New Postcard Marketing Business Opportunity (2019 System)
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New Postcard Marketing Business Opportunity (2019 System)

in today’s video I’m gonna share with
you a brand new postcard marketing business opportunity and this system for
making money with postcard marketing is working right now in 2019 and it’s paying up
daily cash to people across the USA Canada Hawaii and Puerto Rico Ben Martin
here aka the king of email and welcome to my youtube channel profits and Arabs
this is your first time here we didn’t do so already go ahead right now and
push the subscribe button and hit that notification well that way you’ll get
updated every time I release brand new video to my channel so what exactly is
this branding postcard marketing business opportunity Cole
how does it work and more importantly how I do I hope you make money with me
if you join my team but to answer all those questions I’m going to round that
up in just a second and so this brand-new postcard marketing
business opportunity is called impact mailing club so how you make money with
the company is by sending out the dome for you letters flies and postcard marketing they
send to you when you join you know this is a what’s known as a direct mail
business and direct mail is simply the process of sending out a flyer letter or
postcard to the mailbox of people who are interested in making money from the
comfort of their own home and these are the people we will be targeting when you
sign up for impact mailing Club now you might be thinking well I’ve never been
in a direct mail business before I don’t know where to get leads and you know how
are you gonna help me do this stuff well as I said the letter and postcards are
created by the company for you and send out sent out in your welcome pack which
we’ll talk briefly about in a minute when you join the company and by the way
the page I’m showing you right now is a page where my wife has done an in-depth
video presentation about impact mailing Club you can visit it at any time by
going to video you’re watching right now so in
case you’re wondering well what product are the people who join this business
actually buying you know what am i buying well you were buying number one
leads business opportunity buyer leads everybody who runs a home-based business
whether they’re successful or whether they’re failing right now needs quality
leads so when you join this business you are paying for the company to give you
the addresses of people have been proven to spend money on joining programs just
like impact mailing club now if you’re watching this and you’re already in
another business and you need leads for your business yes you can use the leads
that company send you to reach out to people to join you in whatever of a
business you’re in but I’m guessing if you like me and like
most of the people watching this you’re gonna want to use those leads to make
money as a reseller of impact mailing club itself so you get in leads push you
getting training in a well in the form of a welcome kit from the company that
shows you how to be successful with direct mail marketing you’re also
getting a done-for-you flyer that you can go and get more printed off that you
can send out to the leads the company gives you so basically if you can have a
fly that the companies already put together for you print it and you can
lick a stamp there’s no reason why you can’t make anywhere from six 565 to a
thousand dollars per day or more in cash payments directly to your mailbox every
day of the week because it’s really as simple as mailing out that done-for-you
letter to the leads they send you when you join and of course as your business
grows you’re gonna want to get more leads which can be got through the
company or when you join my team I have an endless amount of places we can go to
get really really great leads quite honestly I’ve not seen anything as
simple as this for a very very long time but let me just scroll down this page
when you come to this page over at Direct Mail boss calm you can take a
look at myself and my wife story and see why we may be good sponsors for you why
we may be people who can help you see besides your own effort in this business
and following the simple steps that the company trains you on succeeding comes
down to who you partner with in this business you know a big mistake I see is
the blind leading the blind in other words if you’re new to this or you’re
already struggling right now and you join somebody else who’s new or
struggling you’re probably not gonna make very much money because they don’t
know how this works myself and is you can read on this page
have built a business that brings in up to half a million dollars online and
we’re going to help you we’re going to show you what we’ve learned over the
years we’re gonna show you simple ways of making money with this hot direct
mail business so I’ll scroll down the page a little bit further and one thing
I want you to know as well is with this business you do not need any experience
or technical skills I mean licking a stamp is hardly technical right you
don’t need a large network of friends and family you’re not gonna have to
pester anybody in that way neither do you need a social media following you
don’t need to talk to strangers or figure this out alone
the company and ourselves are here to help you but what you do need is a
desire to get results motivation to take action you do need to be able to follow
simple steps have at least 20 to 60 minutes per day and address with a
mailbox if you have those things you are good to go if you do not have those
things then you know you’re not gonna make money with anything that you try
because at the end of the day you’ve gotta put in a little effort yourself so
your membership provides you with all the tools and resources you need to make
a simple income from home and it includes a welcome package from the
company and a guide on how to succeed with direct mail hey don’t feel you
