition capitalised on this situation properly Adding to that,there was the big ‘Kamal Haasan’ factor. Earlier the supporters were connected to Jayalalitha Jayalalitha belonged to the film industry And Kamal Haasan is also well known there Then he comes,and starts up with the Anti Modi campaign With already anti incumbency there,and all those against Modiji and Kamal Haasan markets this amazingly well Overall,it was visible with the results that things didn’t work. And personally I think that BJP will start working for their next elections now itself With the intent,that they have to do something in Tamil Nadu Because there are a number of seats in Tamil Nadu which can make a big difference in the total tally. Rajasthan,Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are the states where recently Congress won And there were talks that the Modi wave has stopped,etc. But if we see BJP’S result in these three states(you can see it below) You’ll get an overall idea of their exceptional performance Even when their party was not in power in these states. Taking my personal observation, the northern and central states of India where there are majorly hindi speaking people. Majority of them have voted for Modiji This is the prime reason of their victory In Madhya Pradesh,BJP won all of their seats except one Which was the seat of their current CM’S son Jyotiraditya Scindia,was said to never lose a seat from there,also lost his own seat Modiji circulated his campaign ‘Abki bar phir se Modi Sarkar’ in all of these three states. They mainly tried to encash on Modiji’s name and power rather than focussing on other issues Because they know who Modiji is,how impactful he was in his previous tenure and if we just try to encash on his name,that will be more than enough If I talk about Madhya Pradesh,Congress made some efforts to make things work(Rafale deal,Demonetisation,GSTetc) These were the issues they raised but they somehow didn’t work in front of Modiji’s name The remaining states do not consist of a lot of seats So I will not discuss about them deeply. Being a delhi citizen,I’ll talk a little about Delhi’s seats In Delhi,they sent good candidates to stand for good seats And if you see the winning gap,it touched
around 5lakhs They sent Gautam Gambhir which was his first time in any elections And his performance was outstanding According to me,Gautam Gambhir can be a great politician because he has this good attitude And his idea of working towards development alongside his leadership qualities I would say that the media was also a key decider because of how they supported Modiji Even we don’t know when does he wakes up,how much hours does he work We get to know this information from the news channel itself We don’t know whether this news is fake or true And if a number of channels show the same story,then it starts looking real irrespective of the fact whether it is fake or true I am just telling you how a marketing strategy can be manipulated We got the same message from everywhere,we started thinking that ‘Modiji is doing a wonderful job’ I would say that the media was highly responsible in Modiji’s victory in this election The next point is rally and interviews. If we talk about interviews,even they were strategically planned. They were kept at a specific time Specific questions were asked If you analyse them carefully,you’ll see there was a hidden motive behind these interviews. Just to make sure,what all people should think of them In short,we could always see him doing something and so it was difficult to blame him Now,let us talk about the digital campaigns The first one is ‘Mai hu Chowkidar’ campaign which was really good and performed excellently The next thing that he did was local marketing ads,which were those ads wherein your local issues were addressed,in your local language by your local minister The budget spent to do these ads is said to be around 10 crores officially(unofficially,not known) Simultaneously,they kept the audience informed about their issues,development and achievements And about everything Modiji did at the global level also. For example:How Modiji helped increase employment,etc The next good strategy that they followed is Viral Post Marketing They created a post and made it viral Now,I will tell you a strategy of how to make things go viral If you have 100 different pages with an huge active audience and if all these 100 pages circulate the same message And when a person sees the same message from five different sources,then he starts believing that this post is true This is what they did.They made a single post go viral by sending it from 100 different sources that they themselves were benefitted by that. The next digital strategy they followed was Whatsapp Marketing People think Whatsapp Marketing isn’t that effective but that is false If you have a good database(which can be taken out from registrarys),then you are sent channelised messages Videos are sent,people are added to Whatsapp groups through which you also receive a number of messages. And overall,people discuss a lot of things there:some true,some fake So according to me,Whatsapp marketing is a good way to do political marketing Another campaign launched was ‘My first vote for Modi’ This was another campaign launched by him under digital strategy. Now,a lot of videos were broadcasted,some of them on T.V. as well Under this,all the new voters and youth were targeted by them,which were large in number I know this video has been quite long I don’t even know how many of you are still there with me. But I really wanted to make a detailed analysis of Modiji’s strategy and I am doing the same Now I will talk about some points which were really crucial in Modiji’s victory This is the conclusion and according to me what were the major points Firstly,the opposition was weak and Modiji’s brand equity was very good They marketed really well, made use of the digital channels perfectly,gained the trust of the audience with ease The air strike also helped their cause A series of movies like The Accidental Prime Minister,Namo,Uri,etc. also helped them steer towards victory Their organisational structure was well built and due to this,they had ease at executing strategies. The Hindutva issue raised by the opposition worked in their favour Also the development done by them in vilages,benefitted them They used marketing mix properly. Sending the same message to the audience through different channels was done so perfectly by them You are seeing that same message on the T.V.,Whatsapp,Facebook,Youtube.What else do you want So this was my full detailed analysis I hope you enjoyed Like,Subscribe,Share and Comment if you think I missed any point I tried to cover all the major points in depth from my side. About all the strategies In case I get the opportunity to meet Mr.Amit Shah ,I’ll try to know the ground reality of how things actually were Maybe if I meet him,maybe if you help me to make this video reach him

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