New Medicare Marketing Strategy For Getting Referrals! (Insurance Agent Training)
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New Medicare Marketing Strategy For Getting Referrals! (Insurance Agent Training)

What’s up and welcome back to Bite-sized
Marketing. Where I give Medicare agents quick tips and tricks on how to find
customers online. Now today we’re going to go over a strategy that you can
implement today to find customers on Facebook. Now in an earlier episode we
covered all the awesome tools that you can use in Facebook to find potential
customers. The tools being that you could find customers by their age, location, and
birthday. Now these same tools can be used to find the children of seniors in
Facebook as well. “Whaaaaaaat.” Same concept. Just use a little bit of math to figure out the age
and then you’re on your way. Many seniors have their children help them make these big
decisions, so reaching out and getting in front of them as well can make for a
killer referral. Sell their kids on how much you can help and they’ll sell you. Now that concludes this episode of Bite-sized Marketing. Now if you have any questions
or like to request a topic, then feel free to leave it in the comments below.
Again thanks for hanging out my name is Steven Coney of Steven Knows Marketing and
I help Medicare agents find customers online. Take care. Peace!

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