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Niche Marketing | Hindi | Marketing Topic | Marketing Series

lets talk about niche marketing today its not neech(evil) marketing i want to tell you a story when i was persuing my mba you know that first i did my engineering in chemical field then i did mba so we engineers , we make our own definitions of things with tacts and tricks they try to make their own definition its about that time when we had an internal you can say class test so teacher asked me a question what is niche marketing? so i am a punjabi boy so i was okay niche marketing it should be a marketing that only evil people do later on i understood what exactly is niche marketing today we will explain what is niche marketing(SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS) LETS talk about niche marketing segmantation, targeting positioning in segmentation we used to divide all the audience of india into different groups now that divided groups if we target a specific group then its called niche basically it means we are marketing with those specific group we are selling our product to that targeted audience who lives in a specific area or they have a specific likes and dislikes or they have a specific age group or anything lets consider, you have a need i am thirsty how can i fullfil it , that is a want and i can fulfill it by cold drink, water , juice these all are marketing water marketing, juice marketing, cold drink marketing so if you have a brand and its included in that marketing and focuses on a particular group we can see, juice need is high but how many audience is health conscious that has aloe vera and more healthy ingrediants you might have seen concenterated juice like the juice you drink is basically concentrated liquid with water and our juice is pure basically its about targeting a specific audience that are health conscious you might have seen alero vera juice juice audience is quite high and they targeted a specific audience targeting that niche is niche marketing i have already told you about red and blue ocean that we just need to do business in the blue ocean red ocean is hell competition will be quite high wont be much profitable more investment and hard work will be required but if we work in the blue ocean there is no competition and growth rate will be high and if you see the alero vera manifacturers are quite less and if you research that there is not much competiton in that here with no competition, it will be easy to grow and you target a specific audience you can grow fast lets forget about juice and take a big product like bike industry in the bike industry , there are different companies if we talk about harley davidson they make cruise bikes its for a specific audience who likes riding cruise bikes they have made a list to target a specific group their age group and you will see that in the upcoming time when a product is famous people from outside are also attracted towards that specific product for an example in the starting , they made harley davidson for those people who work from monday to saturday they like riding cruise bikes on sunday in their leisure time who like long drive on weekend basically this was the only reason they made these cruise bikes after it became passion for some people in the leisure time when it came in india ,it became a passion for some rich people like if you have harley davidson , you have a class just for this sake ,people started buying these cruise bikes but they started with this niche there are many channels like star, zee if you see star sports , you will see only cricket nothing else , they are basically targeting a specific audience who only love watching cricket this is niche marketing now how do i find niche of my business everything is digital now a days so we are trying to collect the data digitally it might not be 100% but if our audience is an active internet user so chances are data is accurate so we will search on goggle adwords and we will search that specific niche and analyse thw active audience of a particular group to make a business more profitable do you understand how business is profitbale i will build a business its office , salary of the employees and specific niche i searched on goggle adwords and if i target only 2-3% not just in india but also globally if you keep in mind these things then you can do niche marketing in some time, you can become big , you might have seen my urban clap video they are providing every service whether its carpenter or anything but people have started a niche like if you want a photographer, they will provide service for photographers only people who want a specific service, they will work on that niche you may have got the idea how to target a specific audience for your business. so okay friends. with this video ends, i hope you like it and if you have any doubts mention them in the comments and do tell me about what kind of niche you want to target . bye goodnight goodafternoon shabha kher whenever you watch the video

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100 thoughts on “Niche Marketing | Hindi | Marketing Topic | Marketing Series

  1. sir aap ka bussiness ka vedios se bhoot sikhne ko milta hain sir aap ek company khol lo sir dhamal kar doge sir bura mat manna aap ka business ka kitna turn over hain.sir dusra vedio mein customer ko kaise loyal rakhna hain ye batana i love you sir

  2. Sir village me school open karne ke liye kya kya certificate ki recruitment hoti plz is par 1 video jaroor banye

  3. Urbanclap also target to those people who want to get service through online. Isn't it a customer segment? Can we call it a niche marketing?

