[Niche Selection] 4 Methods to Find Niches in 2019
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[Niche Selection] 4 Methods to Find Niches in 2019

– What’s up everybody, Anton
here from dropshiplifestyle.com and in today’s episode of Drop Ship Weekly we are going to be talking
about product descriptions. So, this is specifically going
to be the method that we use when writing unique product descriptions for our Shopify Drop Shipping Stores. But, keep in mind, it doesn’t matter if you’re writing product
descriptions for Amazon, or for a product that you import, or a product your private label, or a product you sell, you
know, anywhere, literally. If you’re gonna post on Craigslist, it would make sense to follow this format because what it’s gonna do is give your future customers
more information. It’s gonna help them make better decisions and ideally, it’s gonna
help them choose you. Some other note that I’ll make before we get into the process and what I’ll do is actually
write a product description. I’ll kind of, I’ll rewrite
a product description so you can see the process,
kind of, from start to finish. I think that would be most helpful. But I should also note before we do that that you might be thinking,
okay, this is cool, I could rewrite product descriptions but I have a product catalog
of 1,000 SKUs, right. I sell 1,000 different products, how am I gonna rewrite
product descriptions or write unique product
descriptions for 1,000 of them. Well, the good news is that’s not what I would recommend doing. Especially if you’ve been
up and running for a while, your business has some traction. What I would recommend doing is going to your Google analytics account and simply go into the content section and then sort by most
popular content pages. So where are most people
already going on your website? From there you can look at
the different product pages and then take maybe you’re
top 20% of products, honestly maybe at first, your just taking your top 20 products and you’re focusing on
rewriting those descriptions because 80/20 rule, if
that’s where the eyeballs are already going, that’s
gonna be your easiest wins to rewrite some product descriptions, instantly increase your conversion rate, start making more money
from your existing business. Now, something else I should say is this is something I do recommend doing. And with drop shipping, a
lot of people just think, oh, it’s so easy, I’m just gonna go, I’m gonna make my store, I’m gonna take all the product descriptions
from the suppliers, I’m gonna upload them, I’m not
gonna have to touch anything and I’m gonna make all this money. Listen, the truth is with drop shipping, and with using Shopify,
it’s not like it’s hard but remember this is a real business. If you want to be one of
the whatever percent it is that actually excels and that wins and that builds a real business that they can actually live off of and save from and build into an empire, then you have to actually
do the work, okay. Yes, there’s real work involved. Just like I teach in dropshiplifestyle.com in my drop ship blueprint. And, you know, by the way, if
you’re not part of that yet, go to dropshiplifestyle.com,
click on courses up top, and then choose which
one is right for you, but definitely go through there. ‘Cause that covers my
whole process A to Z. But again, the people that are successful of which there are many, they’re the ones that actually do the
work, put it all together, and build something of value. So, in this video, I’m
gonna give you, again, kind of a high level overview of what the product descriptions look like if you’re willing to take that extra step and actually build a store
that has a chance at winning. So, with that being said, let’s go ahead and get into this week’s
episode of Drop Ship Weekly. (upbeat music) Okay, so I thought the best
way for me to do this with you is to just share a split screen. One of the product description that I will be rewriting And then on the right,
right now I have Google up, I’ll take you through Google and show you why it really is important to rewrite product descriptions. Again, for products that you actually already have traction with. So, the website on the
left, at least on my left, is a Drop Ship Lifestyle demo store. So, not a store we take orders on, not a store that we actually
researched a niche or anything but a store that we
built so people could see what our stores is actually do look like. So, up right now you’re looking at one of the products pages and this is the Pet Gear
Expedition Pet Stroller. Now, this product, with the description that’s on it right now, as well as all of the features from it, the benefits, even the product photos, that is all straight from the
manufacturer from Pet Gear. So, typically, when you get approve with a drop ship supplier, if you follow the drop ship blueprint inside of my Drop Ship
Lifestyle coaching program, their gonna give you either a CSV or a PDF file and it’s gonna
have things like product names, things like pricing,
descriptions, so, image links. Basically everything you see right there. Now, here’s the problem with that, on one hand I’m grateful because
it’s a great starting point but let’s just do this, we’re gonna go to this description here, this stock description. Again, this has not been edited in anyway, not modified at all. So I’m gonna copy that,
