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Network Marketing | MLM | क्या है MLM की सच्चाई ? | Sahi Hai Ya Phir Galat

Hello, friends, My name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies. Today we will talk about Multi-level marketing From many days I am getting a request for making a video on Multi-level marketing. So MLM is bad or good? Some people say if you join network marketing then your skills will improve and you will achieve more in the future And some people say network marketing is the wastage of money So, today I will tell you a story after that you will get to know is network marketing good or bad or in which plan you should invest your money Now, there’s a company who wants to market his product so that they will be able to sell that product because without marketing nobody will come to know about it So telling people about the product is called marketing. There are thousands of ways for doing marketing like digital marketing, traditional marketing, etc. Among all those different marketing ways there is one which is called network marketing In network marketing, you earn through commission basis But network marketing is different from affiliate marketing I have made a dedicated video on the affiliate marketing but who don’t know about it I will tell you. In affiliate marketing, you will give me X amount of commission after each sale which is done by me But network marketing is the higher level of affiliate marketing. The person to whom I will sell my product will join my chain So when he will sell any product then I will make a profit Let’s assume I registered myself with a company as a network marketer Now, I am part of the marketing team of that company. Now, whenever I sell any product I will get a commission or I will get a discount on that particular product. Its all up to me which one I choose Now to whom I will sell my product so that person will also become a member. So if he sells anything to someone so he will also earn some commission. So the person who just bought will also sell to someone and he will also earn some commission and this process will keep going on and ultimately a chain will ready So, suppose a company just open and I am at the top and if lakhs of people are working under me. So if I earn one rupee from every single person so I will become crorepati So, this concept is shown to everyone whenever someone trying to sell network marketing scheme They tell us we can say this amount of money or that amount of money So if you join a company in the initial stages and if they succeed then you can make money Now, on what basis the company will succeed? If they have a good product. Nowadays there are numbers of parameters on the behalf of which a product is measured The first thing is the quality of the product should be superior, second is the product cost shouldn’t be high. In India or any other nearby country cost, leadership works better than product differentiation. Cost leadership is the reason for the success of One Plus. they are flagship killer They provide a good quality product So you have to decide the product you are selling is a good quality product or not? Or is it able to compete in the market? Now, I will tell you two different stories which are not about network marketing but you can relate to it First, let’s talk about the story of oppo and Vivo Oppo or Vivo and One Plus is a single parent company’s product. Oppo and Vivo sells works on differentiation and sells its product on the higher price And on the other hand, One plus product is superior and they sell their phone at less price If we compare then One Plus is reasonable and Oppo and Vivo are expensive But, One Plus only sell on online market places and they don’t operate on High margin and that’s why they are able to sell their products on competitive prices. But they are starting to sell on physical stores soon After available in stores, One Plus prices will be raised because of the additional expenses like store expense, and all And If we talk about Oppo and Vivo then they offer high margin to their distributer’s So here cost leadership and differentiation both the things are working So if the network marketing company that you are choosing is following the ONe Plus strategy then there are chances that your company will become a big brand in upcoming days And if we talk about Oppo and Vivo then they are offering a huge margin to their distributors. So in the same way you are the distributor to the network marketing company So in this way, you will make more money. You will 1k or 2k after every person joins you and your money will be recovered after 3 joining So here the company is using the Oppo and Vivo strategy. And till yet Oppo and Vivo is the only one who is working on this strategy So while joining the network marketing company you need to check whether the company is following Oppo and Vivo strategy or One Plus strategy If the company is using the One Plus strategy and offering the superior product then you can join that company because It can become the brand But only join if you are in the top And if they are following the Oppo and Vivo strategy then you will always get a good margin Like products of Amway are so expensive only a few people buy it. People say Amway products are good but big marketers position this product into people minds in such a way that they think good about it because they get a higher margin. So till yet whatever things that I told you to try to understand all of them Network marketing is good but only if I join in the initial stages of the company whose products is good But the company whose product is not good then it doesn’t matter when I join them because I won’t get any benefit from them And if the company is following the Oppo and Vivo strategy then I will back my whole money after joining 3 people and all those 3 people will my friends Then they will also have to join 3 people and after then they will blame you And where’s the money come relationship always ruins Your friend and your family members will always blame you And if you join in the company which follows One Plus strategy then people will appreciate and thankful to you because you add them and make them rich Now, I will tell you one more story but if you understood what I told then there is no need to listen to this story but if you want it so you can listen further When we take our nutrition brand to the retailers then we got to know that our competitors are giving 40-50% of margin to the retailers And they are selling the same product at the same price For example, we are selling whey protein at 3k and our competitors are selling at the same price but still, they offer 40-50% of margin to the retailers but we can’t give that amount of margin because we only operate at 15% of the profit And we are thinking where we are lacking? how can they sell at the same price after offering that amount of margin? Then we got to know and that is they reduced the quality of the product In network marketing when you offer a huge margin along with keeping the price low then ultimately quality will suffer and this way company won’t be able to stay long You can make a person fool once or twice but after knowing that the quality of the product is inferior then the person will leave you So I hope you like this video. Comment below what’s your point of view. According to you which company is bad and which is good but please share your opinion Like and share this video to all those who say you will become rich after joining the network marketing. So bye good night and good morning whenever you are watching this video

