New Client Onboarding + FREE Checklist Template For Your Marketing Agency
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New Client Onboarding + FREE Checklist Template For Your Marketing Agency

So you just landed a new client and
you’re ready to get things going but you don’t really know what to do for the
onboarding process stay tuned we’re gonna go through that in this video. All
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So the onboarding process is a super important part of taking on a new client.
Why? Well because it’s going to do one thing primarily which is make sure that
they don’t kind of come back to you and say all right well we want to cancel our
plan, we kind of changed our mind and we’re not thinking about going that
route anymore. So this onboarding process actually does more than just gathering
information and getting all the proper information like passwords and usernames
and information about the company and their clients. It does more than that it
actually secures the sale that you just landed and that’s really what’s most
important because if you don’t continue to do business with them then none of
the other things matter. That’s what’s most important so let’s talk about what
you need to do to run a smooth and easy onboarding process oh and if you stay
till the end of this video I’ll make sure to tell you about how you can get
access to a checklist for your marketing agency about onboarding and some things
you’ll want to make sure you include so the onboarding process really does two
main things number one it collects a bunch of information about customer
their clients or login information all of that right but the second thing again
is that it builds trust and it helps them have a better experience overall
with your marketing agency so that way when it comes to testimonial time
they’re like oh yeah it was super easy to work with this agency and that’s
super important for you guys as agency owners to know so that’s why we want to
do this process and that’s why you need to know the five main steps to
collecting information and what you need to get from these clients so let’s go
into that so step number one is to collect basic information about the
client what’s their business name who is the client like what is the actual
owner’s name or marketing directors name what is their phone number email address
how do they prefer to be contacted all of that is super important
because you want that to be easy for your agency to be able to communicate
with their business also you’re doing things like sending the contract or any
credit card authorization form so that way you can use their credit card for ad
spend if you need to so all of those things are things you want to go ahead
and send over to your clients the final part of step one is really just to make
sure that they’ve checked or really check I guess and make sure that they’ve
signed the documentation and filled out all forms properly and that there isn’t
any missing information number two is to schedule an onboarding
call and what the purpose of this call to do is to kind of reaffirm everything
that you plan to do with their business make sure that you’re setting the
expectations properly and then kind of outline a plan of what you plan to do
this is not something you want to do before you’ve actually got the agreement
right now you know before you actually have the client
you’re just trying to pitch them and get them on with your agency then once you
land them you go back and you go into the in-depth strategy of what you
exactly plan to do to get their business results and so now that you’ve
done that planning you actually want to go and kind of outline that plan to the
business owners so they understand what your goals are and how you’re going to
accomplish them the biggest recommendation I have for you guys
during the selling and the onboarding process is to take notes take a notepad
and a pen and paper or something and actually write down what they’re saying
don’t sit there and just listen and pretend like you’re gonna remember
everything because you’re not take a pen and paper and write things down number
three is to send a welcome email and the real reason why you want to do that is
because you’re gonna send although the onboarding documentation and
questionnaires and all of the information that they need to sign but
they might have other questions that you’re not even aware of that maybe even
weren’t included in the onboarding form so just send them a brief email just
saying welcome thanks again for you know signing up with us we’re super excited
to have you on if there are any questions please go ahead and ask them
now before we start the campaign a lot of them will be answered in our
onboarding call when we you know go through the outline but if you have any
other questions that just don’t make sense right now go ahead and feel free
to ask them via email to shoot me a message back this again helps them feel
more comfortable with your agency so that way you’re able to you know guide
them a little easier through the process so number four is to get the new client
questionnaire out and over to them I consider it the onboarding form and what
this does is it ask them a ton of questions usually I just kind of combine
it all into one form where asking them the name in the business
information like the phone number and email I also put this in with my
onboarding questionnaire and this questionnaire goes into things like what
are your goals what is the average age of your client what does your client
like to do for fun you know things to know about their customers they’re able
to build a better marketing campaign the other objectives are to collect
information about their marketing currently and like what they’re actually
spending on or what they’ve tried in the past that hasn’t worked or has worked
have they run ads on social before because this is going to help you have a
better understanding of what you’re gonna need to get done to see results oh
and if you’re wondering what kinds of questions you should be asking these
potential marketing clients or your marketing clients either when you’re in
the meeting with them for the first time or whether you’re you know asking them
again during the onboarding process check out this video in the top right
hand corner that’s gonna help you with that oh and if you want more questions
than you know what’s in that video right there we actually put some in the blog
article for this video and blog we always do a blog article with our videos
so if you want to get the blog and see you know more information about all
these steps we mentioned previously plus some of the questions you can ask and
how to follow up and wrap everything up with the customer then definitely make
sure to check right below this video there’s a link to the blog article down
there the fifth and final thing is where you request marketing resources from the
clients so things like their login information their user name and password
if they’re not comfortable with you giving you the username and password
then they need to actually go and add you as a manager on all of these
platforms manually themselves so one way or another you’re gonna have to get
access to their campaigns right you can either do it by getting usernames and
passwords or you can do it by collecting or having them add you as a manager to
those accounts I recommend getting the passwords and usernames and using
something like LastPass to disseminate that to everyone else on my team but you
know it’s kind of up to you how you want to manage that process and then what the
client wants to do the next thing you’re gonna want to do is get access to things
like their email list so that way you can you know get access to their
customers to build audiences if you need to for Facebook you’ll need to get
Google Analytics so you can look at what traffic is working or what content
really is working what’s not you want things like company logos so that way
you can do the branding side of things and create images and video right so all
of those things are things you want to ask for from these clients and you can
either do it all in one boarding form yourself like we kind of
do or you can do it in different stages to make sure that you separate
everything out and it’s not too much at one time for each client I personally
like to do everything at once I don’t feel like it’s too much and if they’re
spending a decent amount they’re gonna take the time to go through it now I
don’t want this video to get too long and there are other processes like we
call the follow up during the onboarding process and when you should reach back
out to them how those calls should go so if you’re wanting to find out more about
that again I’m leaving all of that in our blog article at so if you want to see that again the link to the blog article is right
below this video in the description check that out and you’ll get all of
that information about the follow up process and those questions I mentioned
there so thank you for staying and since like I mentioned at the beginning of
this video we are going to give you a checklist of things that you can use to
basically ask or you know check off so that way you get your home boarding
process right and make sure you go right below the video again and it’s at the
very top of the description there will be a link for that checklist so check
that out because we know it’s gonna help you guys out but everybody that’s it for
this video thank you so much for watching if this video helped you do me
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next video and until then Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start
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Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start
your own social media and digital marketing agency get started with our
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in Cereal Entrepreneur out!

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  2. Do your clients trust you using there personal account info to log into facebook business manager?

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