I’m gonna come to Google and I’m gonna paste that. And let’s see, I’m looking
for the text to match. So, here is that product on Amazon and you can see all the words in black are the matches, right, that’s
what Google is associating with what I just searched. So here is that description on Amazon, here is that product
description on Pet Gear Inc, here’s that description on Home Depot, Home Depot, Home Depot. Petco, whole bunch of
different websites, right. So, as you could see, that is what happens because like you know, if you’re part of Drop Ship Lifestyle or if you’re planning on being an internet
retailer for other brands, you’re not gonna be the
only people selling this, you’re gonna have
competition, which is fine but you want to stand
out from the competition. And like you just saw here, if all you do is take the copy and paste the product discretion, then you have the same thing as everybody and their mother. So, we want to take this,
we want to make it unique and not just that, we
want to make it better. Now, some of the reasons
we want to do this, one is because it will
get us higher conversions. If we make this better than it is, then that will have more people buy, which obviously, we want. Another massive reason and this
is one of the biggest ones, is so that we can answer all
of the customer’s questions and almost better educate
them on the product. Because by the time they find us because of how we sell, which, by the way, if you don’t know how we sell, go to dropshiplifestyle.com,
click on courses, get enrolled. But because of the way we sell, by the time people find us, they’re very close to
making a buying decision and usually they’re trying
to decide where to buy from but sometimes they’re still
not 100% sold on the product. They might have some more questions, they might be comparison shopping. So if we can kind of take the extra step to push people over the edge,
give them the data they need that then has them buy from us, then we’re just winning more
than all of our competitors. So, with that in mind, how you
know what people are thinking and how you can best
answer their questions. Some of it really just has to do with the time you’re in business, you’ll start getting questions. For example, if I was
actively sending traffic to this product page,
I’m sure people would be, you know, live chatting with us, and asking questions on
the site, and calling us, and based on what people wanted to know, I’d really be able to overhaul this thing and make sure if you land there and you’re at all interested, you buy. So, keep that in mind, some of
the things you learn in time as you get to know your customers better, as your avatar becomes clearer. But you could still do some things even in fyou know nothing about the niche and this is the niche
that I know nothing about. So kind of starting from that perspective. Before we actually dive into this, one more thing I’ll mention is a big reason for doing
this is also because Google, which is the biggest
search engine in the world, appreciates unique content. So if they see that 10
people are selling this thing or have it on their website, and our site is the one
that has unique content, and if they see that because
of that unique content people are staying on our page longer, you know, maybe they’re clicking
around on our site longer, so our bounce rate is lower. Then Google is going
to prioritize our site in the search results
rather than everybody that said the same thing. So, that is another big
reason why we do this. Okay, so let me go ahead and I’m just gonna close out this and what I have open here is a Google Doc. Now, for our businesses,
when we’re doing this, I’m not usually the one that does this. In the beginning, I did everything myself, now I do outsource this and I would recommend you do, too, if you want to do it for a
massive product catalogs. And a good way to do it is have your VAs or whoever you hire to do it, do it in a Google Doc like this so you can review it from here. If you sign off on it, they can move it over to your website. So, let’s go ahead and we’ll just start with this section up here, okay. So let me take that, copy, I’ll paste it. And this leads off, “Pet Gear strollers “are a great way to take your pet with you “on a long walk through the park, “a walk around the block, or maybe even shopping at the mall.” So that’s probably a
sentence that they use in all of their product descriptions. I’m gonna customize that right now, so let me just break this
up into sentences here. Make I the a little bit easier to see. Okay and again, if I was doing this, it would be because
this product was already in our top 20% of pages that gets traffic. So, I would say something like, “The Pet Gear,” and see up there they
say Pet Gear Strollers, so again, that’s a generic,
their brand strollers. So I’m gonna change that
to, “The Pet Gear Expedition “Pet Stroller is one “of our top sellers “and most loved products.” “It’s big enough “for a large dog “but compact enough to “put in your car “as you…” You know, whatever. As you hit the park, as you hit the car, “it’s compact enough for
you to put in your car, “as you head out “to the park “on the weekend.” So, trying to make it something like, a little bit, I don’t know, more fun. And again, this is