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100 thoughts on “Network Marketing | MLM | क्या है MLM की सच्चाई ? | Sahi Hai Ya Phir Galat

  1. Good Example
    How vivo/oppo is on differentiation startegy? Isn't differentiation supposed to be a competitive advantage?
    Does it huge margin to retailer is differentiation startegy?

  2. दिखावा है MLM बस ये लगालो personality बदल जाती है आदमी की development हो जाती है पैसा तो कभी नही काम पता आदमी।

  3. Amway के बारे में बिल्कुल सही कहाँ अपने fudu ही बना रहे है amway वाले। मेरे जीवन मे पहेली MLM company amway ही थी। मेरी tution teacher ने 7th class में join करवाई थी मुझे। ओर बाद में खुद छोड़ गई मुझे फसा कर।

  4. Dost kuchh nhhi pta aapko mlm k baare me..
    Saaf glt msg de rhe ho public ko
    Aap ye wali video se
    Basically I m comment 1st time
    On social media. Otherwise I kbi b comment nhhi krta. I m also on teaching last from 8 years
    If you understand what is mlm
    You will promote
    It .Jaise Aap youtuber bn jao
    Ko promote krte ho.
    I m also running my business in pan india

  5. Bro go and learn some about network marketing….bro in amway there is no shampoo exist which is of rps 900🤣😂🤣😂and ek company 110 countries mei run kr rahi hai 75000 crore ki sale hoti h jiss brand ki globally or jisko 60000 log join krtey hai 1 month mei….or 2000 crore ki sale india mei hoti hai voh company ke bare mei bolne se pehle go and research what is amway boss…..aankhein kan dimag sbh khul jyga….we have wonderful education system BWW jo sikhata hai and grow krwata hai…

  6. People who fail bcoz of themselves because people have ego problem they dont want to listen and learn anything they thinks they are genius 👍 person gets successful who is ready to learn things

  7. Network Marketing is not about just selling products and earning money.. First get some knowledge what it is actually.
    And i will suggest u listen to great leader like Sonu sharma, S P bharil
    Vibek bindra view on networking marketing.. aur bhai Chep diya kya hota hai,😂😂😂… Pehle knowledge liya kro fr video banaya kro…

  8. abe bnklode rojgaar ke uppar bnaa na sale ki keise rojgar paida ho khali chutiya beitha h vhan… MLM me logo ko rojgar milta h kyu negative laal bnva rha logo ko… sale khamkhan negative