  4. Yar aap language bohat funny use karte ho. Kisi bhi specific niche k andar ghus jao… search maaro… hahaha i really enjoy watching your videos 😁😁😁😁

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  6. Glaze trading ke uper ek video banana chahiye apko ye company ek mlm company hai aur iske agents apne frnds and relatives ko government job mnc company me job ke bahane bulakar mlm me join karwa dete hai plzz sir ispe ek case study banana chahiye apko. In future bohot iss trap me fasne se bach jayenge.

  7. I'm a student mai kuch aisa karna chahta hu ki part time m apni jimmedari khud utha saku pls help me

  8. Yrr mai apki sabhi videos dekhta hu but apki ye video ditto Vivek Bindra Ji jesi he examples bhi vhi liye Jo unhone liye ,at least examples alag lo na Bhai Jo ki interest bna rhe

  9. u r way of teaching is good. I. Apperciate, its feel like u talk casually. Not formal boring like others youtuber.

  10. हैलो ।

    । मैं एक बिजनेसमैन हूँ ! मुझे तलाश है ऐसे लोगों की जो अपनी जिंदगी में बहुत ही कामयाबी हासिल करना चाहते हों ।
    बात बहुत ही सिमपल है ।
    अगर आप अपनी जिंदगी में वह सब पाना चाहते हैं जो अभी तक आपको नहीं मिला है । तो आपको ऐसा कुछ करने की जरूरत है जो आपने अभी तक नहीं किया है ।
    मैंने फेसबुक के बहुत सारे Group में बहुत सारे लोगो को नौकरी के लिए अपने फोन नंबर डालते हैं । मेरी यह पोस्ट खासकर उनके लिए ही है ।

    अगर आपको लगता है कि आप अपनी पूरी जिंदगी एक नौकरी करते हुए बिता सकते हैं तो भी मेरी शुभकामनाएं आपके साथ हैं ।

    लेकिन अगर आप, अब इस पोस्ट को पढ़कर नौकरी के पीछे भागना छोड़ कर पार्ट/फुल टाइम बिजनेस करने में रखते हैं तो अपना नम्बर दें। my contact No. 8878882596

    धन्यवाद ।…

  11. Hum Internet se specific brand Ka data Kaise Nikal Sakte hai.
    e.g Jaise Ki Disprine Tablet jo ki 1000 crore ka brand hai.

  12. Very useful video. I want to start a local small business "facebook" ad agency lekin decide nehi kar pa raha hoo kaun niche se start kare jo ki non-competitive phir bhi profitable hai. I just want to target low-hanging fruits so what niches should be the best fit? Main kolkata ke hoohn.

  13. I am a tax consultant. Want to target people who want to grow their money by saving tax and invest that money in profitable investment.

  14. Marketing means target to achieve a goal of selling products and services. Where as niche marketing is also targeted customers to sell a particular goods. So what makes the difference??

  15. Bro Aisa course btaiye please.. Jisse hum job ya freelance earning bhi Kar ske aur hmare business me bhi kaam aaye..
    I'll do business but I don't have knowledge of online work like marketing, Google ads, seo etc.
    Thank you…
    Ya fir video bna skte hain to Bana dijiyega.. I hope ispe view b aayeenge

  16. Hello sir what are the profitable niches on which we can work for long run and also do affiliate marketing with them??

  17. Sir i have a question
    Agar nich market ya ha to target marketing kia ha phair …what is difference between target markt nd nich markt??

  18. Hey
    Greeting of the of the day
    This is Mahendra Korvekar from Nagpur Maharashtra

    Thank you Sir sharing such a valuable content on your channel for free of cost

    Every time came to your I get valuable content !!!!

    Yes, I m targeting some niche for digital world is that digital Product !!!
    And What are the digital Product??? They are like educational videos, training materials for self improvement or training materials for building self Brand…. Etc

    Thank you !!!!

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