something you would know after you sold these and saw what your customers asked about. You know, can this thing fold up, can I bring it in my car? And in the photo, you can see it, someone walking through a neighborhood. So you could try to relate
it to the product images. Let me see what else they say though. “So pet strollers are a great way “to take your pet with you on
a long walk through a park, “walk around the block, or
maybe even at the mall.” So, okay, I’m saying, so
what I changed already. Let me do this, so we can
kind of go line by line here and you could see the differences. Is theirs will be in the gray, and then I’ll make mine in, I’ll do blue. So, “The Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller “is one of our top sellers
and most loved product. “It’s big enough for a large dog “but compact enough to put in your car “as you head out to the
park on the weekend.” Okay, I’m gonna say it’s to the park or for a day of shopping. Head out to the park or to the mall for some shopping. Okay, so this says, “They safely contain “and protect your pet wherever you go.” So what I want to do
now is make that, right, I definitely want people
to know it’s safe, ’cause I’m sure that’s a concern. But I’ll see if I can
make that more unique and also try to turn some of
the features into benefits. So, let’s see if it
talks about, yeah here, the next sentence says,
“It features a sturdy frame “and rides low to the ground.” Okay, so I’ll say, I’ll make it blue. “The Expedition,” I’ll try
to use that key word again. “Pet stroller “is constructed from,”
then I see down there, “a steel frame “with a,” not sure what the right word that’d be for a polyester like tent
or a polyester cover. “Polyester “and mesh “cover to ensure “it’s sturdy and safe “but also breathable “and light.” Again, try to think,
base on what they said, what are things that the
customer would probably want. You know if I, I don’t have a dog, but if I had a dog and I
was pushing them around I’d probably want to make
sure the thing was safe and it wasn’t gonna collapse on itself. But I’d also want to make sure that it wasn’t gonna be, you know, overheating or anything like that. So, again, play into the images because the customer
will see the image first, then they’ll read this. So, yeah, this obviously all
would have to be proofread but I would use something like that. So, here it says, okay, “It’s great for large dogs.” And then, let’s see, it’s
breathable and light. “It also features,” ah, let’s see, where’s
the waterproof floor, front swivel, rear brakes. “It also features “rear brakes, “to make sure your dog “stays put.” No rolling away. Okay, I might add in some more
stuff about the front enter and what not but for
now, we’ll keep it there. So this I added in already, so what I’ll do here is just to note that. I’ll mark it in red
because these are things that have already been reworded and expanded upon a little bit. So if it’s included I’ll make it red. It’s great for a large dogs, okay. Waterproof floor, so these
I’d probably add in, too. And let me just go ahead
and I’ll put this down here as what the final description would be. Now, the next thing that
you’ll want to do here is take the features and
turn them into benefits. So when I say that I mean all
of these things down here, right, these bullets. So I’m just gonna go ahead
and I’ll just take these also and I will paste them over here. Let’s do why buy this stroller. Okay, “Large protective pet compartment “to hold even the biggest dogs.” Okay, “Ergonomic handle
with adjustable height “so anyone in your family “can use it.” “Wheel brakes and shock absorbers “to ensure a smooth “ride for your pooch.” “Removable inertial,”
inertial, is that a word, interior, “inertial liner “so it’s easy “to clean “after a big day out. “Easy fold mechanism “so you can store it “in small spaces.” So again, what we’re trying to do here, as you can see, all I’m doing is adding to what they already gave us. And these are, obviously it’s all true and I’m sure it’s all things
people think about, right. Okay, it has a large compartment, so what size dog can it hold? And I saw at the bottom it
says capacity 150 pounds, which is massive, so I’ll
get to the specifics. But letting people know, yes, this can hold your dog even if you have some, you
know, massive beast of a dog, he’ll fit in there. It has the ergonomic handle, so it doesn’t matter, you
know, if your husband, wife or 12 year old kid
wants to push the dog, they can be able to do so. It has the brakes to makes sure that the ride is smooth and
your dog’s not gonna be getting thrown around this thing, right. You can remove the interior
easy, so you can clean it. And it’s not gonna be some
mess that stinks like a wet dog two days later, alright. So turning, again, these
features into benefits. Now, this here it says,
600, you know denier nylon. I have no idea what that means, if someone was reading this,
maybe they would, I don’t know. Honestly, if I was rewriting
this for my own site, I’d probably just remove that. But if we were to leave it in, you know, I could explain what that is. Just built to last,
interior safety tether. I don’t know what that
means, so I figure out. “Front entry “so your “pup can get in “and out with ease.” Adjustable height to handle. So this is something that I might add in, the adjustable height to handle, up here, where I talked about the, let me take that and put it up there. The fact that anybody in
