New to Forever Living? Watch this Video Every Day!
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New to Forever Living? Watch this Video Every Day!

Forever marketing plan is the formula
by which we get paid and its important of course to understand how to make it
work best for you for whatever you want to get out of it. But when people see for the first time
this formula this structure is just like seeing of numbers
and it can you see people glazing over when
they first look at it so what I want to do in this video with the help my friend
Michael here Say Hello to Michael. Hello everyone and is to show you all the different areas of
income that you can get from this payment plan from this marketing plan I
want to show you exactly how to move through the marketing plan and so you can make the most of it
depending on what you want to achieve. I want to simplify its so
that you can pick and choose which areas you want to get started with which areas you want to progress to so
first thing to bear in mind is that there are 4 areas of income. First area that we’re going to
look at is retail income and retail income is defined on this
marketing plan in two areas one is the first area is this personal profit you make. For
assistant supervisor and above is a 30 percent wholesale
retail profit margin so you make straight 30% before you get the position of assistant
supervisor so between signing the form and getting to assistant supervisor it’s a 15 percent profit margin. In
addition to that 30 percent that you get in all these positions
there’s also the bonus and the bonus ranges from five to 18 percent. So how do we know
that what we find it well if you look at the names of the
positions in the marketing plan he we got assistant supervisor and this number directly underneath is a
bonus 8 percent is what a supervisor gets
assistant manager yes 13 percent a manager yes 18
percent courses new distributed doesn’t yet get
a bonus which is why really important to get the
position assistant supervisor as quickly as possible so these are
where we get our personal bonus from in addition to the retail income which
is a combination of personal profit and personal bonus we have a team building income or
team-leading income people called different things. I’m gonna call a
team-leading and team-leading income is simply the difference between personal bonus
you’re entitled to and the personal bonus somebody new in your team is entitled to so let’s say you’ve got the position up
assistant manager a new sponsor somebody who’s an
assistant supervisor we can find out the team building bonus
that you’re entitled to simply by taking their 5 percent from your thirteen-percent that gives you eight-percent on any assistant supervisors in your group
similarly if you’ve got a supervisor in you business they’re entitled 8 percent
you’re entitled thirteen-percent so the difference is 5 percent in this
particular case as a manager and the supervisors diff between eighteen 18 percent is 10
percent then of course this grows so any assistant
supervisors your ninety percent down 5 percent I’ll
be thirteen percent system managers 5 percent being the difference between nineteen
and 13 so we can just workouts the difference between your bonus and their bonus which is in the scale here and that’s gonna give you what your team
building bonuses and you can see the smallest team building bonus comes
when your supervisor with assistant supervises just three percent and the largest is when you all a manager with assistant supervisor is like is you 13
percent from 3-13 percent bonus of course if you’ve got new distributors
then the bonus is slightly higher because you get the whole of
that bonus because that bonuses more percent then we’ve got what i think is the most
exciting part of the marketing plan that’s the royalty
income royalty is not an official term for it they call it the Gem bonus
leadership bonus in the forever marketing plan but for me it attracted me in the first place
because having helped people bill stand-alone businesses this is a bonus
is going to get paid to was month in month out so few get somebody to a position where
they’ve got a stable business then forever pays you the royalty income on that business and this comes from
this area or the marketing plan here so royalty happens when you help
somebody become a manager so we don’t sponsor somebody one response to them we help them to
move through the marketing plan and I’ll come back to moving through the
marketing plan in among 22 but as they’re moving to
position manager we get paid this team leading team building bonus on the
turnover that’s been created once they get the position a manager of
course your nineteen percent their own eighty percent so there’s no real
difference was no actual difference a and so this is when this extra income kicks in and for people who you
personally sponsored we call those first-generation manages you receive 6 29 percent starts at six percent and
bendectin rise and I’ll come back onto how you can
make most sensuous go up a little item second-generation
managers you received three to six percent so
your money just want to somebody help them get manager that is a second-generation manager to
you when they sponsor somali and help them get to Malaysia that’s a
third-generation managed to you new receive a bonus royalty bonus to 25
percent so how do we move from the six to the
nine percent or from the 3 26 10 to 25 percent the more managers you’ve gots you get
these extra percentage points the first trigger is what we call a sci-fi manager
not somebody who’s got mine managers many so the six and you get seven sons
and three percent get fox hunt so 2 percent you get three percent on
the books that turnover the next rigor diamond sapphire which is
70 managers again an additional percentage point so
it becomes aids 5 for and then the next positions when
you become a diamond manager with 25 personally introduce managers you get 9 percent on all your first
generation managers 6 percent on all your second generation
5 percent on your third-generation bunches this is paid
you directly from Forever is sharing their wholesale profits with
you to it doesn’t take anything away from anybody in your team redefines how the wholesale profits is
shared out between the people who doing the coaching the
supporting team building and forever so that in
essence other three main areas: on this chart
but there’s one area which is not on it which is
mission-critical if you want to make big money and that
is proper to every year the company sets aside 3 percent the
bits total sales sixty-two percent also like
to say miss that sweeps and sales above all the
qualifying country so any country that’s gone over certain minimum threshold and
this is put into one big notional part a is around 20 million US dollars and you can qualify for a
proportion of this first-time qualifiers will qualify for a