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  10. aiiii mother chodddd supp kr…kiyaaa ghantaaa boll raha hai..bai…kiyaaa knowledge hai..tera marketing ke ware main……kuchh nhi..0….bill gates nhi bol paya network marketing bekar hai..robert t kiyosaki bol nhi paya networking bekar hai…tu saleee bohotttt gyaaan hai tere pee..tu jantaa hai network marketing bekar..hai…saleee tere dimag pe kiyaa hai..haaaa.. recharge krke bol nhi saktaa..haaa…stupidddd man.. sirf ebays ke liyee tu sale puri network marketing industry ko gali de raha hai..behen chood…kia somojte hoo haa apne apkoo tujkoo sob malum hai… viewers listen….plzzz don't follow thissss brainlesss guy… otherwise follow..sonu sharma..sandeep maheswari..with his book 21st century belongs to network marketing…sonu sharmaa..pushkar raj thakur..ujjyal patnii. vivek bindra…lalit arora….etc….plzzz guys plzzz.. don't follow this type of wrong person…. guys plzzz u must choose must right company… lokk for binary vs generation vs bio generation plan…. and look for also unique product this particular company…like deccan healthcare lmt..

  11. 🔴 Aree product bechne ka business nhi hai ye… consumer banane ka business hai…there is a huge difference…agar dhang se study karoge..( product toh bikega hi but study karlo dear asal me ho kya raha hai..)

  12. 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 Aree yaar itni wrong knowledge kahan se leli…aap kabhi bhi join karo usse koi farak nhi padhta…. opportunity sabki equal hi hoti hai….

  13. Product vo chepte hain jinko knowledge nhi hoti…chepenge toh fail hona hi hai 😅😅😅…… system ko samajh ke karoge toh aap bhi fayde me aur company bhi…

  14. #Dewsoft mlm ke products kitne advantageous,beneficial,quality,best and excellence pe dhyan deti hai,kitni acchi aur best hai…

  15. bohot achche knowledge hain apke pass..
    But aap mlm k upar video nahi banao to apke liye achcha hai..
    Cause apke pass digital marketing ka zyda knowledge hai mlm business ka nahi..
    That's why you are giving wrong info to people.
    Aur agar apko iske upar video banana hai toh please gather information in right way then make it. Network Marketing ka reputation harm Karne ka right nahi hai aapko. Isse apka image bhi kharab ho sakta hai.
    Thank You..

  16. no, you are absolutely wrong. success in MLM is not only in new companies. one can gain success in old companies as well. i joined a 40 year pld company in 2018 august and now i am running a successful business. i am on top most level and almost 40% percent of my direct team is on the top most level
    please stop giving wrong info. I absolutely admire and love the knowledge you provide in your other videos, that knowledge is absolutely amazing, but you are wrong here

  17. Bhai Network Marketing is the best way to achieve our dreams and goals, bhai humre pass intne paise ni hote ki apna business start kar sake but Network marketing aesa platform he jaha business karne ka moka milta hai , agrr mene kuch galat kaha to sorry.

  18. Saari mlm companies ek dinn bannd hojayegi. It's a fact. Long term vision se dekha jaye toh. Mlm business k chalne ka main karan hai apne sath logo ko join karana, ha sirf yehi hai pehla jaruri karan kamane ka, joki samay k sath dhima hote jayega, Kyuki ek time ayega hi ayega jab resistance aayega, log kyu join honge agar unhe bad experiences dekhne ko milenge.
    Vestige b one of company hai isme. Saaman b log tab hi lenge jab unhe income milegi logo ki joining se. Logical socho.
    Amway ko hi dekho , khub business kia india n india se bahar, Amway ek badi company from america jo patented product rakhti hai but aaj uska b graph declined hai. Suffer kar rahi hai, kitne logo ko dekh chuka hu.
    Ye mlm ki company sirf lobh lubhawan ki baate karte hai, high motivation kyuki uske bina unki dukaan nai chalni hai.
    Aajkal females ko jada target kia jata hai.

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  20. u r giving wrong information
    u r giving negative news
    I am also in one of the best network marketing and at good position

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  22. This guy sounds like cheap low budget version of vivek bindra😂😂. Bura mt manna jo lga vo boldiya maine😅

  23. Long term me dekhnenge to network marketing country ka economy ko weak kar denga….. I have deeply researched…….excess spending in marketing leads to a weak economy… The particular company or person may be benifited but in long term the prices will increase…… Government would ban this but haven't bcz the persons connected with this will be out of their wirk & will make strikes to provide them job…. Clever government 😏

    The real aim of network marketing is selling products not buying people.