letter that you can mail out you can take the letter the company give you
have more printed and mail them out to the leads they send you you’ll also get
the opportunity to purchase even more leads from the company because they have
a database of over 200 files and targeted leads and as I say when you
join our team we have even more leads available than that you get a company
support group you get exclusive invites to company events you get fast and
reliable delivery of your commissions paid to you in cash in the mail you get
unlimited income potential so your income is only limited to the amount of
efforts you put in and the desire you have to make money
you also get assistance and closing your sales from the company you get
peel-and-stick label leads which is sent to you in the mail or you can also have
your leads email to you there’s live weekly team training see one of the
bonuses you get when you join my team and all of my bonuses are explained in
this video is that you’re gonna get trained personally by myself and my wife
Angie you get all the bonuses mentioned in the video on the page when you visit
direct mail boss com+ much
much more so they really are three simple steps to making this work for you
one you choose the level you want to join the company and I’ll show you the
levels in a minute too you download your money-making letter or print off the
hard copy they send to you in the mail print more copies three you check your
mailbox for your first payments at the time of this recording I’ve been on
board with this business for less than a week and I’ve already got several cash
payments on that way in fact one arrived today for one hundred and fifty dollars
and I will be making a video about that real soon so let me just click this
button and show you the levels you can come in at and when you have actually do
land on this order form page it’s important that you read all the
information on the page and you follow the very simple very clear instructions
so there are four levels emerald ruby sapphire and diamonds and you can only
earn on the level you art and I’ll explain that in a minute but at the
Emerald level it’s an investment of just a hundred dollars and two books of
stamps to get started and once you’re at the Emerald level obviously the company
are going to send you your welcome kit and some leads in the mail but as a
reseller of the impact mailing Club you are also eligible to make sixty five
dollars on all your sales and $20 on any sales your team made to and while we’re
on the topic of making sales if you want to put your postcard marketing and flyer
business on steroids one of the bonuses I give you when you join is I allow you
to copy my entire online funnel so I will train you on how not only you
how you can reach people in the mail but how you can bring those people who you
reach online where they can see a more in depth sales presentation created by
my wife and be walled up to you so you make even more sales which is an awesome
bonus so if you join it the Ruby level that’s an investment of two hundred
fifty dollars and for books of stamps you also then qualify to earn a ruby and
emerald and basically is a ruby member anytime you make a sale you will receive
a hundred and fifty dollars on that Ruby membership and fifty dollars on any
sales your team make of the Ruby membership at the sapphire level if you
come at the sapphire level it’s an investment of five hundred dollars and
four books of stamps and it qualifies you to earn on sapphire ruby and emerald
but you will not be able to earn on diamonds so as I said sapphire is a an
investment of five hundred dollars and when you make sapphire sales and again I
want to remind you you getting everything you need to make sales and
I’m gonna give you my online funnel which will sell on your behalf you don’t
need to talk to people or convince people or chase people what you mail out
your flyers the rest is really automated so sapphire level when sales are made
you get paid three hundred dollars on your own personal sales and a hundred
dollars on your team sales if you come in at the diamond level which is where I
came in at you know you’re free though to join it any level you want sapphire
actually is probably the most popular level up people join those arts but if
you come at the diamond level you’re qualified to earn on diamond sapphire
Ruby and emerald so on all four levels it’s an
investment of two thousand dollars to join at the diamond level and any sales
you make a diamond package pays you $1,000 so of just two sales you have
your money back which is incredible now when your team makes sales of the
diamond membership you make $500 now here’s a thing as wild right let’s say
you are a diamond member somebody joins you in the business at the Ruby level
but somebody joins them who goes straight to Dimond what happens what
happens is this the person who joins you at Ruby is given 48 hours to upgrade to
a diamond member and if they do you’re gonna make $1,000 which is cool
but if they don’t the person who joined them and went straight to diamond passes
up to you so you still make $1,000 so not only is there leverage on your team
in this business but there’s also pass short sales which is great because it
encourages people to upgrade which is only gonna make them more money in the
long run so my friend I hope you now understand what this postcard marketing
business opportunity is I hope you understand that it’s really really
simple what you should do right now is visit and then make sure once you’ve placed
your membership order that you text your name and tracking number two
the cell phone number on this page that is my personal cell phone number if you
do have any questions feel free free to connect with my cell phone my wife Angie
by clicking the links on this page or leave a comment below this YouTube video
thank you for watching I can’t wait to have you on my team and I will speak to
you very very shortly

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