News and Community Spotlight | November 7, 2019 | Unreal Engine
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News and Community Spotlight | November 7, 2019 | Unreal Engine

>>Amanda: Hey everyone! Welcome to this week’s news
and community spotlight. Want to get an early look
at the latest version of UE4? Unreal Engine 4.24 is on the
road to release and preview 1 is now available
for download. Get it today
to check out updates to Pixel Streaming
and ray tracing. Try out the Sky
Atmosphere Component and test the new AutoSDK
and BuildAgent developer tools. Try out beta features such as
the Landscape Blueprint Brushes and the Landmass plugin, updated Material Layers
and the OpenXR plugin. The 4.24 preview 1 forum thread contains a complete list
of updates and we invite you
to share feedback on this and subsequent releases there. Keep in mind that preview builds
are not production ready, so if you’re testing
out the features, we encourage you to use
copies of your projects. Have you grabbed this month’s
free Marketplace content? If not head over there now
to snag this month’s products: a Ballistics FX pack,
interactive lights, a Mesh placement system,
and aquatic environment pieces plus a few construction
and Hollywood set prep packs
that will help add authenticity to your next project have been added to
the permanent collection. Norwegian studio
Rock Pocket Games made the jump
from their successful bright, colorful brawlers
and platform puzzlers to something new. The moody and atmospheric
Lovecraftian and horror game,
Moons of Madness. Watch our spotlight
to hear how the team worked to keep gamers
on the edge of their seats as they step into the space
boots of Shane Newehart, a technician spiraling
into madness on the new frontier of Mars. With multiple projects
across a number of platforms, Force Field Entertainment is a
studio that specializes in VR. Their first UE title, Landfall,
launched on Oculus Rift in 2017 and since then
they’ve gone on to build many
different experiences using Unreal for a wide variety
of VR platforms. The team has kindly
put together a detailed guide on how they optimize
their environments to let key elements
shine up close without compromising
their workflow. Make sure to check it out
if your next project is in VR. Two-Person team
Flight School Studio released their genre-mashing
pinball brawler Creature in the Well
to much deserved high praise. Dive into our interview
with them to find out how they delivered the surprise
hit as a small team including notes on melding
distinct gameplay mechanics and their unique comic
book-inspired aesthetics. And don’t forget that the 2019
Epic MegaJam starts next week and it’s the five-year
jamiversary of UE4 jams. This is your chance to compete
in our biggest jam yet featuring a GDC 2020 grand prize package
from Intel, custom MegaJam branded PCs from Falcon Northwest
and much more. We’ll announce a theme on
the November 14th livestream. Get all the details
and sign up on the official itch.Io MegaJam page. Alright, here are this week’s
top Karma earners. Everynone, DDemon, GEODVS
BlueMind Studio, TRI99er_, Tuerer, unearlywhales, Bojan Novakovic, M.Janssens
and T_Sumisaki. Thank you all so much for
helping out others on AnswerHub. Over to our spotlights. First up is a beautiful
interactive architectural demo created by Fleximage. What you see is all built
by their team and imported into Unreal
via Datasmith. You can download
the application and try it out
for yourself via their website. Here is Guntastic!
Sit on your couch or take
this 16-bit party brawler online to battle in lightning-fast
one-shot, one-kill rounds. Participation is heavily
encouraged because after each round
anyone still live is forcibly eliminated.
Wishlist it now on Steam. And the final piece this week is
Dawn of an Old Age, blending a beautiful
live dance performance with interactive visuals. Projected onto both the dancer
and the wall, the visuals leverage motion
tracking to influence the particles and graphics
onscreen, get additional details and watch their full video
available in our forums. Alright, thank you
so much for tuning in. We’ll see you next week.

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  1. I'm new to UE and I got a notification that a new version was available, but I have no idea how to update, can someone let me know how? Thanks.

  2. I have little issue I Install UE 4.24 and Create project Film Television and Live with Ray-tracing Enable and Starter Materials (Template Virtual Production) Project Created Successful But Whenever I Open Project It asking me For "AjaMedia" plugin I download the plugin also but the Plugin is not Compatible with UE 4.24. So I cant install plugin for this . I am Super Excited to use it.

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