Network Marketing Recruiting Secrets — 5 MLM Recruiting Tips
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Network Marketing Recruiting Secrets — 5 MLM Recruiting Tips

when you join network marketing I'm sure you had the same dream that I did I want to have time freedom and financial freedom or the only way that you're able to do that is you go out there and leverage your time and efforts by building a team by recruiting one of the best skills one of the highest paid skills in this profession well in this video I'm going to give you five of my biggest tips on recruiting coming up every wondering kid here multiple seven-figure earner in the network marketing profession but it has not always been like that matter of fact for years I struggled didn't know what to do until I had the right mentors that came into my life that really changed everything that's why my passion on this channel is to help shave years off your learning curve by teaching you tips and techniques to go out and succeed now when it comes to network marketing so today I want to talk to you about one of the highest paid skills one of the most important things that you can learn when building your network marketing business and that is recruiting but before I get into the five tips that I want to share with you first of all why would you want to recruit if you hadn't had a chance to read the book Robert Kiyosaki wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad he talks about most people teacher kids go to school get good grades get a good job work for money they're exchanging time for money but wealthy people teach your children something different they go no you want to develop assets to throw off cash have money work for you and even if you're the best at what you do you're the Michael Jordan of your job if you're like me I knew that it would never give me the lifestyle that I wanted because I know people that make great money but they have no time freedom then I have some friends and family they have a whole lot of time but they have no money I wanted to have both and the only way we do that is we have assets to throw off cash okay we leverage your time and our efforts and the best way you do that so in my in my opinion is network marketing and you do that through building a team and recruiting so now let's go through five of my biggest tips when it comes to recruiting tip number one remember that most people will not see it don't let surprise you most people actually look at the numbers 97% of the people at age 65 or broke that means that most people are going to see what we see most people are not willing to do what they need to do they're in a comfort zone right apathy is a natural human instinct common to us all to seek a comfort zone where nothing ever changes so maybe you have some friends like I do that they they live paycheck to paycheck they complain about life and how they wish it was things were better but they're not willing to do anything that I'm willing to participate in their own rescue you throw in the lifejacket they won't even grab it so understanding that at age 65 97% of people are broke Jim Rohn says you're looking for the looker so don't get stressed you're just sharing the information you're taking them from not knowing to knowing and the right people will show up when they're ready number 2 remember it is a process recruiting is not an event people go I'm going to recruit somebody no it's a process you want them to want to join you so what do I mean by process you're building a relationship so there's the exposures exposure you're taking them from not knowing to knowing you know we want to make sure that you're using third party tools which is maybe it's a DVD it's a video it's a website it's something that takes the pressure off of you and takes the pressure off of me it allows us to be the commercial to get them to look at the movie because they know you for your background they know me for my background so maybe let's say that you're a you're a construction worker or maybe you're in car sales or maybe you're a salon owner but you're talking to them something totally different if you don't use something else as a third-party tool it makes it a lot tougher because it's more duplicatable know eventually you want to be able to be a third-party tool you want to know the information enough because that's going to build your confidence is going to build your posture but even if you can do that I try to use the third-party tools as much as I can but knowing that exposures or my miles per hour so I want to take them from not knowing to knowing using a third-party tool understanding that the more exposures I do do the faster I go the faster I'm going to get to my goals and my dreams and that's just something to keep in mind in the process then also part of the process is the fortune is in the immediate follow-up very rarely does anyone look at information the first time ago I'm in sign me up as a customer sign me up in the business it takes five to eight exposures even if they say no it doesn't mean no it means not now so I'll just ask me look can I keep you posted or updated on how I'm doing and they pretty much all the times they sure you can do that and all I do is I take them from exposure to exposure until they recruit or sell themselves so remember tip number two it's a process enjoy the process don't get stressed don't get worried don't go hey but they would be so great if they saw it it when the timing is right maybe they just got a pay raise maybe they love their job maybe life is great six months later you contact them they have a new manager they can't stand maybe their company was sold maybe they were laid off one lady said hey you know what my kid is getting bullied and I can't take it it's ripping my heart out but we'll have the money to put her in another school because it cost so much and that was her reason that she was building the business so the timing changed so people that app but if you force them to get started when they're not ready to get started they're not going to be happy and you're not going to be happy so just remember it is a process stick to the process tip number three work on you we don't get paid what we want we get paid what we are and if we want to make more we have to become more let me give you an example I met a guy that won a lottery and the first thing they did was make him watch a video and the video was one story after another story of how people go you know what the lottery ruined my life it was the worst thing that ever