Network Marketing Definitions: 1 – Learn These Common Terms
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Network Marketing Definitions: 1 – Learn These Common Terms

Are you up to date on the network marketing
lingo? Know these terms so you’re not confused at
the end of talking with a network marketer. Hi, this is Steve from
where you can find ideas to create an extraordinary life through network marketing. Let start right at the beginning. A referral marketer, network marketer or multi-level
marketer are interchangeable names for essentially the same thing They are people engaged in offering a product,
service and or business opportunity from a network marketing company. These network marketers or multi level marketers
are compensated by the company on a tiered or multiple level compensation program, hence
the multi level marketing name. I recommend you check out this video about
what network marketing is and maybe look up a third party definition to get someone else’s
point of view as well. Other terms for people already enrolled in
a network marketing business maybe, IBO which stands for independent business owner and
rep which is a representative, member which is of course a member of the company and ID
which stands for independent distributor. These are just a few of the common abbreviations
and titles companies and organizations use, so when they use them you know who they’re
talking about. Some other abbreviations you might see at
a meeting or presentation are PV which could stand for personal volume, product volume
or point value. Or BV which could stand for business volume
or business value, GV for Group volume, OV for override volume and the list goes on and
on. Just know when you see these abbreviations
they could mean something slightly different for each company but usually stand for some
qualification in their compensation plan or opportunity presentation. So for the last definitions of the day I made
a chart to help explain these clearer because a picture is worth a thousand words. Ok here is you. Just say you are enrolled in the middle of
the group. And this whole group of people in the same
line is called your line of sponsorship or LOS. In your line of sponsorship everyone above
you is called your upline. And everyone below you in the group is called
your downline. The person that introduced you and enrolled
you into the company would be your sponsor and lots of times they might be directly above
you or sometimes depending on the compensation structure might be somewhere else in the organization. So your sponsor might place you several places
deep in his line of sponsorship and everyone else in other lines beside you not in your
line of sponsorship would be classified as cross lines. Well I hoped that helped give you some clarity. Thank you so much for watching. If you like this video click that like button
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