Network Marketing Basics — 7 Tips for Getting Started in Network Marketing
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Network Marketing Basics — 7 Tips for Getting Started in Network Marketing

when I got started in network marketing I don't know about you but I was very frustrated because no one really taught me the basics the fundamentals the building blocks of how to go out and build a successful network marketing business I want to save you some time and frustration by giving you seven of my best tips on getting started right in network marketing coming up when starting your network marketing business or maybe your restarting your network marketing business which is great about being in this great profession because you can relaunch your business at any point you could be in the same company for two years and go hey you know what I've had it I'm going to draw a lot in the sand and I'm going to relaunch my business that's okay you can always start your story over but one thing to remember basics create wealth in network marketing basics duplicate fancy does not and the definition of wealth in my opinion and network marketing is get a large group of people doing a few simple things over a consistent period of time and so what I want to do is I'm going to share with you seven tips on how to do that tip number one remember it is a process okay you're not it's not the lottery it's a business in businesses you have to take some time you have to go through the right activities you have to be consistent persistent keep a good attitude gave the entire time just remember you're learning while you're earning or vice versa you're earning while you're learning but it's a process so don't get frustrated just stick to the process number two tip make sure you work on you every day I work is hard on myself as I work on my business I learned this really kind of a life-changing moment for me was when I met a guy that won the lottery and I remember talking him because I was fascinated and you know he talked about he was working in the kitchen at a college the next thing you know he won the mega million dollar lottery and he was sharing with me that the first thing that he did when he went to get his check was they forced him to watch a video there was one horror story after another one of people go on the lottery ruined my life because most of them they don't they didn't just lose the money they went back to a place worse than where they were before they ever won the lottery people even committed suicide and that's when I really sunk in I don't make what I want I make what I am and if I want to make more I have to become more and then my mentors taught me Darren don't get mad at the problems because you get paid based on the size of the problem that you can solve so if you want to make more you have to become more so they said work on you there and you have to be the best you you can be because when you're giving out the same tool that somebody else is giving out in your company or you're sending in the same video that someone else is sending you all the same company the product the compensation plan the branding the systems the only difference is you the only difference is me so if we're making sure that we're sharing the message and we're just a messenger we have to become the best messengers we possibly can and Jim Rohn says don't wish it was easier wish you were better so as you're going through the process which was tip number one tip number two we continually work on ourselves and it's not like you have to take take a giant leap the first day it's just doing a few simple things you know it's like when I get ready in the morning I'm listening to maybe 15 20 minutes of a message or personal development and you go well there in 15 minutes a day is not that big a deal will compound that seven days a week every single month over a year that side edge compounds in a big way maybe it's listening to 10 or 15 minutes of an audio on the way to work you know so the radio in the mornings or on the way back you have successful people do with unsuccessful people aren't willing to do and so continue to work on you it pays off because we get paid based on the value that we bring to the marketplace tip number three treat it like a job so we talked about it's a process you know we get into network marketing it takes about 90 days to figure out what the heck you got into anyway it takes about a year to start to learn the basics of network marketing and with your company it takes another year to start getting good at the basics and remember you see the great Network marketers and you go wow I wish I could be like them that may be what you're saying to yourself we'll remember every great network marketer was a lousy network marketer at one time and if you went to college then you're studying for four years you're taking tests you're working part-time jobs on the side at the end of four years you've got a degree you got a piece of paper you play the resume game and most likely you're in debt tens of thousands of dollars well what if you're going through network marketing University you take the next few years and you're growing the good news is you do get to earn while you learn but I used to tell people treat it like a business but when people told me that when I first got into network marketing like I've never had my own business so what do I do then someone put it a little different way they go Darren treat it like a job hey what if I hired you so think about this what if you were paying me a thousand dollars a week to go out and do presentations with your company so let's say it takes about fifteen twenty minutes to do a quick little overview I'm not talking about a big detail overview I'm talking about one just to pique the interest give a little bit of you know a little bit of information over the different company product compensation so on and so forth how many presentations would you expect me to do on a weekly basis and if you really think about it okay well if you're working eight hours there and you could definitely do one an hour I would expect you probably to do eight a day which is about 40 in a week which is about 160 in a month give or take if you're paying me $1,000 a week well what if I'm working part-time or spare time and you're you're paying me $250 a week then you may say something like hey I would expect you to probably do ten presentations a week but so many times in network marketing we confuse activity with productivity and we're think we're doing all this stuff to build our business well if you really look at what we're doing we're not doing anything to build our business we're organizing emails we're talking to people that are already in the business we're getting ready to get ready we'll treat it like a job if you have ten hours a week 15 hours a week to put into your business then treat those ten very serious you know how much would you have paid you for what you've done in the last 30 60 90 days that's a question that maybe hang on your wall