the family can use it. “Capacity of 150 pounds “for the biggest dogs, “or even two “medium sized ones,” right. So, again, making it
something that stand out. Just maybe someone was looking at this and they were thinking, you know, I have two, I don’t know,
whatever, West Highland Terriers and can it fit them? Well, yeah, it could hold 150 pound dog, so it could definitely hold
two 30 pound dogs, right. So, again, going from
what they had originally, which was stock, which we
saw is on dozens of websites, making it something unique. Now, again, if I was really doing this, this would be proofread, I would make sure I was hitting on all the points but I don’t want this to
be a 45 minutes long video. So, yeah, this is a really
good starting point. Now, one other tip that I will give you for the description, remember, this video is not about
product page optimization, I’m not gonna talk about
all the other things we do, like images, price
guarantees, shipping polices, trust icons, bonus GIFs, Q and A, I’m not gonna talk about all that. This is just about that
description section and one thing that we do in there that I think can also benefit you is add what we call either
a note from the staff or a note from a person’s name. So I’m just gonna put here
a note from the staff. Now, when I say a person’s name, one thing that we like to do on our stores is have basically an avatar
that’s the brand representative. So, maybe for Happy Paws,
if this was a real site we built out, on the about us page it would say, you know, this
site was built by, just do me, the site was built by Anton Kraly and I’m an avid, you know, dog lover and a photo of me and my dogs. And, you know, I’ve been
having dogs since I was a kid, and tell the whole story, and this is what I look
for in pet products, this is why I launched Happy Paws. Obviously it would be, you know, something that I had to think about but that would all be
there in the about section. And then on the product pages, again, not for every product, but for the tops ones we
would have something like this where it said, a note from the staff. And honestly, if I was the avatar, if I was the person of this website, it would probably say a note from Anton. Then it would have a
little photo of me there and then it would say,
something like this, maybe, “What I love about “the Expedition “Stroller is how “easy it is to clean “after taking our “older dog to and from “the lake. “In this thing, “all I have to do is spray it down “with the hose in the yard, “leave it out to dry “and then it “is like new again.” Alright, so, something
unique to the product. Now, I’m not saying just, you know, told make something up or pretend it does something it doesn’t. The way that we come up
with things like that would be, again, if we had data because we were selling these, what customers were saying to us about it. As you could see on our product pages we do have reviews, so what
people have left reviews about, what the manufacturer says about it, what we could find online about it. So definitely do want to put your time into researching the products
for things like that. But that just adds another, you know, little, personal thing there that makes your brand stand out. Because most people, and when I say most, I mean almost none don’t do that. So doing that instantly
connects you and our brands more with the buyer. Not only that, you’ve given
them a unique description. Not only that, you’ve turned
the features into benefits and really let them know, you know, is this thing for them or is it not. And again, assuming it is, you’re gonna make some money, okay. One final note, we do
like to say things about what they should do next. So, maybe something like, you know, “This product is in stock now “and can be delivered “in three to five days. “Click add to cart now “to place your secure order “and we will send you tracking number “within 24 hours.” Right, whatever it is. So something like that, again, a little personalize call to action, reminding them, hey, we have this thing Hey, we’ll ship it fast. Hey, buy it now. So, yeah, guys, that’s again, pretty higher level overview but I’m sure if you haven’t
done any of this yet, this should be a big wake up call, a big eye opener to what you can do to instantly stand out,
have Google rank you better, have better traffic, more traffic, and have more of that
traffic turn into buyers. Now, again, quick reminder, if you’re not part of Drop Ship Lifestyle, and you want our whole framework for how we source products, how we do niche selection, how we find our future competitors, how we find suppliers, how we
get approved with suppliers, how we build our websites,
optimize for conversions, outsource and automate,
if you want all of that, just go to dropshiplifestyle.com, click on course, get enrolled, and you’ll get the full blueprint. So, that’s gonna do it though
for this week’s episode of Drop Ship Weekly, guys. I’m gonna sign off and get to work. Hope you enjoyed it, if you did, please give it a thumbs up. If you loved it, please subscribe and definitely let me
know in the comments. And, I will see you all next week for the next episode of Drop Ship Weekly. Thank you. (upbeat music)

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