Neighborhood Marketing Program (Short Version)
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Neighborhood Marketing Program (Short Version)

(upbeat music) WOMAN: This neighborhood is fresh. MAN: Artistic. MAN: Growing. WOMAN: And family oriented. MAN: Affordable and is centrally located. We want everybody to be able to say they know what Middle Man is. Focusing on neighborhood
marketing has helped us enhance our broader efforts, driving home how important
it is that we work with all the different entities and stakeholders in the neighborhood. It’s so critical because
you really need to get the people that live in the neighborhood to buy into the place that
you’re trying to promote. Our community has name
recognition, it has brand value. There’s a lot of opportunity here. The Neighborhood Marketing
Program has helped us find ways to create excitement
and promote positive activity without always being real estate based. The way we can push the envelop on that is to change the perception
of external stakeholders in what they think this neighborhood is. We always had this good core
that needed to be built on. Our goals for the Downtown Marketing Plan were to help people see that
attractiveness that we saw. I’d encourage anybody to participate. (cheering) (upbeat music)

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