and ask yourself every single you know week how much would I pay me for what I did this week another the question that I like to ask myself at the end of every day is if my organization did what I did today how much money would I've made and you may say well I don't really have a big organization that's okay the attitude comes before the money the money doesn't come before the attitude act like you do have an organization and they're all watching you as their leader because you know what you're going to grow even faster so treat it like a job until you learn how to treat it like a business that's exactly what I did and it worked tip number four learn to manage your emotions if you hadn't felt like quitting yet trust me you just hadn't been in the business long enough just give it some time you will feel like quitting I joke and tell people and actually it's not a joke I used to want to quit about a hundred times a day now I'm down to about two or three you know most days but it's going to be an emotional rollercoaster you're going to be in the no sleep zone you know you're so excited that you just the dream machine is on then people say negative stuff you're in the self doubt zone we talked about that a little bit earlier I'll kind of expand on it now you know man maybe I shouldn't do this maybe my negative friends and family all right for making fun of me and and by the way don't worry about that because it's easier to tear someone else's building down than to go build their building bigger and when you start trying to get out of the box for example your friends if you get too low they'll try to encourage you and they'll go hey come back up here don't get too low but when you start getting too high like I did when I was bankrupt and car repossessed and on government assistance and couldn't make it through college and couldn't keep a job people reminded me a dear and who do you think you are one if they're trying to do some type of business and better your life don't you remember how many times you failed okay so you can't you can't listen to them but you're in the self doubt phase all of it seems to be you know magnified at that time then someone may call you back and they you've never seen anyone do what I'm going to do for you but you're going to get rich just off of what my production two weeks later maybe a month later they're in the witness protection program they've run from you the grocery store you don't hear from them ever again some people just get in sign an application donate their money to the company I mean you never hear from that's normal we all go through that you're not going through or going to go through anything the rest of us hadn't gone through your writing chapters in your book and you're going through the emotional roller coaster the UPS the downs the UPS the downs eventually your downs will be higher than your previous highs and that's that's the way it works but when you're going to the challenges remember that's when you just don't try to go through it have the attitude and the perspective and the philosophy I'm going to grow through it right this is the time I'm going to stretch because I get paid based on the size of a problem that I can solve okay so Jim Rome once again so don't wish it was easier wish we were better but it's an emotional rollercoaster another thing it's going to happen you're going to put in a lot of work and you're going to look at your paycheck and you're going to be you're gonna be like I cannot believe how much time I've put into this business with very little pay here's the way you have to look at it you're earning money you're just not receiving it yet at first you're going to do more work than you're getting paid to eventually you're getting paid for more than you're doing so if you learn to manage those emotions the first year of joining any company is basically a year of survival I mean you're just trying to hang in there you figure out what you've gotten into how you've learned the basics you're drilling the basics you're you know you're learning the skills to go out there and take your business and your life to another level but if you're looking at the long-term picture if you invest in a franchise the rule of thumb is you have to invest five times the amount of money you want to make you want to make a hundred thousand a year try invest in at least a half a million and you don't own the business the business owns you and after working eight to faint Kandak ain't you just pray that you're in business five years from now and most you didn't even gotten your money back and you have to let alone made $1 profit so that's the downside of what we do to be honest with you how do you get into network marketing a few hundred dollars and you go I'm in how do you get out of network marketing I'm out so you're not going through anything or going to go through anything that we hadn't gone through your writing chapters in your book remember those stories will inspire and motivate other people if I told you that I got into network marketing and everyone joined and everyone loved the product and all my people succeeded you would not be inspired by that story what inspires and motivates other people when they hear daring kid story is they know they can do what I did so be encouraged managers emotions stick and stay and eventually you're going to get your pay tip number five plug into the system most companies almost every company they have their own system I call this the life support of your business you want to make sure not only you but as you build your team you don't want them people dependent you want them system dependent so what do I mean by system because they always have to come to you or me well guess what there may be times that you don't feel well maybe you're traveling out of the country maybe you're taking a vacation and if everyone is waiting on you your business stops oh it's only going to duplicate to a certain point you've seen the examples of you go get five people right and it's not just five people that are breathing it's five people that are core and committed and then those five five they're five well no that's twenty five and then there goes to one twenty five six twenty-five thirty one twenty five but the only way you ever break through from 25 to 125 and Beyond is you have to have a system dependent not dependent on you or not dependent on me so what are the systems it's the company maybe their corporate update call maybe it's a webinar they have once a week with their training people maybe it says a back-office training they design for all the new distributors joining your company maybe it's a weekly market party okay where they get together to have a reunion every single week whether you have guests or you don't have guests man you need that association that encouraged of people that believe what you believe so the way that I look at the system is the life support it takes a very short period of time for people to get discouraged and quit so I want to keep them all close to the fire