New Executive Education Class: Developing a Digital Marketing Plan
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New Executive Education Class: Developing a Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing has
completely changed how we market our brands to consumers. We have so much more data available, that allows us to contact with the user in a much more personal way. I don’t come from a traditional agency or academic background. My experience is really
more entrepreneurial. So clear back in 2001,
the Internet was new, and I was really
interested in how consumers connect with information
online, so we began to launch campaigns and see some
early, early success, with paper-click advertising,
display advertising, and a lot of early content marketing. When I teach my classes, I
try and bring my experience to really illustrate within the classroom how campaigns can be created,
how data can be tracked, and always keeping ROI in mind. This course in digital marketing
strategy is really designed for anyone from an actual
marketer, a practitioner that spends every day
in their chair working on each of the digital
marketing strategies, or it also could be for
a small business owner, or maybe even a manager that’s
more of a decision maker, and is trying to figure out a better way to hire and retain services
for digital marketing. (bright music)

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