happened to me and not only did most of them lose the money someone committed suicide they went back to a place worse than where they were before they ever won the lottery because they didn't become a millionaire they were given millions of dollars and our income always comes back to where we are but if you take someone that's a businessman a businesswoman to their multi-millionaire you take all their money away from them they'll go do it again they have worked on themselves well in network marketing look at the people in your company Davis same company they have same products they're the same compensation plan the same branding the same systems what's the only difference the difference is you the difference is me so if we're the messenger sharing the message we just want to make sure we become the best messenger we possibly can so every day I try to work as hard on myself as I work on my business and I encourage you to do the same because that way you're going to find that your posture your energy your excitement your enthusiasm people will not they're just not looking at the company they're looking at you and they're looking at me going do I want to work with this person am I going to get value from this person and so I like to look in the mirror and ask myself what I wanted to be what I want to be sponsored by me and if the question if the answer is yes then you know you're on the right track so make sure every day consistently work on yourself to become the best messenger you possibly can tip number four this is a good one learn not to get emotionally attached to the results you can't control results I can't control results but we can control the activities that will eventually lead us to the results and it's frustrating I even train that on the videos like right now but I go out I build my business later on today tomorrow and I find myself getting frustrated but then I have to go hey Darren why don't you listen to your own training and remember just continue to be consistent persistent keep a good attitude do the simple things on a daily basis to seem to make no difference at all in the act of doing them and they'll compound over a period of time and you it's just a numbers game so we know that sometimes you can go talk to five people all five want to join or you go talk to the next five people and no one's ready to join or buy your product it's okay just remember you don't get emotionally attached to the result it is an emotional rollercoaster there's going to be ups and when things are going great just remember this and this too shall pass when things are going bad this too shall pass no company no product nothing goes up all the time great what goes up must come down what goes down must go up hopefully that gives you a little bit of encouragement and remember that tip ok now we're down to tip number five our final tip which I mean it's hard to say which is the most important tip that I'll tell you if you don't get this tip it's not going to work anyway because it's don't quit so many people what they do is they go out they start building their business they're in the no sleep zone they're excited they go through some frustrating times they start focusing on results which we already talked about that they get discouraged and they quit the only way to fail and network marketing is to quit because if you don't quit either you win or you learn you plan do review a rocket is off track on the way to the moon 97% of the time but it continues to readjust and eventually gets to the moon so you're mastering the mundane you're doing the simple basic things every single day and sometimes I use the example of bottom McDonald's franchise right you wouldn't go out and go through the membership process you know have to be worth all this money invest millions of dollars go to hamburger University do all those things and say look I know there's thirty thousand McDonald's but I want to change mine up a little bit we don't want the cheeseburgers in the yellow wrapper we don't want the fry machine on the left side we don't want on the right side I'm sick of say I've been working here I own the franchise and I've been helping them out and I'm sick of asking them do they want a combo meal do they want an apple pie with it no you were going to say that until their lips fall off because that's the system and thirty thousand McDonald's the system works so in network marketing what do we do we start doing the basics we get bored and we don't see the success that we think we should have fast enough which it is a business it's not the lottery and then what do we do we reinvent the wheel we complicate things and we go well that doesn't work do we reinvent the wheel again we complicate things a little bit more then we go it doesn't work and we quit do not quit I promise you if you continue to do the things that we've talked about with these five tips you you're persistent and consistent it's like pushing a car that's out of gas it's in neutral you're trying to get it out of the highway you give it everything you have and you finally get the car moving and you then you can take one hand and continue to push that car but as soon as you stop let that momentum stop you have to start all over so you have to be persistent and consistent and you have to have a good attitude right no one's going to want to work with you we don't attract what we want we attract what we are and we have a bad attitude and we're negative that's not going to attract any people into our life they go man I'm just so excited to work with you so don't quit be persistent consistent stay positive and I promise you eventually you will get to where you want to be when in network marketing and your story will inspire and motivate tons of people all over the world just like mine and if I can do it I promise you you can do it question of the day what's the biggest challenge you have when it comes to recruiting make sure to put that in the comments below because I read those comments and I use those for future training topics and for more training content just like this one we're releasing about one video week make sure you subscribe to the channel and if you had a chance to get my free ebook that gives you three of my best keys or biggest tips for success succeeding in network marketing all you have to do is go to succeed with Darren comm 4/3 keys we will put it on the screen and also in the description below so thanks for taking time to watch this video hope you got some great value can't wait to see you in the next video take care