and keep them as hot as possible while they're going through the process and building their business number six this is a very important tip all of them are important but this one is one that can really take you to the next level working and help you quit faster than ever associations associations are everything I wish someone had a really drilled this in my head when I was younger because I didn't realize that I become who I hang around we all become who we hang around in five years look at thinking Grow Rich they studied 500 of wealthiest people in the world over 20 years and they talked about the 13 things that they have in common and I remember as I read that book and look over that book and you know Napoleon Hill and all the wealthy people that I've been able to meet that have the lifestyle that I want to have for me and my family they all are very careful who they associate with they know that associations like an elevator these are take you up or they bring you down so ask yourself what are your associations doing to you or what are they doing for you it's also proven that in five years our income is the average of the five people that we associate with the most so as you start your journey and network marketing or you relaunch your business in network marketing even me being a cop earner in this industry and our company there are top leaders that I choose to spend very little time with and you go why is that because they're top leaders they're comfortable they're not they're not growing they're not stretching they're not pushing to gain as much market share as they possibly can I want to make sure that I hang around people that are motivated and driven and positive and uplifting and again you could also have the other side in your company people that are not willing to do what they're willing to do and so they start looking for reasons why it's not working this is a look in the mirror going hey if I don't like where I am it's because of me and then it makes them feel good if they can find someone else that is the same story and they just have a negative tennis match they go you think that's negative BAM take this and they go yeah well if you think that's bad take this and they just find comfort misery loves company and that true so be careful who you associate with be intentional as you're looking for the right associations when I first got started my associations were books and audio programs and every time I could find some type of seminar with their company I was there because I didn't have really any great associations locally that I could hang around another tip with associations man this is this is some good stuff I do not want to be at the top of my five you what does that mean if I'm at the top of my five the people that I associate with the most the only thing we can do is I can go down but if I'm toward the bottom of the five people that I associate with the most the only thing that can happen with me is they can pull me up so associations are definitely a key tip when getting started in network marketing or relaunching your business so pay attention to your associations and last but not least tip number seven do not under any circumstance and I'm going to tell you this and you're probably still going to do it but then hopefully you'll remember me saying do not do it and that is do not compare yourself to other people when you hear these stories of people getting into a company you know they went to the top position in two and a half hours you know and money just fly in other pockets and distributors are flocking to them there's always a story behind the story maybe they were in another company they brought people with them maybe they built four months before they signed up then they sign the application and everybody you know joined at one time they were pre building into a country there's all these stories and sometimes fast doesn't last I know people personally they got started they missed every rank it took a month to even get one person to join they couldn't even get their own mom to join that's pretty bad right when you can't go mom I need your help and mom wouldn't even join would even become a customer with some of these people that I know but now they're top leaders in network marketing because they were consistent persistent and kept a good attitude and followed the two that I've already given to you so don't compare yourself because it's frustrating and just know hey look everyone has their own journey it happens at different times for different people and as long as you're keeping the good attitude and you're doing the the simple little things on a daily basis you're mastering the mundane without getting bored and that's very important okay not comparing yourself to people and just stand laser focused and when you're frustrated because you go I'm not getting there as fast as this person it must not be working and so then what you want to do is reinvent the wheel and change things up and your company has a system focus on the system master the mundane do the same simple things on a daily basis this seem to make no difference at all in the act of doing them that will compound over a period of time so those seven tips are key when starting network marketing having success as you're getting started or relaunching your business question of the day if you're committed to launching or relaunching your business I love to hear from you go ahead and put yes in the comments below and for more training content just like this we're releasing about a video a week make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any of the free training content also if you have not had a chance to download my free ebook because we gave you some basics today but I've got three things to really help you succeed in network marketing you can get that free ebook at succeed with darren comm forward slash three keys we'll put it up on the video we'll also put it below in the description so I appreciate you taking the time congratulations in advance for launching to relaunch in your business and will seal the next video take care

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  1. Your advice is so clear and to the point! Thank you for this encouraging content… YES! I was involved with a professional forex trader. He helped me earn $200 in one month on a 2k account. Now he does not service U.S. accounts. I am close to joining an MLM, an A.I. Forex Program. I am excited to make people money and not have to sell anything, other than educating them on how the program makes money for you. Wish me the best luck you can! I will work hard.

  2. I always felt that there wasn't enough emphasis placed on 'skills' and it was all about having a 'reason' or a 'dream', but some basic skills are absolutely necessary to get going. I reached 18% in Amway back in 1994 and there were tapes to teach various parts of the business. But I always felt that some definitive skills were missing. Great video by the way!

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