    If all people go in network marketing then who will go for other branches…. Till now many people have joined this…. This is above the balance limit…. Stop here 🛑🚫

  24. यह जो नेटवर्क मार्केटिंग है यह वर्ड मार्केटिंग है जिसको यम यल यम कहते हैं

  25. Sahil Bhaiya but bill gates said he would go for network marketing if he get chance to start all over again .


  27. ग्लेज ट्रेडिंग इंडिया प्रा लिमिटेड कंपनी माधर्चोद दोगला भोसड़ी चोद रंडी का औलाद है 18000 ले लेता है म**** और आदमी जोड़ने के लिए कहता है झूठे सपने दिखाते हैं माधर्चोद देशद्रोही है

  28. MLM paise ki barbadi hai me mere experience se kah raha hu.
    isme meri baje se mere kahi friends fas Gaye hai.
    Please don't join in MLM.

  29. Jitni bhi mlm company india meh unke product gatiya aur overpriced aur mlm wale apne product ki quality k bare me kabhi baat nhi krte

  30. Hi my name is rajesh main aaj tak 10..12 company. Ke plan dekhe hain sabme dabake motivation diya jata hai kyuki product kachra hai issliye motivation deni wali company se dur rhe

  31. aisi company to bilkul bhi nhi join krna chahiye jiske paas koi achha product na ho wo sirf ponzi schemes hoti h nothing else

  32. Intellectual Indies sirji well said.
    I am Mechanical engineer I have accidentally experience in this industry

    1.Push products(they give me unnecessary products like protein powder Rs.990)

    2.pull product(na chalne wale ya jyada mehenga jo bhi) (chalne wale products hi do jo lag rha Wahi do shampoo rs.100 to 200 bahot hota hai rs.500 to rs. 900 koi nhi lega jyada hoga na bhai wo aur ………aise baki product Ko bhi madde najar rakke do

    3.Zhut bolke bullana mat kisiko garibo ko na fasaye isse network Nhi badne wala agar bda to Nhi tikne wala k,

    4.mehnat aur chalne wale product do tabhi baat banegi bhaiyo
    ………………………….naaki Vivek bindra..jike positive video dekh negative mindset se Kam karne se.

  33. Just like fraud MLM Smart value product and services limited High rate me product sell Kar rahi hai.
    Smart value Noni juice worst for health.

  34. 36 crore tarika ha marketing ka kya youtuber ha bhai in jasa nonsense log ka wajah sa hi hamara desh aaga nahi jata

  35. Bhai MR.CHUTIYA agar company ke shuru me jud gye aur wo company fraud nikli to. Pese kya tera baap deke jayega?? Beta OLD IS GOLD. Company jitni purani hoti he utni hi badhiya hoti he. aur pahle to tu ye samajh le mlm hota kya he fir baat kar

  36. sir .mujhe vestige ke bare mai batao ..vestige aur ok care ek hi manufectureer ko product banane dete hai .. ok care ke price kam hai ur vestige ke price jiyda hai .. suggestion kijiye

  37. He'll o sir…bahut achha laga aapne himmat ki is subject pr video bnane ki or kafi achhe se aapne explain kiya…lekin aapko ye video bnane se pahle network marketing pr research krna chahiye tha…b-coz aapne jo update di hai vo real truth se bilkul galat hai…so ummid karta hu ki aap is pr work krege…tnx

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  39. Network marketing is like get fooled first then find more fools🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. पहले प्रैक्टिकल नॉलेज लो उसके बाद वीडियो बनाओ उसके बाद नेटवर्क मार्केटिंग के बारे में आप जो बता रहे हो वह केवल गूगल यूट्यूब से सर्च करके आपने नॉलेज ली है उस आधार पर आप बता रहे हो ज्ञान बांटने से पहले प्रैक्टिकल नॉलेज लो

  41. Dekhli…Teri affiliate marketing se..kitne logon ne…jet or islands kharidliye
    Tum ek month kaam na Karon…fr..APNI income show..Krna…
    This place is pssiveness

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