Nick Proto on Film and TV Internships
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Nick Proto on Film and TV Internships

I was accepted by Hofstra and I came to the first admitted students day. I saw Studio A for the first time and seeing it in all its glory and all the cameras and facilities just wowed me away. I knew at that moment that Hofstra was right for me. It gives you the hands-on experience that you need to work in the field once you graduate and the production experience from the faculty who are still working in the field is, you know, so rewarding. To be able to work with them and students from the school and build up that experience and build up that network is so valuable. So, the internship program at Hofstra specifically in the School of Com has really enhanced what I’ve done and allowed me to get into my interning at various companies such as Marvel Entertainment. Mainly because the production experience that we learn in the school is so hands-on and so related to the industry itself that through that program and the classes that we take we’re really ready for what’s out there in the world. We’re more qualified than other candidates because people see Hofstra and they know we’ve done the debates and we had the studios and facilities they know, “Okay, these guys know what they’re doing”. So, my first internship I had was at a post house called The Molecule and they specialize in visual effects and that was last summer and that was a really great experience to get into the post production side of the industry because those studios, specifically The Molecule, work on shows that are on Netflix and HBO, so you really have that industry experience. I’ve also worked at DIGA Studios which was a TV development house that did a lot of reality TV. And of course, now I’m at Marvel Entertainment which is just a dream come true to work with the creators and the storytellers, not just at Marvel, but at Disney and bringing stories to the screen and to the common folks that are amazing. Comes right back to the classroom. It’s really strengthened what I’ve done. If anything it’s hightened my idea of how to work in the industry, how to work with people especially because that’s what matters most. So, I would definitely say that correlation is a powerful one. It’s been probably one of the highlights of my career here to be involved at the HEAT Network in the School of Com. I’m a general manager of HEAT and for the past two years I’ve had that leadership position and directing that network of students. We have over 150 active members across the five different student produced shows and that’s an amazing experience. The leadership opportunity there is so great that I’ve been able to apply that experience to my internships, to my classes, but I really love what I do. It’s not a job to me to be involved with HEAT. It’s a passion to help students become better at what they do in TV production and film. So, when I first came to Hofstra I was really bent on the producing aspect and directing within film production. As I’ve transitioned through school, I got much more involved with the TV side now I’m studying both film and TV production but I’m noticing that I have much more of an inclination towards the producer role within television. One of my favorite internship moments has been at Marvel where for the past few months I’ve been working on a project that’s really exciting to the company where I’m able to take comics and translate them to a new medium being video. I can’t tell much about what I that is yet cuz it’s a very secret project but what’s so exciting about it is that there’s a new generation of people that really enjoy the heroes at Marvel and all the stories behind it and while comics will always be a part of Marvel and their company in their identity, there’s something exciting about taking those stories and bringing them to a new medium and different formats for people to enjoy.

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  1. It's great seeing how far Hofstra's Film and TV departments have come since I was there in 1980-1984. (I took one TV production class, as an elective).

    Go Hofstra!

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