check up around 2,000 pounds a in the UK that’s what has been
historically around that sort of figure but then you can build on a so second he qualifies may be picked up
checks for between five and ten thousand pounds because their businesses have grown in
the meantime then third-year qualifiers maybe 15-20 thousand of course the pot get shared
out among convoy so we don’t know exactly how much it’s going to be but it
can be significant to the I’ve had checked serb up a number of
checks over 50,000 pounds in fact to date I’ve received
over a quarter million pounds in profit-sharing checks alone house have many many people
throughout the the FLP world what I want to do next his show you how to move through these
positions because obviously to get a bigger team building bonus we need to be additional assistant
manager manager so the question is how are we going to move
through the marketing plan just should but the jargon first for other measures all turnover all sales turnover in to weights one is in the money why in us
what we get paid on we get a percentage of the money valuable products like it’s
all personally and in your team but they also measure turnover by their
own internal point system mccalla case credits nothing to do with
cases I did right in the beginning over 30 years
ago but it every individual product is called case credit value which I’m sure
you already know and we move through the
marketing plan by accumulating these points accumulating these case credits not just you personally accumulating
them with the orders the you’re placing but it’s the total orders up all the
people in your team I want to show you exactly how that
works so here we go to session manager and as you
know we a receive an 18 percent personal
bones as a manager here we’ve got assistants
it was a them to positions in between supervisor and assistant manager the in order to get additional
assistance advisor we need to fill out the paperwork and we need to place orders to the value
with to case credits most servers do that with our very first order by
getting one of the but needs to be two packs compaq’s a
call different things in different parts of the world missile boxes to start a box of products
it’s a fastest selling products gives you a
chance to try the product use of usually to a significant discount so it makes a lot more sense newer it’s not
obligatory to do that but most of us choose to do it you could spread your first few orders
out over the first month for even two months but most was see little
point in doing that and need to get a box gets destroys the
physician assistant supervisor straights the position of having the
thirty percent a wholesale retail profit margin and the position of components as well
how do we then moved to the position of supervisor well in order to move from assistant supervisor supervisor
month to newer 25 case credits this is not just you
personally this is you and your team so how would we do that well they’re all sorts of different ways
that we can do it is going to be a combination all the personal orders that everybody
in your team places the personal sales that everybody in
your team makes and also than amount to people
that you sponsor because every time response somebody into the business add a new team member it’s a business
they are gonna do two case credits in order to get there so let’s say you were to
sponsor 12 people introduce 12 people and you
consumed one case greta product yourself so twelve people who do to case credits
Beach that’s 24 case well as you do one case
but at last 25 case well as you are automatically at the position supervisor
with your eight-percent profit margin it might be though but so that you take a little bit more
time do that so like let’s give you an
example of how to build them work with your team in order to get supplies so if this is you let’s say we sponsor 5 people insisting for each of them to become an assistant supervisor they don’t into
case with its age we’re also going to be making sales loss
I’ll one of the key factors in the for a plan
is the four case credit monthly discipline so let’s say you do for case credits
yourself and what we’re going to do is Cheech the
people who joined us how to do for k-swiss so as well as the two things one is safe
don’t like going to do conditional to case minutes each so if we had all
this together we’ve got five people doing for case
credits and you doing for case minutes which
gives you twenty four case credits not quite 25 so what would we do would
probably work a little bit harder to do the extra case credit a maybe you doing
five case credits in that month and that would give you total with 25
cash minutes marketing plan actually allows is up to
two consecutive months to do any of these qualifications my
advice lows focus on doing it as quickly as you possibly can if you
strike and spread it out over two months you just going to slow the pace is your
business down is quite easy to get everything in place
to make this happen in one month the beauty love it being
spread over two months is that whatever your total walls fall last month that’s the point at which you
start this month so if you did 10 case when its last month you start on
day one this month with 10 case credits and then
grow to 24 to move to assistant manager needs turnover seventy 5 case credits I think the way to look at it is to see
that 75 case credits is three losses 25 so in order to get to System Manager we just need to have three people in our
team get two superb liza you have three people get
supervisor they’ve accumulated 25 case when its age $75k sweats you automatically got to assist manager
to get a manager 120 case credits the 22 consecutive
months but the same applies to do is a month
two days in one week if you want it depends how hola you want
to work quickly want to go for it but 120 case credits is five people getting two supervisors so by helping
these three people that help in couple more get the supervisor maintain that volume then moved through
the marketing plan that’s gonna get you to the position
managing the self so we’ve covered the four main areas of
income we’ve got the retail income which
includes the personal property personal bonus team building team-leading income
royalty income on profit share of course in addition to
that as the car plan where the company gives you an allowance
to by a car of your choice up to six thousand three hundred the year here in the UK and equivalent
in other countries around the world we show you
how to move through the marketing plan and what I want you
to take away from this is that you don’t need to understand all the numbers what you do need to understand is that
by grating sales funny customers rating
sales by introducing people into the business
and by focusing on these thresholds you’re going to move through
the marketing plan which gonna give you the profits that you want I was gonna helpful

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