Network Marketing – Network Marketing Basics — 5 Tips For Getting Started In Network Marketing
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Network Marketing – Network Marketing Basics — 5 Tips For Getting Started In Network Marketing

hey what’s up guys if you a network marketer and you’re having trouble trying to get people in your downline well I’m going to show you five things that you actually could do to help people get into your downline hi my name is Houston macmillan with 30 way funding and I’ve made a video about network marketing a lot of people they got offended by because it was the truth to think about it most people in network marketing they’re always focused on trying to get people into the opportunity of network marketing but the biggest problem they’re having is they’re not using a product if you talk to a lot of people that’s doing network marketing if you ask them well how are you doing with the product what kind of results you’ve been doing with the product and they say uh and they focus on continue focusing on an opportunity instead of the product this is the reason they’re having a problem with getting people to trust them to become a part of their team because they’re not focused on a product they’re actually focused on an opportunity so this five things if you do this I promise you you’re going to be able to recruit people not just on a national and local level but on an international level because now people actually see your results so let’s talk about this the first one is on the product that’s right most people that get into network marketing they don’t own the product a lot of the companies you think about like with Herbalife Prime America a lot of these companies that are out there and the reason I said I was called Oh some of the most familiar but there are cemetry a lot of other companies out there or whatever and to think about it a lot of the people that get involved they don’t give a damn about the product so it’s like okay you’re approaching somebody to say hey you tell you about this great opportunity you’re telling them about all the success of these other people and you’re not having success it doesn’t add up it doesn’t make any sense you see so that’s the reason continue to tell you if you want to have success you have to follow these 5 rules if you want to grow your network marketing a downline now only the product is the first one right use the product that’s another one people may have the product but they don’t use it I’ve seen people in any way then get all this stuff from anyway but what happens they don’t even use the product so higher if you don’t use that product how can you assume that I’m gonna trust the product you’re trying to focus on the opportunity getting me to sell the product then I actually have you used the product and you said well no do you own the right well I only but I haven’t used it so how does you see it doesn’t matter so you try to convince me to be a part of an organization that you say that’s successful but you don’t have that success and you have a product but you’re not using the product these are the things of why a lot of people fail in network marketing because again people are trying to focus on this here they’re trying to focus on that on that opportunity trying to recruit people stop trying to recruit people use the damn product buy the product use the product that way people are looking at you nice and wow this person actually owns the product can use the product I’ll tell you a story ok so I take my my Mercedes into the Mercedes dealer for maintenance right and so the guy that was working on my Mercedes I said you have a Mercedes too and he says oh no I got a BMW what the hell you got a BMW but you’re gonna work on my Mercedes now I’m not discrediting your knowledge of whatever but now you just scared the out of me excuse me for those offended but you scared me because you’re working on my murse Sadie’s but you drive a BMW you’re telling me something’s wrong here now I’m going to question what’s going on here because I have this product and you sell anism is telling me it’s a great product but you drive but you have a different product so how is it such a great product if you don’t have that product and you’re not using that product you see the disconnect these are the things that confuses people that are thinking about joining networking networking teams and everything because of this you want people to join your downline pudgy you won’t own the product you’re not using the product you have to own the product and use the product another one it’s studying product okay now you own the product you use the product what do you know about this product what’s so great about this product why do you think so many people will want this product again we’re not focused on the opportunity we’re just looking at the product because you want to get more people in your downline and you want them to be a part of your network marketing team so you have to focus on the product stop focusing on the opportunity this is where you’re losing people people don’t care about the opportunity if you don’t know nothing about the product so now because you promised in the or they make thousands of dollars or whatever but you’re not making thousands of dollars it doesn’t make sense so now okay I’ll tell you to study the product again you only product used to study the product what makes this such a great product why are people wanting to buy this product what about this product is different from the competitors product no the product know how the product works what’s the benefits of it another step going on to step number four get results that you want from the product so now you want to tell somebody about this great product not the company you want to talk about the affiliate marketing company you want focus on the product I’m telling you focus on the product not the opportunity not the company but the product now you don’t got results from the product that you want no think about it you went