Next Is Now: Bobcat Compact Tractors Roll Off the Line in Statesville
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Next Is Now: Bobcat Compact Tractors Roll Off the Line in Statesville

(dramatic orchestral music) – The compact tractor market in the US is about 140,000 units. It’s as big as our three
core products combined. If we’re gonna be the global
leader in compact equipment, you can’t ignore a market that’s that big. – So we have six stations. The first station’s really just unbundling the tractor from the
dunnage, the SKD, as we call it. And then we go through
installing the steering. And then it progresses
down through the stations. We add the ROPs, or roll-over
protection system on, the battery, the subframe
for the front loader. As it progresses down into the fourth and fifth station, we’re putting the front loader system on, making sure all the hydraulics are connected. And the final station
we’re mounting the wheels. So it’s been a great team effort, right. I mean, so many people have been involved and done a really good job. It’s really been seamless. – This is really the first wave of the compact tractors
that are coming out. And this first wave looks excellent. – The employees on this team have really rallied together to do something that really is quite amazing. – We’ve got Spencer Gerrard here from Intermountain Bobcat and he was one of the dealers that really put in orders, sight unseen, trusting Bobcat, that Bobcat will bring a quality product, a great product to the marketplace that
we’re gonna stand by. Before I give this to you, first to congratulate you. – Thank you. – But also to thank you for
your commitment to Bobcat and really ordering
this thing sight unseen and really going after it. So, we appreciate what you do, and really enjoy having
you as part of the family. So here we go, are you
ready to give it a go? – Yes. – Here we go. – Thank you. – Congratulations. – Yep. (engine running) (applause) – Having another product available to sell to customers in our market,
that’s always a good thing. It’s exciting to win the new tractor and it’s always a fun
thing to be a part of but more importantly, I’m
excited to get the product and have the ability to try to win.

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7 thoughts on “Next Is Now: Bobcat Compact Tractors Roll Off the Line in Statesville

  1. fantastic Work, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you may like it 🙂

  2. Awesome!! Excited to see them on the showroom floor here in Canada.
    I have a bobcat tractor on my farm and I am very happy with it… I would buy another one in a heart beat!!

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