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32 thoughts on “Network Marketing Recruiting Secrets — 5 MLM Recruiting Tips

  1. Now I Have Known Myself , ryt now i am confronted, by the Words

    Dont Be Attached to the results and do be too much excited !

    That where i am struggling most of the time in my business,
    This is a blessing to hear those Wise Teaching, im taking step again !

  2. This was a very helpful video ! It put my mind on perspective ! Especially the part about not being able to control the results and to keep persistence and consistency! Thank you for this! Learning so much a growing everyday 🙏🏽 thanks to tools like this🥰

  3. How about those people who find the opportunity good but lack self-belief that they can even do it? How to recruit them?

  4. Holiday Book Recommendation. I just read it and highly recommend it to anyone in recruiting!

  5. My biggest Challenge…. I feel i don't have enough info/facts to recruit and then i think handling rejections. But more i do it, the better i get but still a struggle. Finding new people, most have been contacted about the opportunity.

  6. Thank you Darin,I joined about 5 days ago and everyday I wake up feeling like I should quit,I can't do it,it's not for me. You are inspiring me

  7. My biggest chalange which i face is that everybody is saying No to me :-
    1. Whenever i call them they say no i dont have time, i am bsy somewhere, i dont wana see the plan im not interested.
    2. Those who see the presentation some would say i have different plans, some say i dont have time to do this.
    From the last 3 months iv joined forever living products im facing failure all of those who joined in my brother leg under my upline(friend) are growing but only im alone and could not make a team.

  8. When it comes to recruiting. People are taking more time to join my team cuz they are from poor financial background. But I wanna become successful in less time. How to convince them…..

  9. Hey Darrin
    How's it going? Great video! My name Is Brian Hines. I recently got back into the network marketing business with a new company. I really believe in the product, company and the comp plan. However, My biggest challenge for me when it comes to recruiting is talking with potential prospects. And the reason is I've got a speech impairment (Stutter)from childhood that's lasted thru my teenage years and also into adulthood. So how does someone like me succeed in the business, If I can't get out my words to speak with people. I believe in networking marketing and know the kind of freedom and financial blessings it can finally bring me and my situation. So what kind of advice and help do you recommend for me? Thanks for your time and cooperation.

  10. I think awesome video. I have been doing for over a year hasn’t been success yet! I almost want to give up but this video make my feeling storm and motivation again.thank you!

  11. I love your video it was very informative. My biggest challenge is my nerves for some reason I get so nervous to approach someone. Do you have any tips?

  12. Hi Mr. Kidd, for me I just recently fully started our Network Marketing business and the hardest thing for me is right now allot but, I would say it would be knowing what to say to people in the cold market and being consistent and mastering the mundane like you said.

  13. pretty sure the hardest thing i come across when recruiting is approaching someone and not coming off too strong. I start talking and i get flustered and tell everyone everything i know and then some…….

  14. my hubby is the top salesperson in his job. How can I convince him to help me with my network marketing business? I want to recruit him! Lol by the way, love your videos. Thank you for what you do.

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