in and you bought a pair of shoes because somebody said hey this pair of shoes is going to help your back right so now he started telling you well this company if you sell this Jew then you know they’ll give you X amount of dollars but the thing about unique go to them because of opportunity you go you went to them because you’re in pain you want something to stop the pain because you want something to stop the pain now you have to bring you back in focus you like dude I don’t want to hear about no damn opportunity when my back is hurting that’s the thing about it you have to understand when people come to you they’re coming to you because they have a problem there is some kind of pain so now looking at these shoes they said well these shoes will help get rid of your back pain now I have brought the shoes and put the shoes on and I started wearing the shoes and so my back pain is going away now I can listen to your opportunity because I actually walk the product I use the product I studied the product and I got the results I wanted from the product product because now these shoes are comfortable these shoes help my back so now I don’t have their back pain anymore right so now that I have the results I wanted it stopped the back pain now I feel good about telling somebody I’m learning about this opportunity that’s when you tell people about that to share your success about the opportunity now I can truthfully say hey this is a great product let me tell you what happened to me I was in pain and I needed to stop the back pain I bought these shoes I wore these shoes I gave it a little time and slowly my back pain went away so these shoes with this material in these shoes is actually what helped my back pain because everything else I was trying could not do that so because I’m excited about my back pain going away how much more excited I can get somebody else because they’re probably in that same pain and I can tell them hey this is what I did when I was in your pain so now I’m excited I don’t came aboard because now I believe in the product because I use the product I know what the progress is about and I got results from the product so now I’m excited about the opportunity hey yeah I want to make some money with it because it actually helped me but when you come join in network marketing companies and you’re all about an opportunity say hey this company making a lot of money I want you to be so and so because he’s making a lot of money she’s making a lot of money and I’m in pain I don’t give a about the product I don’t give a show about the company or whoever you trying to get me to me I don’t care all I want is the pain to go away help me get help me fix my problem then I can hear about your opportunity but a lot of people are out here trying to convince somebody over some money and most of the time people don’t I’m looking for the money problem most of the time people join these because they have a tax problem I see it a lot of people even I was one of those ones when I joined a network marketing company that’s because I got tired of being taxed on my regular income so I figured hey I’ll get in this network marketing company I would lose money in it and I can help reduce my taxes on my personal income that’s what I got into of what a lot of people get into adjust for that so they can try to lose money not make money they don’t give it to him about the opportunity they try and lose money to reduce their taxes that’s the reason three-way funding we start showing you how to minimize your taxes and get a tax refund so you don’t have to worry about joining opportunities just to lose money you want to do an opportunity because you’re ready to start a business for yourself so that’s the reason you want to try to join a network marketing company because you want to start a business for yourself but when people come along and they’re trying to introduce you to an opportunity when you have a problem and you know that they have the product and they keep on forcing the opportunity crumbing you don’t want to have nothing to do with them you’re scaring people off this is the reason you can’t get people to join your downline or when they do join they don’t trust you because you haven’t used the product or you haven’t even got any results from the product so they don’t trust you there’s no trust factor there right so if you want to learn more about how to truly build your network marketing team on a global level then click the link below there is a book that actually explains this it’s a psychology to this and once you understand the psychology up then you go through the book and they explain to you how to actually build your downline on a global level not just local on a global level because again taking these five steps is going to help put you on a global level to where people would want to be a part of the opportunity because one they see that you actually using a product you actually own the product you use the product you study the product and you’re getting results from it so they trust you because now you even yourself morale in actively you know that hey this is a good product and because it’s a good product I’m behind it and because it gave me an opportunity to make some extra money but you have to make the pain or the problem go away for that put that potential person to be in your downline you have to find out what their problem is find out what their problem is and help them find a solution to their problem then you can offer them the opportunity so this is Houston with 3-way funding I hope that this inspires you again if you want access to the book click the link below and so you can get access to the book that actually explains this it’s an actual formula in a psychology that actually explains this to help you grow your downline so this is Houston with three way funding I hope you enjoy the video if you have any comments put the clock wins with love don’t forget this like subscribe right thank you

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